Humorous Windows 8 advertisement illustrates its simplicity

Microsoft has published a rather humorous advertisement on its YouTube channel, which illustrates just how simple Windows 8 is. Consumers are shown to be hovering around a Windows counter with a handful of demonstration PC units available.

An employee approaches said members of public to enquire if they require any assistance, which leads to a child to pop out with a stool to run the weary traveller through the delights of the new operating system. The video is recorded in Portugal and is in the native language with subtitles.

It's an interesting take on marketing the new product, since it is visually easier to use with huge typography and massive Live Tiles on a start screen. The added touch focused interface ensures that consumers feel at home when using a PC, tablet or a Windows Phone (which sports a similar UI). 

Source: YouTube; thanks, merciaketi, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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    Haha cute, I love using Win 8 even on my PC, I'll have to get a tablet one day though. Surface II maybe?
  • Absolute genius! Way better than Facebook chair commercial that still doesn't make any sense to me.
  • Don't you mean Facebook's chair commercial?
  • Super nice! Hopefully it gets on TV. Way better than the cool but non advertising surface dancing commercial. This video is intriguing, informative, and cute. Just what would get the publics eye. Screw YouTube and Google though... I have not been able to view HD content on my Lumia 920
  • Use Metrotube mate then it works smooth for me,.
  • ^ +100000
  • Metrotube has been working terrific on my Lumia 800 for quite some time now. :)
  • Supertube and metrotube both do HD video. I slightly prefer supertube but both are great.
  • Slightly belittling, but cute, nonetheless.
  • I don't see how its belittling anyone. I see a very clear point that even kids can use this very easily, how much easier would it be for adults?
  • The problem is that it's easier for kids, than for adults. The smart thing about this commercial is that it's based on the faulty thought that adults should be better than kids at doing such tasks, which is not necessarily the case. 
  • I think it's great, and a bit humbling... how stubborn and arrogant must we be as adults if we can't learn something that a kid can do?
  • The difference is that kids want to learn and experoiment. Adults generally don't. That is why adult look like deer in headlights whenever anything new is introduced to them.
  • A few if them looked a little miffed. And the second guy to get the demo creeped me out when he was touching the kids shoulder.
  • I agree. It's funny, but can also be taken as insulting. Gogo Apple Genius advertising campaign...
  • I'd rather have a kid help me out who knows what's up than a genius with no clue.
  • Its only belittling if you are too proud to admit someone might know more than you, even a kid.
  • Agreed
  • Agreed. None of the adults seemed to be insulted, in fact they seemed to enjoy it and get the point, that it really is simple.
    Awesome ad. They should air this (even if they don't do local versions) in the UK and elsewhere.
  • That's the beauty of this ad. It's cute where others (who shall remain nameless) trying similar come across as condescending. This is one smart advert.
  • Superbowl material :-)
  • This
  • Agreed!
  • Get this down to 15 seconds or so and air it all throughout the NFL play-offs starting tomorrow!
  • Agreed
  • Absolutely!
  • It's one of those situations where you find yourself smiling and say to yourself: - Man up, it's just a commercial.!
  • So funny and clearly gives you the msg how WP is easy :)
  • W8
  • More cute than funny I would say. Made me choke up to be honest.
  • Agreed
  • That warm fuzzy feeling. =D
  • Watching that makes me want a touch screen W8 laptop!
  • Yeah, me too. I'm seriously looking it up right after I post this.
  • I have an HP dv6t, with touch, bought because I wanted touch for developing for Windows Phone. One suggestion, look before you buy. Look at hinge construction. Touch screen hinge will need to take more wear. I have epoxy inside my laptop where the plastic of the case broke from the excess hinge "abuse" of being touched.
  • Thanks for the heads up. I never new about that.
  • Me too. Made me realize how much I'm missing by running windows 8 on my old laptop.
  • So far I'm enjoying my Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch. I'm still not yet remembering that I can touch the actual screen at times. It does give Win 8 a totally different feel than from on my desktop. I wish I had money to get a Surface Pro tablet and the touch laptop, but the latter's superior keyboard trumps the minor convenience of better portability in the tablet. In the end I'm as much a creator as a consumer.
  • Very funny and good video, this should be played to every tech jerk that thinks windows 8 is so hard to use.
  • Everytime I talk to those guys I tell them this technology is for the next generation and they sound like old men screaming about the new. Having a 3 year old, the advantages of Windows 8 is obvious. They are growing up with touch screens. They try to touch televisions. This is the future.
  • I think you're right, but I hate it. Touchscreens make my fingers hurt. As long as they never remove mouse/keyboard support in fine with it, but I fear the next version will be touch only just like there are no WP8's with keyboards.
  • They are NOT going to remove mouse and keyboard support!  Also, how the hell are you using a touchscreen that it causes your fingers to hurt?!  WTF?  Where do people come up with this crap?!
  • Touchscreens hurt fingers? Typing must be absolute torture.
  • Very effective ad. Watch the body language of the people as they relax and simply enjoy. Really, this works on so many levels. Very nicely done!
  • I noticed that too. After the initial shock of seeing a kid walk up to do the demo, they all returned to normal once the demo actually started.
  • This was a cute commerical. I really liked it. And the music was a pretty brilliant choice. I would like to see commericals like this in other countries too.
  • Definitely. They should add an english version to broadcast here in State-side
  • Aww
  • SUPERB!! absolutely SUPERB!! 
    well done, MS!! 
    That ending!.. hahaha.. genius! 
  • That ending caught me by surprise. I laughed because I expected an adult to come back. Very funny.
  • The ending did make me laugh too, a very well done advert, they really need to get this one out on the airwaves as it beats the "everything at once" theme for the other stuff which just gives the impression that its hard work, this instead is enjoyable.
  • Love wins 8 cute commercial I want to see what nokias releasing for a tablet if make them to match my phones red and yellow I'll get 2. Red for me yellow for my wife.
    Ty mcst for a great e,speriance always loved windows love it even more. Wp8 rocks can't wait testing office 2013 live it so far.
  • Inquire, not enquire... Just FYI
  • It's the same bloody thing! Just a matter of spelling preference, although the former carries a more formal tone to it.
  • Not entirely. While the word does exist its context is favored in the use of asking a question i.e. "May i enquire as to where you got your education?" vs a statement for the other, "If someone where to inquire about your education, I'll let you know promptly." The Latin version started with an "I" and the French version with an "E" and they both still exist, but as you said yourself, the "former is more formal", and as I prefer, its less French... Inquire works in all contexts as well, so just use the damn thing.
  • Inquire looks bizarre to me because it is primarily the US spelling. I consider the English (from England) spelling and usage more correct than any latin or french. You are correct that they are interchangeable depending on the context but I would say that enquire is more correct in the article as they are asking a question (enquiring if they need help) not performing a formal investigation (grand jury inquiry). If in doubt stick with enquire/enquiry :P
  • I think your right about it being a US thing, enquire sticks out to me like a sore thumb immediately. Both are used to ask questions by definition, and are interchangeable, but I still think context determines proper use. Though to be honest, being in the US I would never opt to use enquire by default. It has to be a regional preference for sure.
  • It's not a regional preference, English comes from England. You just need to realise that localised version you use is a mistake ;)
    To investigate:
        Inquiry (normally a police or government or forma stylel investiation)
    Enquire, to ask after or pose a question. Most defintely E. You can argue your point all day long, but E is correct in this context. :)
  • *high-five* :)
  • That was cute.  Quite effective too.  Very few words, lots of body language, all with the basic slogan "so easy a kid can do it". 
  • I love this commercial. I'm really happy with Microsoft's advertising since windows 8 and wp8
  • Man that is a cool little commercial.
  • That's the type of ad that make audiences take notice! Several language versions need to be made and aired on TV - not just YouTube!
  • Not everyone uses YouTube a lot. I do not.
  • It needs to be on TV...
  • The advertising video of the year!
  • I absolutely agree. This commercial is genius.
  • Loved it :)
  • Ending was the best part :)
  • Cute!
  • Awesome :D
  • Love it! Won't get on American TV, they don't like to know other countries exist
  • Lol
  • Great...
  • Cuteness overload =D loved the ending too. =)
  • Genius Lol, A great advert should be shown to the mass via tv ads to show potential customers Windows 8 isn't all that hard to adjust to :) Hold on to I get my colleague hahaha great touch at the end.
  • Has anyone emailed this video link to Verge and other blogs who bashed it like a rotten fish? Hard, my arse.
  • "BUT it is wayyy tooo complex! All those buttons are larger now! Makes them even harder to use! and omg, I can't see the time without pulling from the side. It is no Windows 7! (which was no Windows XP!!!)"
    I feel ya buddy. I also cringed everytime people told me how hard the new "Office ribbon" was to use - what do you mean? Digging around in menus is easier than clicking a large button in front of your eyes?
  • The Verge is still trying to "understand who it's for".
  • Lol!
  • Bellissimo spot
    Beautiful ad *.*
  • LOL. Nice ad. :-)
  • Haha, nice to see an ad from my country being shown around. Filmed at Fnac I think, in Lisbon. One of the best chains of  tecnology retail stores in Portugal...
  • True! Actually the guy who calls the kid helped me solving the problems I was having with my Samsung ATIV Smart PC like 2 months ago :D
  • Yes is a Lisbon in Fnac at a PCEXPERIENCE zone.
    PCEXPERIENCE is a Microsoft Store Made in Portugal :)
  • It shows how simple the windows8
    Cool one and the ending damn good
    Reminds me the bill gates and Steve Ballmer ads for PC (what is love, da da da)
  • this video put nay sayers into a big hole of shame
  • i got sad atbthecend when he said let me go get help, because i thought he was going to get an adult which would of ruined the whole thing.
  • Would've
  • Awesome commercial! One of the reasons I switched to wp8 was ease of use, reduced lag, and technology. I found more features when I went on. Wife got me a surface, love it, except the site I was going to use to study for my exams is not on Microsoft's white list for flash :/
  • There was a trick, on this site I think, for editing the Microsoft white list for flash..
  • I figured there had to be. It is a good point and I am going to go search for it. But something large happened in my life I have to return the surface anyway. Thanks for the help.
  • the Guy at the end is an ass "how much ram does it it take to install windows " hope that little girl answer it!!!
  • I guess theyare bringing back their "I'm only 4 years old and I'm a PC" commercials back?
  • That was very cute. Microsoft should re-do that commercial for the U.S. and start running the spots on t.v.
  • Mark Zuckerberg walks up to the kid at the 2:08 mark.
  • This is a million times better than the Lumia 920 ad I saw while watching The Hobbit. It basically just featured a five-year-old playing with it outside. It barely showed the phone, or even the five-year-old, and had no real ending...
  • Yeah I too second the idea that Microsoft should remake this ad for the US market. They are very cute.
  • I still can't view videos through the Wpcentral app. I have Metrotube installed but it always tells me I need an app to open the video.
  • Do you have the Microsoft YouTube installed as well?
  • Ok, thanks that did it. Too bad I can't have it open with Metrotube
  • That's why msft is bitching about google probably
  • You should still be able to watch it in HD via the WPCentral app.
  • I love this commercial. Brought tears to my eyes! They need to use this here in North America!
  • My 2 year old nephew can use and iPad, this doesn't come as a surprise to me that a young child can find his/her way around Windows 8.  You want to impress me, I want to see a 80 year old man/woman connect it to wifi, find and install skype, and call there relitives.  That's when I will be truely impressed.
  • I was thinking about the same thing. Kids are known to operate tech toys easily...remember programming the VCR? An old woman doing the demo will be more effective.
  • very cute add .... i like it very much
  • And now for the sad and harsh truth: - despite the clever idea of the spot, it is NOT aired on TV here in Portugal. And the Microsoft stands at the stores such as this one are SELDOM with anyone there to help (let alone children, obviously). Also, they are placed normally right next to the Apple stand. Which makes it worse, since the Apple stand is always filled with people toutching and trying the iPads and iMacs and iEverything. The Microsoft stands only have a couple of PC's (like in the commercial) and have ZERO Windows Phones and ZERO Surfaces. It's ironic isn't it? We made a clever commercial, yet we are unable to sell Microsoft products to people anymore (except Office. that one still sells well).
    You could blame the crisis. But that's a false argument. The iPhone 5, which costs from 1000€ (16GB) up to 1500€ (64B) over here, is in the best sellers list since it was released. No Windows Phone ever made it there despite being lower in price (that little joke with the Lumias 710/800 not being upgradable to WP8 despite having been released 2 months before the announcement of the WP8 hurted the sales of WP devices over here, badly. People who were thinking of buying Lumias ended up choosing the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 instead. And they certainly won't pay 700€ for the Lumia 920)
  • Daaaaaaaaaw.
  • loved it
  • This simple ad could more than all the big-budget, dancing silliness that MS have been airing. Shoot a :30 English version of this ad and get it on TV, it's a great concept. I shoot commercials for a living, so I know what I am talking about.
  • Haha awesome. I just wonder when i go to my local msft store why they don't have some kind of program that allows hardcore fans to work part time just selling the devices that they're most passionate about. I had 2 more android people come up to me today to ask me about my phone. Both were in love with the UI and how slick and clear the screen on my 920 is.
  • Too cute.. Loved it... I had to watch it twice... Lol.. I think I'm convinced... Im going to order the Dell XPS 10.. 
  • I don't think its funny. Its inspiring.
  • simple yet effective
  • This video IS FACKING BRILLIANT!!!!
    GET IT IN TV NOW!!!! reminds me if all the "tech guru, aka trolls" that say win 8 is hard because of no start menu ....
  • This is the type of commercials that Microsoft should be focused on. I've seen plenty of Windows 8 commercials on tv and nothing is even remotley enticing. I've seen the surface commercial several times with the fancy dance moves, but it really doesn't make the product more appealing to me. After watching this "simple" video. I'am more compelled to purchase a Windows 8 device. I think Microsoft needs to spend more time advertising their products and stop with the silly music video commercials. This video is the best Windows 8 commercial to date.
  • I agree ... Not sure they hired the right advertising company
  • That's really cute! I'm running Windows 8 on an old, non-touch PC just fine; however, I'll be getting a new touchscreen ultrabook soon.
  • D'awww! That kid is adorable. Microsoft really did it right with this one. They actually showed the OS and it flowing and flicking around. The commercial with all the dancers is nice and all, but I think most folks don't know what Windows 8 really is. - J