HTC Whitestone spotted in Verizon stripes

We brought you the first renders of the HTC Whitestone - aka the Touch Diamond 2. We brought you diagrams of the phone. Now we bring it to you wearing the Verizon badge.

Notice that the buttons have changed a bit from the last picture we saw, gaining color. The Windows Flag has moved to the middle, and there's now what appears to be a multimedia/music button on board. And that silver speaker grille-type bezel has gone dark.

Still zero news on availability, but stay tuned.

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  • One of the things that I like about my current Moto Q9h is that I can do everything with one hand.
    Now, looking at this phone here, I imagine holding it in my hand..then I imagine trying to get to that bottom row of buttons with my thumb while trying to not drop the phone.
    Unless the unit is smaller than what I am perceiving.
  • I would guess it is. Every time I look at those pictures of the Ozone and other snap versions, they look really big. Not until you see it in person you see it as very small.
  • AT&T really needs to get their act together and toss out the TP2 and Diamond 2.
  • What's the rush? Only T-Mobile's is out, and it doesn't have a headphone jack. There's no competitive reason for AT&T to rush this out yet.
  • F**k that sprint needs to push out the tp2 like now!!!!!
  • Any indication that this is a world phone? I'm guessing it's not, which may be a dealbreaker for me.
  • Ah, it is a world phone; I took a look at a previous wmexperts post. This is tempting.
  • Uranidiot... Wake Up then....this is basically a TP2 without the keyboard.
  • I also have a Moto Q which i like for the same one hand operation - except for the small screen. With all the waiting, hoping the Diamond works for me. I've also seen the reports it will be a world phone. the version with the keyboard, the Touch Pro 2 is out on T mobile. Played with it a bit this week - glitches and the accelerometer was very slow - hopefully those were setup issues and verizon has a later build. From February to now, i think Verizon decided to pass on the 3.2" Diamond and basically relabel the second generation HD as the Diamond - good move. So we've committed to go with this - some hesitation to wait for price drops if they're greedy and possibly compare with the Omnia II which will be coming to Verizon in a few months. In termns of life cycles in february they'll probably announce better processors and the following year 4G.
  • I thinks users can handle it with one hand.
  • yoooo this td2 better come with a qwerty, with sprint and come fastttt. whats the damn hold up. im so damn thirsty