HTC's revenue up 29 percent for 2008

HTC, everyone's favorite Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, has released its 2008 numbers, and Digitimes breaks it down for us.

High Tech Computer (HTC) has announced revenues for the fiscal year 2008 (ended December 31, 2008) reached NT$152.56 billion (US$4.61 billion), with 28.65% on-year growth. Net income after tax was NT$28.68 billion, with a net EPS of NT$38.03 for the full year, according to the company.

No mention of straight profits. Fourth-quarter revenue was up about 21 percent over Q4 of 2007.

The Touch Diamond-series phones and T-Mobile's Android-based G1 are cited as movers and shakers on the year. For 2009, HTC plans about 10 new Windows Mobile and Android devices and is looking to grow revenue 20 percent.

Phil Nickinson

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