Windows 10

If you decide to download and install the 9901 preview build of Windows 10 that leaked over the weekend, you won't be able to get any automatic updates to the next official release of the OS preview from Microsoft. That's the word from Windows team member Gabriel Aul in a series of Twitter posts Sunday evening.

Aul, who is also a member of the newly launched Windows Central Microsoft verified-employees program in our forums, told a Windows 10 user, "If you install 9901, the next build will not come to you automatically. You'll have to install it via ISO."

You might think that the 9901 build getting leaked would make the Windows team upset, but that's apparently not the case. according to Aul. He told another Windows user on Twitter, "How could we be upset about lots of people wanting to try our new stuff? We'd prefer you stick to official builds though."

The leaked 9901 build does contain a working version of Cortana in Windows 10 for the first time, along with some other new features. Microsoft plans to launch their next official build of the Windows 10 preview sometime in early 2015.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)