FreeRein Reflect by iFrogz are a neat pair of wireless in-ear headphones

A month ago I ditched my TYLT in-ear headphones and Xiaomi's over-the-ear Mi Headphones and have been using the FreeRein Reflect, a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds by iFrogz.

iFrogz, now acquired by ZAGG, are known for their high-quality and stylish audio accessories and made their debut in India recently which is when I got a chance to grab this pair.


iFrogz headsets are known for their style and eclectic colors. My green FreeRein Reflect were no exception. The trendy, flat cable helps prevent tangles and knots, even when I toss them casually in my bag.

The unique design is aimed at offering a comfortable experience with ergonomic, angled tips and flexible silicone sport wings. The design ensures a secure, comfortable fit even when you're running or in an aggressive workout. The buds and the cable have reflective accents, so you're easy to spot when you are taking a run or biking around after sunset. That's a neat feature, really, both in form and function.


On the buds, the built-in controls make managing your music and calls pretty easy without the need to reach out for your phone. The controls are covered in silicone making them moisture resistant, so they make a great companion for those sweaty workouts.

For the price, the FreeRein Reflect make a great pair of in-ear headphones. The sounds are neat and the thump and clarity is impressive. I watch a lot of videos and movies on my phone, and the audio experience is immersive and movie-like. The battery lasts for around 5 hours, which is pretty decent. While I would've liked it to persist for longer, the charging time of 1 hours is quick enough.

Technical Specifications

  • Driver: 9mm
  • Impedance: 40 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 102dB +/- 3dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hs-20KHz
  • Charging Time: 1 Hour
  • Working Time: 5.5 Hours

iFrogz FreeRein Reflect


The FreeRein Reflect wireless Bluetooth earbuds are quite good for an active lifestyle. The angled tips and the ergonomic design is pretty comfortable, and while I don't end up using the built-in controls often because it's awkward to reach behind your ear to manage your music and calls, they are a handy addition.

The FreeRein Reflect is available in seven striking colors and runs in the neighborhood of $35.00 US. You can pick up a pair from many local or online retailers, including

Buy iFrogz FreeReign Bluetooth Headsets from Amazon/$34.58

Abhishek Baxi