Instagram client 6tag gets regram, location awareness and new Live Tiles in latest update

6tag, the defacto Instagram client for Windows Phone 8 users has received another update tonight, just one week after its last. Version 1.5 is now live in the Store after being teased by developer Rudy Huyn earlier in the week.

Version 1.5 though is not bug fixes but some very interesting new features, which will only help solidify 6tag as the go-to Instagram client for Windows Phone.

6tag version 1.5 changes

  • View posts around your position
  • Regram: share an existing Instagram post
  • 2 new live tiles: pin your feed or your profile
  • Manage new Instagram securities

Those are some fairly significant additions to the app.  Let's take a closer look.

Geolocation and Instagram posts

While in the main feed of the app, users can tap the menu dots near the bottom and select ‘nearby’ to bring up a stream of photos around their location. That will certainly keep you busy if you’re ever bored and want to see what's going on around you (or without you, sad face).

Near the bottom of the geolocation feed are two options (both oddly say ‘map’); one will allow you to change the distance and the other shows a physical map with the Instagram photos and their locations. You can also move around the map and hit 'refresh' to focus on a specific area.

Share that Instagram photo

Regram is a new feature on Instagram that allows you to pass on someone else’s Instagram post. It’s the retweet of the Instagram world and a useful feature should you come across something fascinating.

New Live Tiles

As you can see in our lead image, you can now pin your Feed and Profiles to your Start screen, including double wide sizes. For the Feed, you’ll simply see ‘instagram’ near the bottom with the latest photo pulled down every 30 minutes. For your feed, you get a small icon with your profile picture, your name in the low left corner and your latest image.

Overall, the update is quite impressive, although we tend to always expect these things from Rudy Huyn.

A few issues

There is a small bug though for users who need to “approve” a follower request and connecting to Facebook. Evidently it’s not possible to accept that request in the app and some are having trouble with instantiating an initial Facebook connection (Facebook reportedly changed a setting, causing the issue). Fixes for both bugs are coming in version 1.5.1, which has already been submitted to the Store. Look for it real soon.

For now, head to the Store and pick up 6tag version 1.5 with all of those new features here. Windows Phone 8 only.

Thanks, Vardis V., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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