Hugely popular game Angry Gran Run speeds on to the Windows Phone Store

Angry gran is fuming and she needs to get running. Take to the streets and make some distance between yourself and the Angry Asylum, which is ran by Fred the agent in white. If you're a fan of your gran and view the elderly as superheroes, this is the game for you. Unfortunately, Granny requires some assistance in escaping. Leg it past the break for more details on this popular title.

Players are tasked with running, jumping, dashing and sliding over numerous obstacles in a rather humorous and crazy endless running adventure. Already established on both iOS and Android, Angry Gran Run shares similar traits with the likes of Temple Run, but adds its own take on the genre with different types of gran and even a whacky penguin costume.

If the endless fun wasn't enough alone, gran can equip optional upgrades like bullet time and invincible shields, just for that added "awesome." There are missions and tasks that can be completed as your progress through the run, including the accumulation of points and more. Since this a free game, there are in-app purchases available to give you a head start with coins and bonuses - but this isn't mandatory.

For instance, there's a 2,200,000 mega pack available for $79.99, just in case you're looking to really boost your account.

Controls are simple, the music is catchy and you're able to take out youths in tracksuits along the way - what more could a game possibly need? Oh, and be sure to watch out for aliens.

The game encourages you to collect coins to increase the score multiplier, but the currency can also be used in the store (if you play enough, you shouldn't require to purchase coins with real cash, but it's nice to have the option).

You can download Angry Gran Run from the Windows Phone Store for free (makes use of in-app purchases). If you're wanting to play through the original version, check out Angry Gran Run over on Box10.

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Rich Edmonds
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