HTC Trims Back 2009 Projections

While we reported earlier this month the HTC's revenue was up 29% for 2008, HTC is now lowering their expectations for 2009 revenue growth. Taiwanese based  Commercial Times is quoting HTC CEO Peter Chou as saying that HTC expects double-digit 2009 revenue growth as smartphones gain popularity globally even amid a global downturn. Chou continued, "The visibility in 2009 is extremely low, so things could be a bit worse in the short term. But we still expect to maintain double-digit growth (this year)." Back in October of last year, Chou predicted 20% growth in 2009. While not providing a specific number for projected revenue, HTC seems to be optimistic with the positive reception they received at the 2009 CES. Looking at the leaked HTC lineup one could easily understand HTC's optimism in predicting "double digits," we just hope it's closer to 20% than it is to 10%.

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Dieter Bohn