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IronSun Studios, developers of Ionball, Lucky7 and Santa Quest, is now offering InQuizition over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. InQuizition is a trivia application that presents you with questions that have multiple answers.  Your job is to find all the correct answers under a time limit.  You start the game with three lives and with each wrong answer or if you fail to beat the time, you lose a life.

InQuizition presents you with a question and twelve possible answers. The number of correct answers are illustrated by a row of stars at the top of the screen and as you choose the correct answer, a star lights up.    Trivia questions range from identifying Beatles songs to animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  

You will need to read the questions carefully. Sometimes the questions directs you to choose answers that are NOT a part of a particular group. Then there are times you are asked to identify answers that are a part of a particular group.

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The main menu for InQuizition is simple and straight foward.  You have buttons to start a new game and to update the questions, should things become stale.  Before you go to the question screen, you will see a summary screen that details how many answers are in the upcoming question, how quickly you have to find the answers, how many lives you have left, and you score.  Just tap continue when you are ready to tackle the question.

To the top of the game play screen you will see your question that overlays a timer bar.  Just below the question is your lives (indicated by hearts) and the row of stars that represent the correct answers you've chosen.  Below the answer field is your current score and the standing high score.

To select an answer to the question, just tap on the square.  Correct answers will be highlighted in green, wrong answers will be highlighted in red.

InQuizition ran smoothly and was somewhat entertaining. There are enough twists in the questions to keep things interesting and in having to find multiple answers, the game can be challenging.

There is a free trial version available for InQuizition and the full version will run you $.99. You can find both here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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