i-mate: not moving back to HTC. Palm?

So awhile back, we reported on a DigiTimes story about how companies like Palm, i-mate and MWG have all moved back their ODM orders to HTC, switching from other companies, presumably Inventec amongst them (who did a nice job making the Centro).

Well, not so fast there. While DigiTimes often gets scoops they are often not so accurate. And in this case, we're getting word from "Menneisyys" that i-mate has not switched back to HTC and they are continuing to make their own devices (speaking of, click that link to see i-mate's new toys that we probably won't get here in the States, gah).

So this begs the question: What about the rest of those companies, especially Palm? At this point, it's too early to say but we're a bit skeptical at this point to state unequivocally that upcoming devices like the "800w" and "Drucker" are slam dunk orders for HTC.

The choice for Palm of course would have ramifications for HTC as potentially the end-user (assuming you have opinions on the matter). Speaking of...

Should Palm use HTC or go with someone else? Your thoughts, preferences?

WC Staff
  • palm still makes phones?
  • If HTC can make a device like the Xperia for Sony, and Palm can get them to make a device for them to resell, with the right features and build quality, for the right price then...I say go for it!
  • Yeah, good point the Xperia is a nice looking device and shows HTC still has some tricks to pull off...
  • yea if only they were smart enough to use it on their own handsets. aside from the kaiser xperia is the best looking htc phone.
    second odm doesnt that just mean the put it together technically cant the design come from elsewhere? like sony ericsson themself?
  • Right, ODM means that as far as Xperia, Sony probably had a hand in design. Likewise with Palm--they designed the Centro (even the internals) and Inventec puts it together.
    Still, as far as quality of the parts, choices made, etc. it seems to make a difference as I think there are variances in ODMs for the Treo series...