Instagram for Windows Phone updated with minor bug fix

It’s been nearly two weeks since Instagram updated their beta for Windows Phone. Today, version 0.3.2 went live in the Store and a brief comparison to a control device with the previous 0.3.1 did not reveal any new features.

However, we did notice that our profile picture and follower counts are now more accurate. Indeed, when we look at version 0.3.1, we see our profile info essentially frozen. But on today’s update, our profile view has our updated photo from a few days ago and the counts are more accurate. Of course, we're also willing to chalk that update to something just on our phones, so your experience may differ. Betas are fun like that.

Other than that, there could be the usual performance improvements and other bug fixes, though we’re remiss to do any benchmarks to prove it so.

We’re still hoping for a 0.4 update soon with some new features to bring the official app up to parity with other platforms. But for now, you can pick up 0.3.2 of Instagram beta for Windows Phone here in the Store.

Find something we missed? Let us know in comments!

Thanks, Kjell-Einar W., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Lol this app...smh.
    Well at least they are being somewhat frequent with updates.
  • How in the hell can Rudy and Daniel move faster than a whole company?
  • Because their priorities unfortunately is still iOS and Android
  • Daniel doesn't make this app.. Jay does.
  • Instagram has been good this far. She is maturing nicely. I just hope that WP users give her the same love back. Thanks Instagram.
  • First it was the app, now it's parity. We are in constant fight and struggle. But we will succeed in the end.
  • Yeah, right when everyone no longer uses it!
  • weak.. 6TAG FTMFW!!!!... 
  • I prefer using official apps. Those aren't going to be pulled due to cease-and-desist orders. Paying for 3rd party knockoffs, only for them to be discontinued isn't good.
  • 6tag isn't going anywhere and is WAY better than the official app.
  • I'm not jumping on the bandwagon and using any of those "6" appd just because they're available.
  • Well, that's not really the reason. 6tag does have more features than the official app, on any platform. That's just a fact. Whether or not it's reason to use them is a personal decision, but I wouldn't say people are 'on the bandwagon' when using 6tag. 
  • I already made the mistake of buying Twitter app Carbon and getting burned. I stick with official apps for big name stuff. I also paid for Board Express Pro, only for Tapatalk to release free and better official app.
  • You are aware that 6tag is free? There's only IAP to remove ads (optional) or upload videos (also optional). Since the official app doesn't do videos yet, I think it's alright to 'invest' $1.49. But to each their own. I think paying for exclusive features that you want now is the hallmark of the free market, so I can't begrudge the notion of 6tag.
  • Yep...I have both, b/c Rudy's has video support!  (And gladly paid him too.)
  • Basic features like using the windows phone keyboard and dictionary to make editing words and hashtags easier are a must. 6tag has this the extra features that Daniel mentioned.
  • true.
  • I am like you Laura. I like official apps. For many reasons you all ready named a few.
    Why is the majority of Windows Phone users so hostile towards official apps?
    The majority of the responses on these comments are negative. Thus, who in the world would want to develop for Windows Phone. I like Instagram and I really appreciate that they have consider Windows Phone.
  • I like offigial IG filters, these are more authentic on official client that on 6tag. so I'm constantly switching between these two... and its gonna stay that way until I see those advertised "cinematic" video filters for official IG, or shall Rudy be ahead of the company here too?!   its a bit embarrassing...  
  • She's got a point. Instagram at any moment can decide to pull the plug on all 3rd party apps that access their service.
  • Okay, but it's not like we're married to the app, lol. If they pull it you just download Instagram beta.
  • True true, just saying that 6tag might not be around forever. I use it for the location features and direct but that's about it.
  • Na but you act like your married to that Rudy dude..
  • Its a $1.49...aka less than a pop at the gas station...I can weather the financial storm if its pulled.
  • I'm good with the knockoff lol. Worse comes to worse, I have this crap official app if they pull the plug on 6tag
  • If u didn't know... Instagram gave Rudy the thumbs up to make his 6tag app... There wont be a cease-and-desist order any time soon...
  • Rudy needs to not let app interfere w/ my music throughout the app unless I choose, like vine does, duh.
  • When you are listening to music, and you open 6tag, you can turn off auto-play cant have any sound played unless you manually press play on a video...unless you mean something else?
  • "6tag is better"
    now get a life.
  • this app is a joke. tiny fixes each month just like the Facebook beta app.
  • How long will this be in BETA? Good grief
  • Goodness gracious
  • Long enough for you to get next iPhone... ;)  
  • Where's the WHATSAPP update?
  • +920
  • Well.. Its good to see that they are still sending out updates. I think it'll get the must-need features sooner or later. But until then I'll just stick to 6tag.
  • 6tag way better
  • Sooo, its seams like we only will get the "full" Instagram experience in the WP8.1, just like FB with all the fixes needed, Whatsapp with so many new features, Flippboard and Skype fully functional....
    MS likes to wait for big announcements for that. And I think that they are telling devs to hold on a little more to release news things like that.
  • I think you're right wrt timing of announcements.
  • Still doesnt fix the issue of  being unable to share on Twitter. Everytime I try to add my twitter account if comes up with a "OAuth Error" No such issue on the offical Android and iOS app
  • ahh there you go guys saved you the trouble!
  • I want so bad to by WP but when I see people always complaining about apps makes me think again.. But will wait for WP 8.1 release with the new phones (Hope updated 1020) and will decide after that :-)
  • yeah you should wait for 8.1
  • Feels faster! Oh wait, is the rule that only Facebook can get faster?
  • And the golden penis goes to the slowest company in the world....Instagram!
  • Can turn sound off in latest update.
  • it was draining battery and making the phone hot but after this update I think it somewhat alleviated that problem.
  • Good to see update for the officiall app bit where is telegram??
  • "Minor bug fix" my ass! It's 14MB, that is not minor.
  • 6tag is okay to me but i like instagram better
  • Dearest WPCentral, Flappy Bird (Clone) by IG Mobile was updated to version It doesn't say any change log, but I can feel better tap improvement. Check it out, maybe post an update.
  • lol
  • :p
  • 6tag, no Instagram. 
  • 6tag is good but IG official filters are more authentic...  
  • Hello, is it possible that this beta update block posting to Facebook? Or is problem somewhere else? I havent problem with this yet. 
  • Video autoplay is one thing different from the previous minor update... I haven't found anything else different...  
  • More updatesssss