Instagram Beta for Windows Phone finally gets an update after more than a year

The official Instagram Beta app has picked up an update for Windows Phone. Yes, you read that correctly, and no this isn't a delayed April Fool's joke. After some time in the dark, the app has finally seen some developer love with a new release for consumers rocking Microsoft's mobile OS to enjoy.

There's only one issue. You guessed it - there's no changelog. It's not as though they had little time to prepare one through the mass number of months. Alas, we're simply glad it's still being updated. We'll assume version implements a number of fixes to address problems users have reported.

So, give the update a download from the store and let us know if you notice anything new that we happened to miss.

Download Instagram for Windows Phone

QR: Instagram Beta

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Appreciated
  • it only fixed the loading issues that were reported a few days back.
    nothing else changed.
    it's like they want the Windows Phone experience of Instagram to suck, while not being completely unusable.
    they do have developers. but are too lazy/hate WP too much to roll out a significant update.
  • actually, the not refreshing and not loading issue is still there. only the version number has been updated here. talk about progress
  • The refreshing problem is solved...Try switching your phone off and it will work well
  • Hopefully this is a sign of many updates to come... That's all we can do is hope....
    Also, it's been a very long time since the Facebook/FB Beta apps have been updated.... I'm just wondering if they have something new planned for W10...
  • Just like the developers from Snapsh*t. They're just trying to do what they can to make WP fail, but thank to Zeus, Odin and other badass gods, we've got Rudy Huyn to rescue our phones from the shaddows. :D
  • The demographic that uses Snapchat isn't really the demographic that would gravitate to WP. We're talking about stupid teen girls and retarded 20 somethings. 
  • My wife is neither. Her long time friends use snapchat to send pics during the day about family, work, and life moments. They could use group text, but then the often-times throwaway photos would take up storage on the phones. She's had a WP sine 7, but is talking about replacing her 830 with an iPhone just to be able to participate. 
  • well if WP has to be successful, it must get everyone on board. :)
  • This is more like a "here you go peasants" kind of update. FU instagram... And snapchat. Heh.
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  • Signed!
  • You saw how Snapchat turned out with that thing right? I'll sign it, but they don't care. They will "change" when we bring change, (more like dollars) into their pockets.
  • Signed..whatever helps...
  • thanks God we have Rudy
  • That's kinda rude to his mother ;-)
  • 6tag.
  • But don't you know that 3rd party alternatives are only cool to use on Android or iOS? You have to have the choice of dissing the official version before you are allowed to diss the official version. My friends are always like "why do you use the official Twitter, you should use Plume or whatever other app they deem is best. But on Windows phone I make a similar argument for Rudy's apps and they laugh. Not just my friends, that's just the general sentiment. "There are no apps to be had..." Etc.
  • Lol. Thank God to 6tag
  • Jesus Christ, I best prepare for a freaking tornado. 
  • With that comment, yeah ya better...
  • This^
  • I will host a pizza party today at my place !!
  • Am I invited? :D
  • Everyone is !
  • Give me the address :D OMW :D
  • Full pizza or a beta pizza?
  • Lol probably a beta pizza.
  • Is there any new update on beta pizza??
  • Pepperoni 2.0
  • The update on the beta pizza will be here in the coming weeks ™
  • The more pizza, the beta.
  • ^Someone saw the chance and took it lol
  • I hope u haven't a pizza BETA party... Lol
  • Only bug fixes
  • At least they have updated the app than keeping it dead
  • Here and now, its still on beta.
  • They don't want to change that because they would be expected to actually update it if they did.
  • Typical WP app developers...every developer who doesn't want to update his app names it BETA , then you can't argue with him as he will say: "I'm sorry its still in beta " how rude...
  • Great i guess... Nothing revolutionary, good luck for the next year
  • Hahaha
  • Lol
  • Lol.
  • So long and thanks for the fish...
  • Bug fixes only. Still doesn't support.......ANYTHING!! (non-square, video etc)
  • Let's see if Instagram will die after this update. Or isn't that what they were afraid of? Hbu
  • Found the Nigerian
  • Might be only bug fixes and nothing more revealing.
  • They might make a move on windows phone now
  • They possibly could.... Maybe W10 influenced this, and some developers are smart enough to see that they can help build W10 so they can get more users themselves.... SMDH.. It's a no brianer.
  • Who cares?
  • Millions care...
  • There's always that one person that has to take the time to make this comment even though they 'don't care'
  • I'll stick with 6tag and a guy who cares
  • One guy at instagram working during his spare time. No effort to build any customer loyalty.
  • I feel a Windows 10 version is on its way. Instagram blog prominently mentions Windows in the header.
  • Just a bug fix and no new features :\ Clearly shows that they know this app is being used and hence fixed a bug. But yet they are ignorant to get it on par with other OS's. Can't even write a changelog, Duh !
  • Maybe in 2017, if we have luck
  • I've been sayin this exact thing..
  • Why would they update this app when WP10 is right around the corner?
  • Finally... Its confirmed that Instagram developer for Windowsphone is alive
  • And still taking a piss at windows phone users
  • He forgot his login credentials
    And now he is back!!
  • :'D
  • lmao i doubt we will ever see a version 1.0 of this app
  • Just wat until we hit 3% marketshare! Thats when it happens! I'll show myself out...
  • Haha! Publishing an update after over a year because app had become unusable just goes on to show that instagram developers ignore WP on purpose. Well, I'm just glad they didn't remove the app from WP store.
  • The app is still shit
  • I​nstagram beta for windows phone finally updated. In related news the world is coming to an end tomorrow.
  • Still in beta??? Arrghhhh
  • Seems faster! :D
  • Sort of like being comatose for a year, open the eyes. Blinked. And proceed to doze off again...
  • Still & always Beta...
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... Just like that, Elvis has left the building.
  • Well I be damd!? pigs are flying!
  • Good, but I see no reason to use this app when we have 6tag available.
    Instagram on WP is 6tag. Official app is just not worth our time.
  • Yes. That's the point why would anyone install this app when 6tag is available
  • It gives you timely push notifications
  • And nothing else!
  • Push yes, but that's about it.
    Personally I don't mind the every-half-hour notifications from 6tag.
  • I get nothing! Not even in app notifications!
    That's why I need ig beta!
    Is there a reason why Rudy can't give notifications for his app?
  • Yes, push notifications work like this:
    You register the app to Microsoft's servers and open a 'notification channel', this provides you with an URL.
    You store this URL on your service's server and, when something happens that requires sending a notification, you send one by posting a specific message against the provided URL. Since nobody but instagram has access a way to immediately identify the 'something happened' situation, nobody else but them can send the notification.
    That's roughly it. At least it was so for WP7.x/8.0 notifications.
  • That's why I have both apps installed. I only use 6tag to post/view/comment, but IG Beta provides my notifications.
  • I don't even get half hour notifications.. Plus I have to manually type in a username in comments, captions etc. because it doesn't come up... Have you seen the state of some peoples @s?? Annoying! Lol
  • As I suspected, bug fixes and possibly improvements
  • Why would anyone install this app after 6tag?
  • 6tag vs Instagram:
  • No video posting and still has the "can't refresh feed" problems.....what a Joke!
  • OMG!! Instagram team have woke up and update wp app.Amazin..
  • That problem has been solved for now
  • Appreciate the attempt at bug fixing, but it would have been nice, if they dusted off the app for this one occassion, to see a little bit of work done on it. I wouldn't expect a major overhaul or anything (though it's sorely needed), but some support for picture ratios, video, locations under search, and DM's (seriously, how can an instagram app not have that?) would not go amiss.   EDIT: And the issue I was having, where it wouldn't load search results, is also still broken. Did they even do anything to this app?  
  • Oh, so it doesn't fix anything or incorporate new ratios?
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  • I think they are holding out on a major update to the app for when W10 Mobile is released. That's just my take. Otherwise, I feel they just wouldn't have released this update at all, because they are bound to know how popular 6tag is.
  • Only one mistake in the article!
    Download Instagram BETA for Windows Phone xDDDD
  • Funny thing is when I forced the Store to look for updates... 6tag picked an update too. 
  • Why oh why this sorry excuse of a app? Just end the whole thing already. Zero effort from the developers. Zero. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still, it covers the place for the official app in the store for those new, non discerning users who come from other platforms (or are clueless). But I wonder if it isn't worse to have them use this app which has less features than the correponding app for Android and iOS. In any case, to anyone who's interested in Instagram, they should get 6tag. A 3rd party and much better client, despite not being official.
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  • This clearly was only done to fix the client they broke themselves with the latest changes that allow to post non square photos.
  • Nothing new has been added,Only bug fixes,I think more updates will come with time....
    Keep signing the petition.
  • That petition is not going to accomplish anything. And spamming that link multiple times in every Instagram or 6tag article is stupid.
  • 6tag update
  • Perhaps they are waiting for Windows 10 Mobile public release... Then they can easily port iOS version without putting much effort...
  • I heard the refresh issue still haven't been fixed. The team at Instagram are just racist. I mean how can an app be in beta for more than a year whiles other platforms receive updates constantly. Well as I said the are damn f**king racist. Racism ain't about color alone u know. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fuck those guys.
  • Yes!! Now another one year and half hiatus...
  • Too late! I ported to 6tag and i'm loving it.
  • Holy update fartman!
  • Windows Phone is in a rock and a hard place. It has about a 3% market share. Honestly if I was Instagram I wouldn't be devoting any resources to Windows Phone either. The return on investment it's just not there. This is the crux of the Windows Phone without any decent apps it won't grow but until Windows Phone gets market share no one's going to waste the resources to make apps for it. I believe Microsoft screwed up when they did not have one or 2 decent flagship phones for dam near 2 years. Would that have solved the problem No but it would help to create buzz if they had a decent flagship phone. Also being fragmented on their so called flagship phones on different carriers did not help. They're trying to fix it but I believe their a day late and a dollar short. I guess only time will tell. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Several of these companies should be developing Windows Universal apps for Windows10. MS made it very easy to convert iOS apps to Universal or Android apps to Win10 Mobile. The minute I can install 6tag on my WinBook TW801 Windows 10 tablet I will and I'll install it on my regular PC as well. That same app could also run on the Xbox. At this point many of these companies are just being foolish or worse assholes ie snap chat.
  • Maybe Kim Kardashian will buy a Windows phone now.
  • lol... If Microsoft made a deal with Kim, then we would immediately see updates for this app.
  • That's why Apple succeeded to bring hordes of teens/20s guys: Having celebrities owning iPhones. And here where MS marketing failed: Not having celebrities owning MS devices. If Kim, West, 1D and Bieber showed only one time their MS devices, you'd have millions of phone sales within a couple months. That's the reality.
  • Thank god they still remember that they've made an app for windows phone. :P
  • It's a sign that they started to appreciate Windows 10, I hope.
  • I'll stick with 6tag....
    And i think they are preparing for a w10 app...and if not ... Still who cares.... As long as there is 6tag in the store and is not pulled out by instagram... We have nothing to complain about....
  • Now we just need kik to update theirs and we're good lol xD Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Zombie app walking....
  • Chất lượng ứng dụng quá kém . Hiển thị hình ảnh trông rất nhiễu và mờ . Không biết bao giờ mới tối ưu cho Lumia 640 ? -_-
  • Perhaps they know we exist, and support our os... Hopefully we ll get a full version with wp10mobile.
  • I'm not using it anyway, just sticking to the 3rd party ones that show users more love
  • update for Instagram.... Miracle happens..!!!
  • oooo wow so the sky is not falling
  • I ditch that app. Using 6tag .
  • Nice to have an update for the app but how about updating it past Beta.  Still no Video or Direct support.
  • This is probably an update in name only. A couple of critical bug fixes most likely.
  • Lol waste of time they can take their app and shove it up their asses lol
  • sooo if people complain they update??? 
  • But no thanks, I'll use 6tag
  • So facebook cared.... nope.. There just doing bare min..
  • Just use 6tag. They don't care about windows phone. Pure and simple.
  • I don't know but I think the update has been made just for the upcoming advertising campaign on IG since I read today on the Italian IG official page that they are going to add advertisings
  • Just bug fix!!
    That's insane!
  • Have you guys ever thought that they aren't updating it BECAUSE of 6tag? Now there's a thought..
  • They probably don't care because of 6tag. At this point they should endorse 6tag and throw some money at Rudy like dropbox did.
  • 6tag to Instagram: Beta, tum se naa ho paayega! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As a Windows Phone user, sometimes I'm glad I don't have an Instagram account.
  • Too little, too late. 6Tag for the win, you lazy slackers.
  • I left it and enjoying 6tag
  • The update installed on Aug 27 for me on my Htc one M8 for windows and since then I get cannot refresh feeds issue I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice may be an M8 issue haven't received any new update since
  • Whatever they do at this point, it's too little too late. I've switched to 6tag a long time ago, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  • More than a year without updates... Still in beta.
    Jesus Christ...
  • Lol Instagram is just pissing on us and calling it rain. Time to dump WP for iOS here in a week!
  • Or you could just use 6tag like the rest of us.
  • Getting kinda mad at the Facebook company for providing bad apps to Windows Phone users.
  • Can't wait for the new update next year!! :D
  • Yeah next update will be released in 2222.
  • It appears to be too little and way too late...  
  • They only fixed the loading problem unfortunately. You still can't connect to Twitter (amongst other things but this was a pretty obvious bug)... pathetic.
  • Going to assume it's just a bug fix to keep it from crashing after the new non-square picture support.
  • Who CARES!!!!    6tag has been better than this since day one! I cant find one reason to use this other than it being "official"
  • Omg omg omg. What is happening??"
  • And the bug is back, I can't refresh ;(
  • Its still not working for me. It keeps saying cant refresh. 
  • Bugs is back and 6tag get too. Maybe stupid instagram change the API again. Stupid start up
  • it appears that the problem lies within Instagram as a is unavailable,, 6tag, the beta "app", I cant anything to work anywhere.
  • I am already happy with instance paid version and allows me to upload full size picture.
  • Get 6tag instead. It's developed by Rudy Huyn, who I think is the best WP developer around.
  • You know what, thanks God for Rudy & 6tag.
  • HOLY SHIT! AN INSTAGRAM UPDATE ON WINDOWS! ........i never thought i would live to see the day
  • I have installed windows build 10512 on lumia 535 but unable to run any photo editing app it always crash ....what the hell is going on ... instagram,photoshop etc not running on lumia 535 build 10512 please suggest me how to resolve this i m in big trouble...  
  • Yeaaaah WP you're on FIRE!
  • Why is no-one discussing the main negative about Instagram Beta.......the totally crap image resolution/quality.  6tag kicks IG ass, everytime.
  • lots of bugs in 10512,unable to run any photo editing app ................ what the hell is going on.............  
  • I think microsoft have no words for this bugss.  
  • I've stopped using the Beta app many months ago. 6tag is the true app that fills all your needs. 1. It supports image upload in better quality. 2. Supports direct messages 3. Better interface 4. Change photo descriptions or location later 5. more number of filters 6. Tag any user in the world. Also it supports the dots ('.') in between the characters of the user name. While coming to the instagram beta app we may feel like we've gone to the dark ages. developers should be (or the responsible management team?) totally blamed.
  • O god Its already been a year, that an update to this app was made and its still in beta phase and it still has a lot of problems regarding the crashes. Going for a 3rd party software is a facepalm for the official one. Let the beta phase that is so far made not be tenuous and work on it??