More Verizon 'Whitestone' aka Diamond 2 diagrams

Though deviating from HTC's idea of the Diamond 2, Verizon sure has an idea of what its will look like (dubbed "Whitestone"), and it is basically the Touch Pro 2 sans keyboard, which many have been clamoring for. (Others have rightfully noted that's basically the Touch HD.)

We broke the first the image of what this October-destined device will look like for Verizon and now we have some layout diagrams to boot.

Some things to note are the inclusion of the unique "kickstand" and the stylus, which we're surprised is still there. Also is the dedicated "multimedia" button, which along with said kickstand is making this device very media-centric.  And why not with that huge 3.6-inch screen and 5MP camera? Seems spot on. Oh, and how about that 3.5mm jack?

More pics after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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