InNote for Windows Phone 8, note taking at your fingertips

InNote is a new Windows Phone 8 app that was announced during Nokia World 2013. It's a feature rich handwriting note taker for your Windows Phone.  InNote comes in handy when you need to jot down spur of the moment ideas, work on a shopping list, sketch a drawing, or craft a to do list.

Notes created in InNote can be shared in .PDF format or image format as well as organized into notebooks. InNote makes a nice impression and if you're in the need for a handwriting note taker, it's well worth a try.

InNote's main pages display all your notes and any notebooks you've created. Menu options from the main pages includes options to multi-select notes, sort your notes, send feedback to the developer and view the About Screen.

The multi-select option allows you to delete or share multiple notes. To view an existing note, just tap on the thumbnail and choose the edit button at the bottom of the screen.  To create a note, just tap the "+" at the bottom of the main pages and you'll be sent to a blank page.

At the top of the note creation page you will find the following tools.

Handwriting tool: Here is where you choose your brush style, color and pen point size. You have a fine tip pen, brush, marker, highlighter and quill pen to choose from.

Eraser: The eraser tool will let you selectively erase content or erase the entire note.

Photo: If you need to insert or use a photo in your note, you can import an image from your Windows Phone Pictures Hub. Images can be resized, repositioned and drawn/written on.

Text Tool: If free hand writing is too informal for a note, you can add text blocks. You can adjust the font size of the text as well as select between one of three text colors (black, white and gray).

Audio Notes: Need to add an audio note to things? Tap the microphone button and you can add an audio note to your written note.

Along the bottom of the note creation tool are four control buttons to view your note full-screen, an undo and redo buttons, and a save button.  You will find paper style options hidden up under the three-dot menu where you can choose between plain note paper, lined paper or graph paper.

Once saved, your note will appear on the main pages and can be shared by your typical Windows Phone sharing methods (email, SMS, Tap+Send, Twitter, OneNote, etc.).

InNote is an easy, well laid out handwriting note taking app for your Windows Phone 8 device. The only drawback I found in using InNote is that the smaller screen of our Windows Phone may be too small for handwriting.  InNote performed great with a stylus pen but with my fingertip, not so good. If you have slender fingers, your results may vary but my thick fingertips didn't always register well. I can see InNote being better suited for tablets or even the Lumia 1520 when it hits the shelves.

As is, InNote is a very appealing app but may be a little limited on devices with screens smaller than 4.5". The nice thing about it all is that InNote is a free app available for Windows Phone 8 that you can download here (opens in new tab) from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: InNote

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Will try it but still love my OneNote
  • Is it possible to do the free draw/writing in OneNote?
  • InNote is better than onenote in my opinion. Like you said, there is no freehand mode in OneNote. InNote is quicker to use too.
  • Nothing is better than OneNote right now
  • LOL. We need qualifying statements to back up our opinions rather than just saying x is better than n.
  • Well, the fact that you can share OneNote folders within your Family Group, editing notes through your OneNote app in Win8/8.1, OneNote web or even Office and have those immediately sync'd is a nobrainer for me.
    Until I see such things in other Notes app I won't take those into consideration.
  • Evernote syncs notes to other devices as well ;)
  • Can you share just a note with other accounts with e.n.? The family thing in WP8 is an awesome thing that OneNote leverage with.. Share means bi- or tri- directional sync, off..
  • No, but its ridiculously easy to take a pic of your scribbles directly into one note with winphone. Digital inking is pretty limited using anything short of an active digitizer. I'm really hoping to see a WP phablet with a stylus running a more full featured (tagging and inking) version of OneNote soon. As a tablet PC user of one note for years, its hard to see Samsung push digital inking on a phablet using far inferior software than one note. :(
  • Ddevelopers(InStig) of this app made all of their apps for WP.
    Thanks Instig.
  • If only the Lumia phablet (and tablet) supported wacom they would have been the ultimate note taking devices
  • I got innote on 22 October. Its really good one... I was able to write using a key on my 720 :)
  • That doesn't sound too safe... Lol
  • Due to the quartz content of gorilla glass materials such as metal will not scratch the screen.
  • I do have screen guard on
  • You can even use a pencil (Like the Xperia Z Ultra). Very handy.
    No lies, give it a try. :)
  • At last a notification after waiting 10 hours!!
  • This is a great app. I hope they make a Windows 8 version!
  • I installed inNote last week and gave it top marks in the Store.
    It's a great app.
  • Nice...
  • How about skydrive integration??
  • And if yours has a super sensitive touch screen with a screengaurd on it,use this app to write with your keys to blow your friends mind off.
  • I used headphone jack to sketch on my Lumia 920. Works as fine as a stylus :D
  • Is there any online/cloud storage? Without that a note app is severely limited.
  • Awesome app, just tried but dint get how to share note in pdf format. Wondering if any body knows it...
    I think it would be better if it includes security to lock the note and support cloud storage
  • Pro Tip: Works better combined with OneNote. Just share to OneNote to save your notes in the cloud.
  • I feel as if my 1020 screen is too small for such foolishness lol
  • Incredible app! Thumbs up! I tried it on my 4.7" Lumia 625. The handwriting works great for me. The lines are thing enough when using my finger. How come OneNote for WP is so limited?!
  • In Camscanner, when you want to note stuff on what you scanned, it brings you to InNote. Pretty cool integration.
  • Love onenote..
  • That's a pretty solid idea!
  • I downloaded this app and there were no instructions and no apparent features? I was hoping for sketching and saving to OneNote.