It’s been nearly two weeks since Instagram updated their beta for Windows Phone. Today, version 0.3.2 went live in the Store and a brief comparison to a control device with the previous 0.3.1 did not reveal any new features.

However, we did notice that our profile picture and follower counts are now more accurate. Indeed, when we look at version 0.3.1, we see our profile info essentially frozen. But on today’s update, our profile view has our updated photo from a few days ago and the counts are more accurate. Of course, we're also willing to chalk that update to something just on our phones, so your experience may differ. Betas are fun like that.

Other than that, there could be the usual performance improvements and other bug fixes, though we’re remiss to do any benchmarks to prove it so.

We’re still hoping for a 0.4 update soon with some new features to bring the official app up to parity with other platforms. But for now, you can pick up 0.3.2 of Instagram beta for Windows Phone here in the Store.

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Thanks, Kjell-Einar W., for the tip!