Humble Bundle announces major changes, will be switching to Humble Choice

What you need to know

  • Humble Bundle is a PC game subscription service that allows users to get a random selection of games each month.
  • Humble Bundle has announced a big change to how it works, called Humble Choice.
  • This new system has multiple subscription tiers, with one only open to existing subscribers.

Humble Bundle has provided a digital storefront and a sort of subscription service over the last few years that has allowed subscribers to get bundles of new games each month, while part of the payment goes to various charities. Today, Humble Bundle announced that its Humble Monthly service is undergoing a major change and will be renamed Humble Choice in the near future. You can take a look at the official video for the announcement below:

Humble Choice offers a variety of subscription tiers, with the more expensive tiers offering greater benefits. Now, games are being revealed instead of being kept a secret. Moving forward however, you'll need to keep your current subscription to get the Classic, which is being advertised as the best value but will not be available to new subscribers once the change to Humble Choice is completed.

Early reactions to this announcement have not been positive, to say the least. At the moment of writing, the YouTube video announcing the change has 73 likes and 447 dislikes. Several current subscribers to Humble Bundle have pointed out that this change only ostensibly offers benefits and complicates the service. If you have questions, you can check the FAQ posted here, though it's mostly focused on answering questions about how to get the Classic membership.

The bottom line however, is that if you are interested in keeping what you currently have, don't ever cancel your membership, as there's no way of getting those benefits back at the same price point. If you do cancel it, you'll go from paying $12 a month to $20 a month for the Premium service tier. On top of that, you'll have to choose one game not to keep for that month.

Samuel Tolbert
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