I need to charge my battery!

For those lucky enough to have a Titan or Radar on hand, you may have noticed a small update today for your 'Camera Modes' app. The update brings it to version 1.5 and the app itself is used for the Panorama and Burst Shot modes which are built into the Camera menu system. Allowing you to take 3 photos and stitch them together, the Panorama mode is something HTC has been adding to all of their phones (Android too), while 'burst' allows you to take rapid shots all by holding down the camera button.

No specific word on changes, unfortunately, as HTC likes to keep that info to themselves. Presumably then this is just some bug fixes or improvements in quality. But hey, if you notice anything, shout out in comments and share. We don't have a link for this one (hidden) so you'll just need to wait till you get the Update notification, which should be very soon.

Thanks to all who sent this in!