Instagraph and Metrogram are becoming one. Here’s a tease.

Instagram is here for Windows Phone, unofficially at least now that Itsdagram is in the Store. But if there’s one thing we like, it's competition. And soon we’ll see another app in the Store that will allow you to upload, view, comment and more to Instagram. We’ve already told you that Instagraph and Metrogram have plans to join forces. Here’s your first sneak peak.

The developers have shared some screenshots and information about what’s coming next with the project. These are the next updates for Instagraph + Metrogram for the devs.

  • Integrating Metrogram into the app (see screenshots above)
  • Instagram account creation
  • Other goodies

The team highlights that their approach to uploading to Instagram doesn’t use any private APIs and will still find a way to provide 100% Instagram functionality in their app. They plan on doing this through a mix of public APIs and server-side push magic.

Are you excited for this combination, guys? Or has Itsdagram sated your thirst for Instragram clients?

Sam Sabri