iHacker Charlie says WinMo at risk, too

So a well known Mac hacker earlier this month claimed to have found an SMS exploit that would let an attacker take over iPhones with a series a text messages. Details of the flaw will be released Thursday at the Blackhat security convention in Las Vegas.

And not content to panic just the cool kids' table, Windows Mobile is now thrown into the loop. [via neowin]

Miller also claims he has found a bug in Microsoft's Windows Mobile devices that that allows complete remote control of the device. Miller discovered the bug last Monday and it's currently un-patched by Microsoft. It's not clear whether Miller plans to unveil full details of the Windows Mobile bug tomorrow or limited details until Microsoft has been made aware.

So there you have it. We're at FUD Level Orange on this one. Certainly a serious security flaw on an iPhone could be patched relatively quickly, but patching a Windows Mobile device, well, it's not like there's some automagical button that'll suck down updates from the mothership. On the other hand, we're not going to panic before panic's due. Stay tuned.

Phil Nickinson

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  • im FREAKIN out!
  • >"... it's not like there's some automagical button that'll suck down updates from the mothership." Uh, at least on my 2 WinMobile phones (at&t Tilt and Motorola Q9h), there is Windows Update that run every day, checking for updates. But I guess your statement could technically be right, there isn't a button for it; it just happens.
  • lol. And how many updates has it found? (And, ftm, how's your battery life?) :)
  • Who's fault is it that no updates have been delivered, though? I've seen people speculate that it's the carriers' fault. And, just because no updates have been delievered does not mean there isn't a way to do it (which was your claim). You may never have driven to Barstow, but that doesn't mean you can't get there. Steve
  • hahaha, phils totally right. there is no such thing as windows update on windows mobile. its one of those things that are there, but NEVER used. just like some of the crazys that still keey potassium iodide anti radiation pills in their emergency kits
  • Well, Charlie gave Apple several weeks notice about the flaw, would only seem right to give Microsoft some time too. Not saying they will do anything about it, just stating 'fair'.
  • mharr is right and wrong; at least in later editions of WM. There is a button in settings, a Windows Update button, that initially launches a Windows Update setup wizard, then status later. (Windows Update is disable by default.) Phil is right and wrong. Update can be set to manual or automatic. In automatic, updates via that carrier's data plan can be disable and a power-friendly schedule chosen. Phil's absolutely correct on the most important point; there's been no report of Microsoft ever using the update feature of Windows Mobile. When there's an announcement like this and later when the details finally come out, the exploit usually requires a very uncommon set of circumstances on the phone to work. Usually the announcement is more for bragging rights than anything else. As for WM Update; Apple, Palm, RIM, and Google are pushing regular updates to their phones or phones running their OS. Isn't it time Microsoft started?