Insomniac Games is looking for a publisher for Sunset Overdrive 2

The open-world setting took everyone by surprise as well. Additionally, this was the first time Insomniac Games was working with Microsoft on a project of this scale—which also happened to be an exclusive—so that added to the hype.

While the game failed to make a big dent commercially, it was still lauded by critics because it was a very unique experience, one that isn't usually found on Xbox One. Since then gamers have been asking Microsoft for a sequel, but it seems like the company hasn't responded to Insomniac Games. In a recent post by the studio on Twitter, it appears that the developer is without a publisher for Sunset Overdrive 2.

If Insomniac Games are looking for a publisher then hopefully Microsoft will step in and finance the project. However, Microsoft may not consider this to be feasible, as Redmond doesn't own rights to the Sunset Overdrive franchise. One of the reasons Insomniac Games went with Microsoft initially was that the company let the Insomniac keep the rights to the franchise.

One of the many criticisms that has been levied against Microsoft is that they don't have enough first-party exclusives. Why would Microsoft want to invest in a game like Sunset Overdrive if it's going to eventually end up on a competing platform? Why not take those funds and invest in a new first-party title or proper exclusive? Sunset Overdrive 2 would be a unique experience but it may not sell well again. All of these factors need to be evaluated when Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and his team sit down and decide to fund projects.

At the same time though, Microsoft is funding PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds even though it might end up on another platform eventually. Microsoft is just publishing it on Xbox One. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is an absolutely sensation so it's understandable why the company would want any deal but that shouldn't preclude unique titles like Sunset Overdrive.

Aside from the lack of exclusives, Microsoft usually gets criticized for a lack of variety in their games. Sunset Overdrive 2 would definitely go a long way to address that. Here's hoping that Spencer at least calls Insomniac Games and discusses the future of the franchise. It would be a shame if such a stellar game didn't get a sequel. However, at the end of the day there are numerous business decisions that have to be made.

If you haven't played Sunset Overdrive, be sure to do so because it's a lot of fun and absolutely hilarious. Apart from that, it now costs around $10 on Amazon.

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