Hungry Shark Evolution nabs 'The Big Christmas Update' and lets you eat delicious elves

Ubisoft just pushed out a substantial holiday update for its superbly addicting game Hungry Shark Evolution.

Version 2.9 for Windows Phone is now live in the Store, and it features a Happy Holidays greeting when launching and the game itself has a few bonus features for Christmas time as well. Indeed, the update is so big that Ubisoft have a hilarious trailer to show off all of the holiday shark cheer, which is worth checking out.

As of now, the Windows 8.1 version of the game has not received an update but our bet is the timing of the Store releases are slightly off. In other words, within the next few hours or days that version of the game is also likely to get an update.

Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the silliest games we have played, complete with dramatic but catchy music, upgrade abilities, and overall bloody mayhem. Eating elves just adds to the hilariousness. Additionally, since the game is free (optional in-app purchases, of course) and Xbox LIVE supported, there is no reason not to get this game. It even has 512 MB support, although graphics may be choppy.

No word if there are needed performance improvements to the game, which stuttered a bit even on a Lumia 1520, but so far it does feel a tad smoother. Shout out if you find anything new, including smoother graphics and wach the embedded teaser trailer.

Thanks, Israel H., for the tip!

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Daniel Rubino

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  • This game is my son favorite.
  • Yeah my 8 yr old grabs my phone to play this all the time, her favorite game at the moment. Pretty fun game.
  • I don't play it anymore because I had to reset my phone and xbox live didn't save my progress...
  • My little nephews favorite! He loves it when I eat people xD eat them eat them he screams xD
  • Content rating:
  • What an epic game!!! Rated 5 stars in the store for bringing us this update
  • The game is amazing of course. I wish the update allows the shark to wear the red hat/cap that Santa wears. :P
  • I would have give, 5 stars only if it would have a better progress backup!
  • There is no reason NOT to get this game. :)
  • Have this game but stuck on the tiger shark lol I hope the Xmas update helps get coins abit faster
  • Too much stutter! Are they even serious about doing this game right?
  • I have a 1520 on Cyan and even I get stutter. Can't imagine it on 512mb.
  • Stuttered on 930 as long as I can remember. A joke, really.
  • Wont lag as much if u use tilt controls.
  • And yet again, I'll find myself changing my region to download, even though I'm in the US.
  • This game is running incredibly smooth on my 1520 now!!!
  • My favorite game minus the lags. +635
  • Runs fine on my Lumia 730. Love it
  • How can I download it ? In which region does it work ?
  • US works.
  • I tried but it says item not found
  • Too laggy to even bother with
  • Got the new version on my surface now :)
  • I mostly play this on my Windows tablet, but its one of the best games out there. We need the Big Daddy though.
  • Will my current game data be lost, if I download game via PC and install/update via SDcard?
  • Nothing changed...
  • Great time killer game!
  • Seems like it also fixed the annoying boost/direction change issue...still stutters at beginning though
  • Hopefully, this will become a recurring theme, like on Subway Surfers. I would love to see Valentine's Day and Halloween updates.
  • Still stutters at the beginning of the game but after that this runs incredibly smooth in my 1520. Thanks Ubisoft for the update.
  • UPDATE: (since I can't update my above post) the game still lags on my 1520 esp if using the touch control.
  • Where is Alan, the destroyer of the world?