IM+ submitted to WP7 Marketplace

Here we are folks, the good team at SHAPE Services have just announced that they've submitted the messaging app IM+ to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Not long ago we covered it going through Beta. I'll leave it to the unofficial PR on their Facebook page to do the trick:

"AAAAND IT'S FINALLY HERE! Today we're submitting IM+ for WP7 to Microsoft Marketplace. Approval process may take a while. Bloggers, beta testers and all those who are interested in getting pre-release version today, please send your contact at with "IM+ WP7 beta" in subject line."

If you wish to get a pre-release version, ping them an email with the subject as shown above. Are you looking forward to the app? Or are you more excited about the upcoming IM integration in Mango (if you don't use every service on the planet)?

Source: IM+ Facebook (opens in new tab), thanks everyone for the tips (opens in new tab)!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Is it free?
  • It definitely won't be.
  • I think they shot themselves by waiting this long to release. I for one will be more than happy to wait for the integrated IM features in Mango. Had they released this months before Mango's announcement...
  • They did.. I will get it if its free, but otherwise wait till Mango..I dont use that many services anyway... Live Messenger is my primary anyway.
  • I dont think so, its still atleast 6 months b4 we can get Mango(for ATT customers anyway, with their 3 month lame testing period) and many people would love to have an IM app in the interim.
  • Will 7.5 do Y!IM
  • No.
  • IM+ has 2 versions in iOS... IM+(free) and IM+ Pro. IM+ Pro is $9.99. So it might be way more in WP7. And i think its not worth.Will WP7 be also getting a free version too?
  • Looking forward to getting my Y!IM on.I can do that now, right?!?
  • If there is a free or cheap version it might be nice for those who have people on various network IMs. Though can't you add Yahoo people to Windows Live and vice versa? And maybe AIM? I forget now.
  • Man, if I can get push to actually work, I'll pay the 10 bucks.
  • so you seem to need a developer account to be part of the beta...