Ubisoft's Hungry Shark Evolution comes to Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 8

Just in time for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week is Ubisoft's Hungry Shark Evolution. As a bonus, it is a free Xbox LIVE game to boot. However, if something is free, you know there is a catch, there are either ads or in-app purchases, and this one features the latter. Still, the game looks to be a blast as it has picked up a few awards in the past. Oh, and yes, 512 MB support is there.

As like many things that come to Windows Phone, Hungry Shark Evolution came out nearly a year ago on other platforms. The game though also received a refresh in the last week and Windows Phone is now a part of that, pardon the pun, wave. Let us see what the game entails.

Hungry Shark Evolution

"Experience life as a Shark in the ultimate test of survival. Jaw dropping 3D graphics and action packed gameplay. Grow from a pup into a 10 ton Great White Shark! Eat your way around a diverse aquatic world full of wonder and danger. Feast on tasty sea creatures, swimmers, turtles and fishermen to grow into a giant. Battle enemy sharks, submarines, and the weird creatures of the deep. Chain up combo bonuses to gain massive hiscores!""Complete missions and find treasure to earn coins and gems. Spend these rewards on upgrading your sharks abilities or buy special life-saving items. Progress to unlock the most ferocious beasts in the sea: Mako Shark, Hammerhead, Tiger Shark and the almighty Great White."

As you can see, you are a shark. Perhaps a fantasy of yours, you can live a dream of munching on the sea's prettiest fauna and maybe even an occasional human.

The gameplay is simple, you have a thumb pad on the display that you use to steer the shark around, and you grab things to eat or dodge. In that sense, it reminds me very much of Death Worm, which is one of my favorite games. However, even on a 2.2GHz Quad-core phone like the Lumia 930, the game is slightly choppy. Not prohibitively so, but it is not as smooth as you would hope.

Regardless, it is free, fun, and a little morbid and it has Xbox LIVE achievements. At a 71 MB download, it will not break your storage either. Grab the game and let us know what you think about it, or if there are any highlights we missed (the game just showed on the Store). Also, check out the embedded official trailer to see it in action.

Thanks, @Aero_Smash, for the tip!

QR: Shark

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  • Ooooooh I love this gaaaaaameeeee
  • Is it just me or is the game still not available? Region US, no results on either Bing or Google:|
  • In what region hungry shark evolution game is available
  • This game lags like crazy on my 930 wtf! It even runs better on the 920...
    Seriously what's up with that Ubisoft?
  • Originally thought this would have been a 930 problem. But i see posts about it being choppy on the 1520. Maybe just some bugs due to it being new on the windows system? I am sure it'll get fixed soon. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Being an Xbox LIVE game makes it unlikely that it will ever receive an update for bug fixes or general performance improvement. The down side to being an Xbox LIVE title.
  • Might be a resolution problem, knowing that the 1520 and the 930 are 1080p screens and the 920 being 720p.
  • It lags all the time both on Lumia 1020 and Lumia 930. What's mostly annying is that it crashes almost all the time when I check the map.
  • That banner for 512 Mb is now changed
  • Yep. It's a little better now but still I don't like it :P
    Edit: But it is helpful :)
  • At least its not all low resolution now
  • On what region u downloaded hungry shark evolution game
  • I'm hating on that banner like crazy..
  • Every time i see this banner is all i need to get happy and excited! +520 ^^
  • New one is pretty nice..
  • finally :)))))))))))))
  • Haven't you read the editors rant?! How can you even comment with a single word after that?? Use your cerebal cortex xD
    Hahah no, just kidding, love your comment! ;)
  • But it has a smiley, does that count ?
  • Mmm..not sure actually, the post didn't mention anything about smileys.. But I'd say it looks a heck friendlier than without! :D
    Wishing the comment sections supported the WP emoticons, really like those :3
  • Do people actually abide govt laws in every way? Who's gonna take rules on commenting seriously? :P
  • Whaha lawl xD
    Totally true! Im wondering how much impact that post is going to have >_
  • Rebel
  • loved the original on android. gr8 to see it here
  • But great game though!
  • yeah! more games!
  • BEST GAME DEVELOPER EVER!   Everybody rate this game with 5 stars!  Free + XBOX + 512 Support: They deserve it!   Ubisoft WE LOVE YOU!
  • If the game is fun and enjoyable, it should get five stars. Yes, free, Xbox live, and support for 512 are huge, but a lame game with those three criteria doesn't deserve even two. That's like getting a participation trophy for forfeiting to reward failure.
  • You are acting like an Android user ...
  • What lame game has XBOX live ?
  • Tell us your list of non-lame games, please? (*_*)
  • Titty titty bang bang Posted via Windows Phone Central App This was rude of me... Lol
  • Wow, an XBL game for WP? Gotta mark that in my calendar. I remember the good old WP 7 days, when a new XBL game was released every Wednesday.
  • Hahah too bad not every game is xbl :( I'd love to have more (MOAR!!) achievements :D
  • Ubisoft , I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    Thanks for Xbox support!!
  • Let's hope, it's the beginning of new era ;)
  • This game rocks on my Sony Xperia S Tablet, I want to try it on my , far more mobile, 1520.
  • Downloading.. Love their supports!
  • Its still free achievements ! :3
  • Xbox?! That's so weird :O
  • Man...coip will be dancing all week just because of the Xbox Live decal on this game.
  • You're welcome, everyone. #SaveXboxWP, baby. For the people.
  • Well I would join that dance, just for fun...but let's be honest: My dancing is awful, hate dancing in general :-)
    Xbox live games though are awesome and it's great to see one appearing out of nowhere! Very good job Ubisoft! #SaveXboxWP all day for the ecosystem.
  • Dance Central Spotlight coming to Xbox One in 3.5 weeks: you can practice your dancing skills while earning Xbox achievements! (^^)
  • No way dude, never gonna happen ;-)
    Played a bit shark evolution: Super fun, like the graphics and style of the game.
  • Its giving an error that app not available at store
  • Me too...
  • Me too...
  • In the banner for 512MB device support the word mb should be in capital letters ie MB.
  • Because mb is megabits?
  • Finally, been waiting for this..
  • Used to play a lot on iPad, glad its come for WP. Wohoooo.
    Plus like the new 512mb supported logo. :)
  • Waited for this for a long time!
  • This is awesome!!!
  • Not showing on my store
  • Yay, Ubisoft forgot to publish here in Brazil
  • Lolololol
  • When ubisofts assasins creed pirates is coming to wp. Ubisoft u should be there at wpcentral. Anyone of the developer.
  • We are actually here. For Assassin's Creed Pirates, stay tuned: https://twitter.com/UbisoftMobile/ Thank you!  
  • And Trials Frontier?
  • Keep these Xbox games for Windows Phone coming, Ubisoft Mobile! Mobile Xbox gamers love you
  • Hey there you fine Ubisoft people, thanks for supporting Xbox games on WP!
  • Please, what happened to Monster Burner???
  • We love u developers.
  • Xbox is the word
  • Awesome! Keep the free xbox games coming :)
  • That's funny I bought my son a android tablet and he's been playing this game on that tablet all summer and now it's on my phone lol coo
  • Android? You're a terrible father. Even the worst of kids don't deserve that kind of punishment.
  • IPad would have been more disaster. Better buy Toshiba encore
  • Whooo
  • Wait, its not Microsoft Studios's seasonal release, does that mean Xbox games for WP coming back? or that there's still some hope? At any case, sounds like a fun game! Besides, its Ubisoft! Gonna give it a try :)
  • The next possible release is probably gonna be zoo tycoon from Microsoft studios. So, fingers crossed.
  • Right! I think WPC made an article on that too, last month.
  • EDIT: Downloaded and played for a while, it really is a fun game to keep you hooked! Just as expected from Ubisoft, amazing graphics and sound quality. It works brilliant even on my 520 (ignoring few lags during begining of the game). If I missed anything, its background music during gameplay (I was expecting it since Rayman games have some really good ones!)..... Highly recommended!
  • 'this item isn't available in the store'
  • Me too
  • I respect your excitement, but I guess you mean #SaveXboxWP   ;)
  • Nah! Not yet... First semester has just began, I'm sure is busy with studies but exams are from Dec :)
  • Just hope this is not the last(or second last(does it matters??)) XBL game....badly need more of them
  • +929
  • Lags horribly on 930...
  • Cool game, but really choppy on my 1520, which is unacceptable on a quad-core device.
  • Looks to be a Snapdragon 800/801 issue as it runs pretty sweetly on my 1020.
    I'm sure Ubisoft will correct such issues in short order.
  • Good to see Ubisoft sport XBOX Live and more over 512MB RAM devices.
  • This game is awesome, it runs a little laggy in places on my 1520 but not enough for me to not give it 5 *. Im sure an update will fix this though....love it! Maybe Ubisoft will make an Xbox music app.
  • First game that got me hooked in a while..
  • Awesome !!!! Eat more and more :)
  • Y isnt it available in the store???
  • Ikr?!?!
  • I know Ubisoft is one of the best game developer, but they published to little games on WP.
  • Loving the game. Super smooth...
  • which phone???
  • Not available for me.... Wtf?!?!?
  • I used to play this on my iPad and now playing this on my Lumia 920. Awesome
  • This is a game that deserves the support of the community... Just shows that Xbox Live support can be done if the developer wants to...
  • #SaveXboxWP
  • Can't download region India :(
  • I am able to download the game... I am from India and using 920... Used the Above QR code and downlaoded the game 2 hrs ago....
  • This gives me hope for pirates journey! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Good and a Xbox live game keep it up Ubisoft
  • "Regular updates on the way;" yet it has Xbox support...
  • Windows Phone is on a roll! Loving the folder support, loving the IE11 updates, loving how often apps are being updated....and now we have an Xbox Live title too!
    Here's to a great year for Windows Phone!
  • WAAAAIIIITTTT a second here... a new game (for Windows Phone) that has Xbox live ? Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming....  #SaveXboxWP Downloading no question....
  • Yep! And just a reminder to everyone else, if you want more Xbox games on WP, be sure to let Microsoft know about it via the #SaveXboxWP movement. Details here.
  • Impressive game! Runs really well on my Lumia 925, no Cyan but 8.1 Update 1 installed.
  • Kinda reminds me of that online flash game from years ago called Sidney Shark.  Hilarious game.   http://sydneyshark.net/   This game seems fun, but the controls are really difficult.  Does this game support MOGA?
  • Baby, for 15 bucks an hour, ill be your MOGA Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I have the 1520 and this game lags like crazy... Hope there is an update soon, because I really love this game.
  • I cant download says the element is not disponible
  • Me too
  • Thanks wpc
  • Ok this game is pretty damn cool. I don't like the IAP's though...I'd almost rather pay....
    Edit: After playing this for the past 3 days, the IAPs aren't even necessary. Im really loving this! Have not had this much fun with a phone game in a while!
  • And minecraft pocket edition for Windows Phone?
  • Try out minicraft. It was made by Notch too and its much more fun to play on the phone than the real Minecraft
  • This Game is taking lot of Battery. This is a Offline game but still taking lot of Battery power... I am playing with charger connect and the battery percentage decreasing drastically..... Anyone has same issue?
  • Yes! New Xbox game!
  • Has Xbox, won't buy. I only buy games that get future support. /s
  • This isn't Gameloft. Ubisoft always supports their games with future updates.
  • Not only does the game lag horribly on a Lumia 930, but also crashes on startup after completing the first uber mission.
    No wonder it's free, when this release is shit.
  • Icant download any solution pleasee
  • Is it just me or the game isn't available
  • This game lags like hell in Lumia 930 as well as on Lumia 520..
    So What's the point on giving it xbox certification, instead xbox certification should be given to small indie game studios for their best works. Rather than giving it to large game studio like Ubisoft who can't only optimize a small game..
  • Wow... Another Xbox enabled game... Xbox on WP might just live on guys... (fingers crossed)
  • Go to the water!!!
  • Too much lag lumia 1520
  • if i try to use your download link in your app it fails with the error "element not available" or sth like this and if i try searching it in the wp store directly it isn't there. I searched for another game of Ubisoft and then used the link "more games from Ubisoft" but it wasn't there either. If i sign out on windowsphone.com on the pc i suddenly can find the app under: http://www.windowsphone.com/de-de/store/app/hungry-shark-evolution/afab2... but if i sign in again and try to install it says this app can't be downloaded and if i sign out again and try to download manually and install it from the sd my phone can't find it -.-
  • Just falling in love again and again with the 512 mb ram  icon!THis is the type of games we need to be ported from android or ios rather than other shitty subway surfers and all those rpg games.Hope clash of clans comes soon.
  • An Xbox tittle with in-app purchases.Hope this app would last long in WP store.
  • Help please i cant download the game
  • i'm running this L520. runs superb, but the smaller screen can be a little frustrating to move your finger on as sometimes the Shark gets stuck. other times i hear audio skips, black screens while still moving around, HUD not loading but the shark does, and even an instance where the game completely just crashed and boot me out. other than that, fun game. 
  • Please tell me which is ur phone region because I didn't get that my stor sending message like isn't available in the store
  • Is it available for WP 8.1?
  • Why it is saying that "the item isn't available in store"???
    Phone Region US Real Region India....
    Any Idea why this is happening???
  • Playing smoothly on 1520, but it doesn't seem to show on my Xbox playlist..
  • Hey guy's please tell me about which country you are? Because my store sending message like "isn't available in the store" when I opened hungry shark evolution on my Lumia 520 DP 8.1 GDR 1
  • I can't find it in store
  • The game seems to be the icon of multi device. Does it mean it is about to appear in the Windows Store or is just my imagination? For me in the 1020 lags at the very beginning when the shark is falling to the sea. Later is just fine.
  • Why item isn't available in store?
  • I can't play in my super galaxy mini, why???? I'm going to cry. Flappy bird??? Too much graphics for my galaxy ace
  • It won't let me install it it says error code: and then a bunch of numbers and it's so annoying because it worked the other day then it stopped working so I tried re installing it and the error code crap happened ugh it's so annoying I just want to play it
  • Not for Lumia 520 :(
  • Plays outstanding on my 635.
  • Is this game is available on lumia720? Because the store said "this game isn't available in store". I change my region to U.S but still not available.
  • Y isn't the game available in store
  • Incredibly frustrating that my daughter can pick up my phone and charge 65.00 in coins/gems without knowing what she is doing.  I can find no way to contact the developer for help.