Instagram officially jumps from Mobile to Windows 10 PC

The age old question if Instagram would port its UWP-ish app for Windows 10 Mobile to PC has finally been answered: yes, they will.

Tonight, you can now install the popular image sharing site right to your Windows 10 PC, Surface, or laptop. No Xbox or HoloLens, yet.

View your profile in Instagram

Perhaps this should not be too surprising seeing as how back in July the company did add support for Continuum with Windows 10 Mobile. All that needed to be completed was making the app adaptable when resized. Continuum today only does one window size (full), but we all know that will change with Redstone 2 so it makes sense companies would have to update their apps to support various windows sizes and orientations.

The app behaves as expected including viewing photos, direct messages, leaving comments, it even has notifications.

You can upload previously taken photos or use your PC's camera(s)

And yes, you can even upload photos (so long as they are in your Pictures > Camera roll folder). The Instagram app will allow you to upload previously taken photos or access your device's built-in camera. Should you have no camera install, the app just omits the camera icon. You can even switch between the rear and front cameras on the Surface with ease.

Overall, it is pretty wild to see Instagram on Windows 10 for PC. This is the first time to our knowledge the company is letting the app on the desktop officially. Grab it now and let us know what you think!

Download Instagram from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Herbert A., for the tip!

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Yesss!! *excitement overload*
  • Well, be careful what you ask for.. It's possible that before long the PC app will have more users than the phone app, and FB will be like "bye bye birdie!!"
  • Why would they say that?
  • Are you new here?
  • LOL.  Hardly.
  • Honestly, I don't feel that's true. As a developer, ever since I've released my applications for the UWP, I've had more downloads on Mobile than I have on Windows 10 and it's a very uni-device app, not superior on any device in particular.
  • Sadly many people don't know Windows 10 has an app store. All my friends still go to instead of the app. And the app works the same way as it does on their phones...
  • Microsoft is trying in ways though. Cortana in Microsoft Edge tells you when there's an app available for the website you're on now.
  • I do not use edge, or cortana, in fact I found a way of killing cortana. Not thjat it will bother me anyway, going back to winmdows 8.1 this weekend,   
  • Congratulations?
  • So why wouldnt they use the Browser? More functionality .. less buggy.. Why you would need an app for Facebook is the big question in the first place 
  • They need an app because Surface. I just wish their app were less buggy. I think its because it was a port of an iOS app.
  • Why do people use the Facebook app on their phone?
  • Why would they not? This isn't a logical question..
  • Notifications is why.
  • Why download another app for doing something that can be done in a browser?  i can understand with a Mobile phone, but not for a PC, also a lot of the Windows 10 apps are awful,.  
  • Because it's native and people like that. Also, notifications, live tiles, reminders, calendar integration, contact integration, Microsoft Band integration, etc... This is like asking someone why they'd use the Office 2016 native app before using Office Online. Web is too basic.
  • If you like all that I suppose, I do not like this intergration stuff, I do not have an MS account, so none of that stuff above would work for me anyway. So if i downloaded say the app version of facebook, what advantage would it offer me over the the web based one? Not that I can as I uninstalled the store,  C cleaner is great for that.      
  • App is for personal FB, the web version one is saved with alt account to chat girls up.
  • Google just added Play Store on Chrome OS.. Why? Chrome OS is basically web browser. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What's the point of UWP if not to get more users/increase accessibility on more devices. I see this as a good sign. We're always talking about trying getting more developers on the UWP boat and this is a big company to do that. I can't see any negatives. This will also help mobile indirectly too.
  • Mobiles I can understand, using a browser on a mobile is a pain, and IU certainly would not do online banking on my phone if there was no app, not that I do it much anyway, or use facebook. But on a Pc, certainly a screenh machine, like a desktop or a large laptop I do not see the point.   I can see what Ms is trying to do with UWP and maybe with some software it will work ok, like making MS office a UWP, not that there is enough people using ten to make it worthwhile at the moment. But apps like facebook are just a waste of time I can open a browser and click on a favourite quicker than searching for the app in the start menu and it launching, I can also use a password manager to sign in, that would not work on a UWP.      
  • I disagree, I mean there are still advantages with having a UWP app like notifications, live tile, etc. Also, on a tablet it's easier using an app since it's more touch friendly. Usually when I access an app on my actual computer I just push start key and start typing so that's actually faster for me than opening a browser then going to the website. Regarding signing in, in an app you are usually already signed in anyways. However, my main point isn't arguing what's more efficient or not. I'm just saying that's it's a good thing and a big deal that a big company is actually utilizing UWP.
  • Instagram i have no interest in at all, so downloading that would be a waste of time, so to give these apps a go, I decided to download the facebook one for Windows 10, because according to some people on here apps are better than using the browser.  It is bloody awful, for a start messenger is yet another app, so that is another app I have to download, so two apps to do two things my browser do. The layout of the facebook app is awful, no way as far as I can see to zoom the text, which I can do in the browser., The whole app looks like something that belongs on a mobile phone, not a desktop or laptop, thihs is why even if i was staying with windows 10, I would stay clear of UWP apps.    
  • Just look at Chrome OS now they come with Play Store for you to install apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Chrome Os is not really a full OS,  
  • Im confused please explain?
  • Guess they're use to multiple tabs on the browser..
  • Why lol? It's the same app, they just enabled it for PC.
  • It hasn't happened before and it isn't really an added cost to maintain for both.
  • Is anyone else waiting for Rudy to complete 6tag for UWP?
  • It looks like as soon as DropBox hired Rudy Huyn as a Windows dev, none of his apps are getting updated. :(
  • If was a move to prevent him from developing...
  • Very true... I now use the official app when I much prefer the 6tag UI, due to missing features I use :(
  • Rudy twittered that he won't publish it since Instagram is taking care of it. He tried to fill a gap which is closed by the official app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Rudy was a savior when one was needed. He can't hold the entire fort alone forever.
  • There's an official Instagram app now. Why would Rudy need to work on one? Posted from the Windows Central app for Commodore 64
  • I was referring to 3rd party apps with no worthy 1st party apps available.
  • LOL! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah and that escalated quickly!
  • YESS!!
  • Yay, I'm a tipster! :D Anyway, I am not able to leave comments and refreshing the feed seems a case of closing and restarting the app on PC.
  • This is awesome! We should see some awesome new pics now that users will be able to upload all of their Photoshop creations.
  • Good point or you will see more people selling stuff
  • I hope Facebook apps also integrate their apps on the lockscreen..that's what's missing still..
  • And better Live Tiles and actionable notifications at least. Also People app since it only provides basic contact syncing.
  • Btw is Facebook's enterprise app Workplace available for Windows mobile?
  • OMG, everyone can go crazy now. I mean really, it's Instagram.
  • I buy Insta-gram at the store - just put the gram in a pot, feed it some water, and instantly have some rice!
  • Never used it, see no point in, just another useless app.  
  • You don't, I do. Useless to you doesn't mean squat when I can now post my DSLR pictures from my Surface without having to go through several loops.
  • I just do not see the point in instgram, if I want to share photos, there are plenty of ways of doing so.,  
  • This should make some people VERY happy
  • finally i been using instapic for the longest happy this is available
  • Me too, but I find this one being of less quality than Instapic, in terms of design and useability.
  • Well, the UI is terrible. Just as terrible as on Android and iOS tablets. Then again, Facebook is incapable of designing good UIs. But it's nice to have some additional functionality over the web version. I can see myself actually using the app on Windows if only to reply to direct messages (seen as on desktop PCs the camera feature doesn't work, even if you have a webcam)
  • LOL ******* Debbie Downer over here always gotta have something bad to say. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I like how you're posting from Android but defending Windows platform like a true fan lol i do it too
  • Just because we use Android, that doesn't mean that we don't care. I have a Windows Central app installed on ALL of my phones.
  • i have all 3 OS.  I dont discrimnate, however, if anyone trolls windows, I stand up to it becaues im sick of people coming here telling others that windows phoen is dead or whatever. 
  • 1 - Windows Phone IS dead. 2 - This article doesn't concern Windows Phone. 3 - You're sick, take some medicine. 4 - I don't recall saying anything about Windows. Which you'd have seen... If you could read. Which you clearly can't. 5 - Don't like any criticisms? Go away. I've been here for much longer than you mate. And I've never criticised anything without explaining why. 6 - Grow up. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My wp is the biggest reason I am buying a laptop in the coming days, when I bought a wp, I didn't even get simple apps like edx or memrise and that turned me down plus the vpn isn't working at all, but it isn't very bad as I thought. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're the man...
  • Jup, this is about win 10 / win 10 mobile which both are not dead.
  • Actually your initial post was not bad. The way you defend yourself however shows the true DJCBS?
  • So now you went from posting worthless replies to posting post evaluations?
  • You tell people to grow up, yet come here with the most childish responses.
  • That coming from a whinning developer-wanna-be that keeps moaning people don't care for the only platform where he would ever stand a chance is rich.
  • Other than a poor attempt to insult me, I have no clue what you're trying to say. Maybe try some punctuation or something and I can try to understand.
  • Damn, I'd hate to be the the person who told you the truth about the Tooth Fairy. You're deep in that rabbit hole son.
  • That's until Andromeda finds its way to the market i guess.