HTC Spy Shot: New Devices?

Do you see what deuxani sees [via]? We do: we see what seem to be some brand new HTC smartphones. There on the lower right two spots and again on the lower left - those sure don't look familiar to our eyes. Engadget Mobile suggests one of them is a T-Mobile MDA Compact IV (i.e. European-only, like the previous MDA compacts), the rest looks like new stuff to us. The sort of new stuff that HTC might unveil at a special event in London on May 6th.

Thankfully, these all appear to be Windows Mobile (note the dialer on that lower-left slider). It won't be long, though, before we're seeing spy shots of HTC hardware sporting Android. That'll be tough, won't it? Meanwhile, we'll be staring at this spy shot long and hard, looking for evidence that we're finally going to see some higher screen resolutions for Windows Mobile come out of HTC's Magic Labs.

WC Staff