An HTC Titan gets white-washed, looks good

Nights in white Titan

If there was one really cool thing about the HTC Titan (review), it was the combo back cover-case for the device which wrapped around to the front. (We’ve always thought it to be like Darth Vader’s helmet).

But if there was a bad thing about the HTC Titan (and its sequel, the Titan II) it was the fact it was a bit bland looking. Specifically that whole gun-metal grey color scheme is very 2009 which is why you’re seeing such a push for white phones these days.

What you see above and below is a Titan whose back cover has presumably been spray painted white (we're not sure on the exact process). The photos come via some of the members from and we have to say, it looks pretty good.

Of course looking good in photos and not feeling like a garage-lab project is another, so we’re not too sure if we’d recommend doing this. Then again, we’re positive some of you must have some good shop skills for this kind of thing, so consider this inspiration.

And HTC, can we try some different colors next time? 

Source: Winphoneviet; Thanks, Tung, for the pics

Daniel Rubino

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  • Does look interesting for a white phone, though I was never big on the white phones (I get dirty for a living). Maybe this will inspire HTC to muster up some color schemes...and when Windows Phone 8 comes out, wouldn't hurt for them to throw some Beats Audio in them bad boys.
  • I'm fine with SRS
  • I agree on srs. Dolby mode sounds great when I listen to the We're alive podcast.
  • I picked a black lumia 900 instead of the cyan.
  • I know how you feel bro....
  • As a HTC Titan owner, I gotta say, I'd buy this. I love that you can take off the cover, and I've always thought the back color was kinda boring. The white really stands out, plus, it looks awesome!
  • I have 5 different color cases for my Titan to match the theme that I want for that day. Best part about having the cover is the protection that it adds.
  • What's the brand names of your covers?
  • No brand names. All from eBay and all were $1.99 with free shipping. They fit like a glove on the phone and have saved me numerous times on some nasty drops.
  • It would have been nice if they had sold interchangeable back in a variety of colors.
    I have a rubber bodyguard on mine so I never see the full gray anyway.
  • I don't understand the point of getting a colored phone if your just going to end up putting a case on it.
  • I for one have a white lumia 900 and have never nor will I put a cover on it. I will say that many people thought it was a cover and upon finding out it wasn't were very impressed with its look, feel, and construction
  • I feel exactly the same way! I love the beauty of the L900 and in Cyan, everyone always ask me about it and said they're looking for a new phone when the contract is up. And don't let me fire up Photosynth, everyone puts their phones back in their pockets!
  • "Nights in white Titan"  Lolz,  I see what you did there, though now I feel old.
  • Damn
  • The Lumia 710 has it right.  Make the covers swappable for you girls that need new colors from time to time!  :)
  • A lil off subject... But if you have the Titan II check out The Titan II is the only Windows Phone that's supported, I believe. But it's a nice change of pace.
  • If I were to paint mine, I'd use the metallic pearl white
  • I hate white phones.
  • it looks beatiful in white good job :)
  • I have already bought an original second back Cover for exactly that reason ;) Now i know for sure it was a good idea. Will finish it next days.
  • that looks... AWESOME!! ... sure it's a hell of a dirt magnet, but DAM!
  • This is such a beautiful phone, u wish HTC does a titan III for win8
  • Anyone want to do this to my Trophy ???
  • Don't care of current wp 7.5 like lumia, titan, radar shit. I am getting a new windows phone 8 which will have better hardware than all current windows phone right now
  • Why not wait till 2014 then? I hear phones in 2014 will be even better than those 2013 Windows Phone 8 devices. Seriously, this isn't an argument you're making, you're just stating what we all know: current hardware is not as good as future hardware. The difference is we can have current hardware now. You could just have a "Today" phone now and get a WP8 phone when they're out and not bother with such ridiculous "Don't care for current wp7.5..." nonsense.
  • Hahaha why wait 2014? Stop assuming you can't predict it. Besides Microsoft already announced during the wp summit that they will have better hardware and more storage space and dual and quad core phones. Also best of all bringing back microsd card slot so yes it worth wait get wp 8 and not with getting wp7.5 phones has look at hardware too basic 16gb and no 32 or 64 GB? Also i read one of your message3 on wp 8 start screen saying it will not change and b3 same look has wp7.5? Hahaha you just got wrong. Hahahha
  • Also yes I said it and can say it if I want dont care of wp 7.5 and why waste my money getting wp 7.5 when wp8 is coming this fall. If you dont like my opinion well tuff luck and no it not nonsense it's the truth. So get it to your head
  • Lol, my 5yr old cousin just had a similar tantrum like yours. Some ppl never grow up...
  • I would like to do this for my Titan ASAP! who can i contact to do this custom job? A hobby store? An autobody shop would probably laugh at me. I want to spray paint the phone white AND spray paint the blue windows 8 logo on the back that would be haute!  Too bad its the 4th no one is open or can answer my question, or maybe i can do it myself if i go to lowes. anybody got any ideas who can do it?
  • Covers are crap... Naked phone all the way! I keep my phone in a pocket/sleeve case but otherwise it's not covered when in use. You can get transparent film for the back and sides (same idea as screen protector) to avoid scratches, if necessary.
  • Urk that was in reply to NOTWS
  • Im assuming most of you are Titan II owners right? :-)
  • U can take apart a titan and color it I bet that's what this was
  • I feel like the titan would have been the perfect phone to have different coloured covers as the entire housing of the phone can be taken off. I hope HTC make more phones like this and next time make different colours
  • For the love of GOD!!! Please give us a tutorial on how this was done!!!