If you can't identify everything on this Minecraft backpack, your kid will love it

What you need to know

  • Minecraft fans can get their hands on a new backpack just as kids are headed back to school.
  • The Minecraft Tote Backpack is kitted out in a Minecraft pattern with a folded top.
  • It's available now at the Minecraft store for $60.

It's that time of year again: kids are headed back to school, which means it's prime season for new back-to-school gear. Minecraft is getting in on the fun with an official Minecraft Tote Backpack that will make your kid the talk of the class (probably).

The backpack is kitted out with a Minecraft green pattern and brown accents. And while us olds may not know what the heck we're looking at, it looks pretty slick.

With a folding top, the backpack measures 8 inches height x 12 inches width x 5 inches and includes plenty of space for books, toys, and more. There's a front pocket with a magnetic closure, two side pockets, and a tech pocket on the inside. There are also fleece-lined organizing pockets on the inside because, you know, most kids are known for their meticulous organizational skills.

The Minecraft Tote Backpack is available now for $60 from the Minecraft store.

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