Nokia waiting for Mobile World Congress to release Play To for Windows Phone 8?

Nokia's DLNA app Play To has been demanded by Lumia Windows Phone 8 consumers since Microsoft launched its new mobile platform, but it has remained in beta testing. We last reported on the app back in December when Nokia revealed that it would see a Q1 2013 release.

Now a member of the product team has stated on the Nokia Beta Labs feedback forum that we'll be seeing Play To launched for Windows Phone 8 within 2 weeks, adding fuel to the fire on a Mobile World Congress announcement.

"We are working to make the release available. We are very close to release now - stay tuned (this will happen in 1-2 weeks)."

Luckily we're rocket scientists here at Windows Phone Central, and we managed to work out that this would bring the announcement up to Mobile World Congress. That's just sheer coincidence, right? We don't believe so either. Nokia will have big plans for MWC and we'll be there to soak up the excitement and ensure you're all not out the loop.

Should you be eagerly awaiting Play To for Windows Phone 8, it's not long to go now.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs; thanks, Arjun, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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