Ilomilio is one of those great games (seriously, see our comprehensive review) that unfortunately AT&T grabbed a three-month exclusive on--well it's great if you're on AT&T but bad for the rest of the world.

Looks like in January, the game will finally roll out to all in the Marketplace, regardless of territory. That should be welcome news to many who are missing out on one of the more high profile games for Windows Phone 7. (ed. I happen to really dig it, even though I think I now have diabetes because it's so cute)

In other news, the Xbox console version is set to launch around the same time but users can get a sneak peak now by visiting the secret site. The site was only known to those who have the WP7 version but alas, we're going to ruin the party. From there, you can grab an access code to play on your Xbox. Schweet.

Source: Know Your Mobile,