Huawei disappoints today and downplaying Nokia’s announcements tomorrow

Today, Huawei announced the new Ascend P2 Android smartphone. We won’t go into too much detail, for that you have Android Central. But we will say that Huawei, in terms of hardware, are starting to do some impressive things.

That Android device features numerous “firsts” including the first Cat4 LTE phone, a 2422mAh battery, and some advanced power saving features that on paper sound exciting. Their new display also uses Super Sensitive Touch (probably licensed from Synaptics, Nokia didn’t invent it) making them the first Android phone with that technology.  Whether or not it is good as an actual phone remains to be seen.

So the big non-news is the fact that no, there were no Ascend W2 or W3 devices announced. The W2 was rumored to be a “super thin” Windows Phone while the W3 perhaps their 6.1” monolith. Then again at CES last month they also held a press conference and did not mention the W1 even though it was then on the floor, out on display.  We’ll be checking to see if we can find or learn anything of course.

No mega-pixel shattering Nokia Windows Phone?

Nokia Lumia 720

Say it ain’t so but idle chat has picked up around here that tomorrow’s Nokia announcement may indeed lack that power-punch of a high end device. That means only the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 will be announced but nothing else for Windows Phone (maybe some new Asha devices). Remember, the Lumia 900 was announced at CES and no high-end Nokia Windows Phone was revealed last year at MWC either.

This makes sense for a few reasons. For one, the Twitter leaker @evleaks has failed to produce any last minute marketing renders of any new high-end Nokia, yet they managed to snag ones of the Lumia 520 and 720. In of itself that should tell you something and seeing as we’ve heard very few definite details this close to an announcement, it’s not a good sign.

Another reason is it would be odd for a Verizon phone to be announced at Mobile World Congress. Usually carrier-specific announcements don’t happen at MWC and it is even more odd for US carriers who tend to opt for State-side CES or CTIA events to announce their wares. 

Nokia Lumia 520

That’s not to say that some new high end phones aren’t coming from Nokia, in fact we know of a Verizon one making the rounds and have even heard rumblings of a 9xx series for T-Mobile at some point.  We just think Nokia may hold off until they have the spotlight (and not just MWC’s “15 minutes” exposure). In addition, we wouldn't be shocked if Nokia talks a bit more of their software services and upgrades therein, including Nokia PlayTo.

The Lumia 520 and 720 would be good announcements for Nokia as they did reveal the Lumia 610 last year during the same conference.  The 720 in fact looks to be quite the looker of a device, a scaled down Lumia 920 featuring a 4.3-inch ClearBlack display, 1Ghz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB of storage, HSPA+, micro-SD card expansion, and 6MP / 2MP rear / front camera combination.

That may not excite many of you who want the high-end stuff, but when you think of how awesome the Lumia 620 is and remember that the 7xx series is supposed to be price just slightly above it, those are some pretty solid specs.  This could be a great entry-level phone for many who prefer a 4.3-inch display and something not as tiny as the 620.

Regarding tablets, you’re guess is as good as ours. Tune in though to Windows Phone Central as we'll be covering Nokia's event Live in just 13 hours!

Daniel Rubino

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