Instagraph and Metrogram are becoming one. Here’s a tease.

Instagram is here for Windows Phone, unofficially at least now that Itsdagram is in the Store. But if there’s one thing we like, it's competition. And soon we’ll see another app in the Store that will allow you to upload, view, comment and more to Instagram. We’ve already told you that Instagraph and Metrogram have plans to join forces. Here’s your first sneak peak.

The developers have shared some screenshots and information about what’s coming next with the project. These are the next updates for Instagraph + Metrogram for the devs.

  • Integrating Metrogram into the app (see screenshots above)
  • Instagram account creation
  • Other goodies

The team highlights that their approach to uploading to Instagram doesn’t use any private APIs and will still find a way to provide 100% Instagram functionality in their app. They plan on doing this through a mix of public APIs and server-side push magic.

Are you excited for this combination, guys? Or has Itsdagram sated your thirst for Instragram clients?

  • I feel as though I don't need anything other than itsdagram any more. Ita that good!
  • It really is, one of the finest apps on the platform.
  • Exactly. They kinda beat metrogram+instagraph to the punch.
  • It's a good alternative just in case Instagram flags Itsdagram down. Good job guys!
  • I don't agree, it's real buggy for me, keeps closing on me but like a lot, I have a Nokia 820 on AT&T...anybody else having problems with it? And there's no setting to make your account private...that I think is important and so anybody can just start following people that great an account thru itsdagram...idk I hope this one is better!
  • Nope. I did have it close on me while tapping a filter once. Other than that, its been good. It hasn't closed on me since.
  • Competition... What would our instagram-hungry folks be without you! It's great to see developers becoming creative in the name of delivering the better alternative than the other.
  • I love it choices and variety this is beautiful.
  • I brought the app but Itsdagram could do with a few more filters
  • this just makes me wonder when MS is going to get a cease and desist letter from burbn inc.
  • So $1.49 + free means it'll cost .75.
  • 1.49 + 0 = 0.75? yes, that sounds about right. :-P
  • Its an average of the two
  • Lol
  • I like itsdagrams filters better. Also I find the app faster than metrogram and instagraph
  • Can we just get the free official Instagram already?
  • It came out today. Code name itsdagram.
  • Excellent reply. I'm also going to start telling people that the official app is codenamed on wp. Maybe that will stop them from whining.
  • Not free, not official, not good enough.
  • Fuckin whiner, get an iPhone then and piss off
  • Why would I want an iPhone? And wanting an official app makes me a whiner? Dude, I'm on Windows 7.8! I'll never get it anyway! But guess what, official apps are a lot less likely to break than third party ones, and they're free. So no, I'm not going to "piss off" thanks.
  • You're welcome?
  • You should, if ur just after FREE apps, go join Android or Iphone
  • Great RESPONSE
  • Not good enough? *rolleyes*
  • +1
  • Not free maybe, but having used the iOS and Android version, I can say it is better than the official Instagram app. Filters are awful, but I always edit with a separate image app anyway.
  • Nice!!!!
  • This will be good if isdagram goes down tho
  • I thought about this short cut idea looong time ago but developers didn't till now lolol
  • What shortcut idea? Melding two applications into one is not really a shortcut. Making one app with all the features right away is a shortcut.
  • As long as competition helps the user I'm all for it!
  • I like choice and will definitely use both
  • I bought both of them already lol
  • ^This
  • Same. But good to support both developers.
  • I already made my choice. Deleted Metrogram & Instagraph as soon as Isdagram was made available.
  • Lol same
  • +1
  • I used itsdagram to upload my first picture ever on instagram and it is awesome. I tried it and then bought it immediately albeit I think that once instagram is out, they will ask for this app to be taken down.
    I follow Windows Phone, Nokia and Nokia US on twitter. Almost always when a high profile app is out, official or unofficial, they tweet about it to spread the message. I am watching if they tweet about itsdagram. If not, it may be because the official instagram client may be coming out soon.
  • I feel obligated to support Metrogram and Instagraph cuz they were first to the punch, but Itsdagram is more than meeting my expectations right now.
  • +1
  • Thats true. They risk at first and tray the new way. But the problem was than they explain how it works and now 3 apps appears copying the method.
  • Yay .....jk I don't use insta anything lol
  • Same, but still nice to have (finally, although still not the "official" app) for those who do use it.
  • Any guesses for the name of this lovechild? I'm going to pitch graphgram
  • Haha!
  • Thought of that as well, but I like Metrograph better.
  • Diversity is good! It's thanks to our awesome devs that we are able to access our favourite services in unique but effective ways, e.g. look at the SuperTube, MetroTube and myTube apps (I bought all 3!). More and more it is as though Windows Phone has the most culture and awesomeness in its community of developers, users and pros!
  • And glad to have MetroTube on Windows 8 / rt :D
  • Unfortunatly I'll stick with Instagraph around for a while... Itsdagram is great, but it Just wont upload anything: it keeps crashing everytime I try to crop a Picture. Very frustrated...
  • That's funny I've upladed a bunch of stuff and I have't experiency any crashes.
    Try reinstalling app or even restart your phone.
    BTW add me:wetworker on instagram.
  • Ive already done both things, and it keep crashing =/ And Itsdagram looks pretty great, Im really looking foward to start using it.
  • I don't know what to tell you then. i'm having the same issues with MetroTube on my Surface. it hangs when I log into my YT account. plays fine when i'm not signed in. Ghost In The Shell :(
  • Wait for an update, what else? =/
  • Might be a regional thing that can soon be fixed (as it looks like just a few people are having this issue).
  • I'm Gucci with itsdagram don't need anything else.
  • Sorry, but Itsdagram blow this out of the water.
  • +1
  • Although I bought itsdagram to support the developer, I prefer these two app UI. I don't want a iOs or androids clone. Itsdagram is a great looking app, it works, hasn't crashed on me but I want that full fledged metro look. No trace of Android,iOs.
  • I can't imagine anything more metro than Itsdagram. It doesn't come close to resembling neither the iOS nor the Android versions.
  • It sure looks Metro to me. I use the iOS and Android apps extensively and it looks like neither!
  • Will this be free? 
  • Not sure yet, but it shouldn't. The devs should receive compensation for their hard work. 
  • +1
  • With the powers combine, i give you... Metrograph.
  • Oh yeah baby!
  • We don't have an official instagram app, but WP is the first Os with two full instagram clients xD
  • Welcome to Windows Phone, the world of first's that even Facebook had to follow suite (Facebook phone being about the people sounded too familiar).
  • Itsdagram is all Windows Phone need I think.
  • until instagram shuts it down,remember instagraph is still the only legal way to upload to instagram from wp.
  • Just tried itsdagram & here's my take: 1.checking timeline, much faster & not as buggy as metrogram. But unable to view photo comments like metrogram. 2.uploading photo, taking way too long & it's still uploading after 15 mins. Don't have experience in uploading with instagraph yet.
  • You can view comments on Itsdagram. Tap on picture to bring you to comments.
  • Hmmm still not working. R u using lumia? Im using samsung ativ s btw.
  • It's funny that there are now more possibilities to uploade to instagram than on any other platform.
  • Great app, but I dont see any filters. There is only "pure". :S
  • If I think well the instagraph will link the metrogram, but we have to install both? Or It is going to be only one app... I don't understand this.
  • call me weird (really, don't) but I'm dying to try Instagraph + Metrogram... After trying both instagraph and itsdagram, I keep coming back to instagraph, despite the lag in uploading pictures.  Why, must you ask? just because I can create borders in the app zooming out, instead of transferring it to my android tablet, using instasize and sending it back to my phone. 
    Right now I'm using instagraph to post, and itsdagram to comment on pictures... pretty sweet =)
  • How is combining 2 apps to 1 competition. Its the opposite.