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Indian airline, SpiceJet launches official mobile app as a Windows Phone exclusive

The Windows Phone ecosystem has been on a roll in India over the last year and the juggernaut appears to be powering on into 2014. While one of India’s leading airline, Jet Airways, released a Windows Phone exclusive app last year, competing carrier SpiceJet has joined the party by launching their mobile app, exclusively for Windows Phone devices.

The app has a great, modern user-interface, although it has an awkward casing in the title – spiceJet. The app allows you to book tickets, check-in, or do a PNR lookup. You can quickly check out your recent searches or existing bookings. The app also offers a handy tap-to-call option to quickly dial their 24/7 Sales & Reservations number.

Apart from a seamless booking process, the app also offers a very well-compiled travel section called Spice Destinations. It lists all the cities in India and abroad where Spicejet flies and compiles travel, eating out, shopping, and lodging options for that city. It’s a useful, quick travel guide which you can use even if you’re not flying SpiceJet.

SpiceJet is a great example of a fine Windows Phone app from an airline. As an exclusive, it’s a great win for Microsoft India. Download the free app for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store and tell us how you like it.

QR: SpiceJet

Thanks @HarishV for the tip!

  • Nice to hear the word exclusive for Windows Phone
  • yes,it's because Iphone and Android users travel by train,it's safer 
  • Proud to be an Indian!
  • Sounded like both Indian Airlines & Spicejet came onboard, please remove the comma after Indian airline, misleading...
  • It's no more called Indian Airlines now. Merged into Air India, so we are good. :-)
  • India is taking over the Windows Phone store. Nice to See so much commitment. Where are the Dutch? ;)
  • Meanwhile my email responses from southwest finally changed from "we're evaluating our options" to "it's in development, keep following us on social media for info on when it's released" (and also "sorry our new mobile site is completely broken in IE because we didn't bother to test it, we'll get right on that")
  • Thank you Abhishek for the info.
  • I must say the devs from India are rather neat and get apps out quickly!!!
  • A few grammatical errors here and there. Sorry to nutpick, but that's the way i am ;)
  • Funny.
  • This is how you do it, companies. Yes, I'm looking at you, Swiss companies. There are non-iFruit-users in the paradise of chocolate and watches, you know.
  • So now India has an airline  company ? that is absolutly fantastic news,they finaly cought up with the rest of the world :) complements India !!
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  • nice reply :)
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  • Dear Mr. Slain
    Whatever school you attented didn't teach you not to make fun of others name and use a Country for humor.
    Sorry for any typing mistake, we Indians may not be good at a foreign language.
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