Windows Central welcomes these verified Microsoft employees to our Support Forums!

Help make Windows 10 even better by working with these Microsoft engineers and developers!

Besides announcing our forthcoming 12 Days of Hidden Gems sweepstakes next week, Windows Central is also proud to announce our Microsoft verified-employees program for our help forums!

Now, when you use our forums, there will be a small crew of Microsoft engineers to help answer your questions, especially about Windows 10. So how will you know they are legitimate? You can see a Microsoft badge with a verified check mark as seen below, to let you know you are dealing with an authentic Microsoft employee.

We should be clear that the staff who are assisting in our forums are engineers working on Windows 10 (and their apps), and not customer support specialists. As such, for existing in-market product support issues you can head to and use those forums for your particular case.

What is Microsoft's Role in the Windows Central Forums?

Instead of lending direct assistance and problem-solving, these Microsoft engineers and developers are here to help answer your questions and get feedback to help make Windows 10 even better.

However, we ask you to not barrage the representatives from Microsoft about unannounced products or roadmaps as they cannot answer those inquiries. Instead, focus on Windows 10, what you would like to see, what needs fixing and what ideas you have for Microsoft to make their products something that you want.

So, who is here? Glad you asked.

List of Microsoft verified employees (Forum handle/Real Name)

  • Giffdev- Devin Sinha (Giffdev on twitter/reddit/xbox live, etc)
  • GabeAul - Gabriel Aul (GabeAul on twitter)
  • saulricardo - Saul Ricardo Gomez
  • johnwinkmsft - John Wink
  • Ellen Kilbourne - Ellen Kilbourne (ellenment on Twitter)
  • RazaNaqvi – Raza Naqvi
  • Jennifer Gentleman – JenMSFT
  • Kriti Pandit – KritiMSFT

Some of those names, like Gabriel Aul, should be familiar, as they have been at the forefront of the Windows Insider program for Windows 10. Others may be less known but all of their roles are super important, and they want to know what's on your mind.

Without further ado, welcome Microsoft official to our forums and let's make the most of this partnership!


Daniel Rubino

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