iNi Reader for Windows 10 is the Feedly client after the news junky's heart

With so much news coming out each day, it can be difficult to keep up. And while there are some great news readers on Windows 10, an RSS app is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself up to date.

You can subscribe to your favorite feeds and have a beautiful layout of all the latest information. iNi Reader is a Feedly client for Windows 10 that features an elegant design and some impressive options.

The app is available for free on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, though to unlock all of its features you'll need to upgrade the app for $1.99.

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Elegant design

The first thing I noticed about iNi Reader was its elegant design. It has a simple to navigate interface that lays out the news in a way that's both attractive and easy to view. iNi Reader's block interface shows articles' lead image and introductory text to help you know if a story is worth clicking. Feedly clients are all going to have a core set of features and functionality that's almost identical so having such an attractive design helps iNi Reader stand out.

You can customize the reading experience within iNi Reader including viewing summaries or full articles by default, switching between dark and light theme, choosing if an article should be hidden after it's read and more. Though, the light theme leaves some options invisible such as the Settings icon Again, these aren't groundbreaking options or features but iNi Reader has a lot of options.

Full feature set

As a Feedly client, iNi Reader's only content is what you choose to subscribe to, but iNi Reader provides a couple ways to partake your favorite content. You can read text or have the text read aloud to you. If you're reading text, there's also a text only option to save on data or just make it easier to read content.

The app also supports notifications, Live Tiles, syncing across devices, and quick share targets that allow you to share content quicker than using Windows 10 built in share targets feature.


The most impressive thing about iNi Reader is that it ticks the boxes you'd want in a Feedly client. It's attractive, syncs well, is customizable, and provides multiple ways to consume content. It has a number of features and options that make it easier to read your favorite content and stay up to date on the news.

It has a few smaller issues such as the light theme hiding elements of the design and some longer loading times for articles but overall iNi Reader is a very impressive app for news reading.


  • Excellent layout
  • Great feature set
  • Cross-device syncing
  • Customizable


  • Can take time to load articles
  • Light theme has design issues

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Sean Endicott
News Writer and apps editor

Sean Endicott brings nearly a decade of experience covering Microsoft and Windows news to Windows Central. He joined our team in 2017 as an app reviewer and now heads up our day-to-day news coverage. If you have a news tip or an app to review, hit him up at (opens in new tab).

  • Can anyone tell me how it compares to FeedLab?
  • This is and has been my go-to reader for about two years now. Just love its design and how it works. Hasn't been updated in a bit, not that anything is broken, but hope the dev is still around.
  • Free version is too much restricted. Pro version is not too pricey but will deter many.
  • Visually, this reminds me of the app Collector from the Windows Phone days.  Loved that app!
  • NextGen Reader still the best.
  • I agree. I've been using NextGen Reader since it came out on windows phone 7 and then it's uwp app on windows 10 pc and it's been consistently good. It has a lead image layout mode like iNi but I prefer the text first mode for quicker load times.
  • Did you try to compare the features with the last version of FeedLab published this week?
  • I have been using this news reader for a while and I love it.  Has been getting better and better all the time.  Great app.
  • I think Newsflow is another great app worth checking out. The level of personalization etc it has is great too, and the app follows the acrylic design on PC and phones both! Apart from being able to sync read/unread news across devices, I found it to be one of the best free RSS apps out there