InstaSquarer 2.0 helps you make beautiful photos for Instagram

InstaSquarer is a flexible, powerful app for taking and posting pictures to Instagram. You can either post photos from your albums or take pictures directly in the app itself. You can easily drag and scale images, and InstaSquarer can export images with a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200. You can share these photos directly to Instagram, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and other photo sharing apps.

The app is powered by the Nokia Imaging SDK, and has a large library of effects and filters. You can select and combine the 21 filters, layering them on top of one another for different effects. Adjust everything from the brightness to the saturation, and add effect styles such as night vision, sepia tone, and paint. The app just updated to version 2.0, bringing it into feature parity with the iOS version by adding new filters, effects, and more.

You can download InstaSquarer here for free on the Windows Phone Store.

QR: instasquarer

Joseph Keller
  • we  already have 6tag!
  • nothing wrong with variety. that style of thinking only negatively affects the growing windows ecosystem, I think.
  • Well said
  • +1
  • +1
  • Wise words my friend.
  • That so true
  • That 10mb app now has become 36mb
  • Dogfight game for windows 8, got updated, crashed on start. Got another update, went from 35 mb to 100 mb, on opening, again crashed. Can it be worse ?
  • Mili bits (mb). What is it?
  • Mb = Mega Bytes?
  • Mb=megabit, MB=megabyte
  • Correct :)
  • I know all that Mb &MB but it is common sense I am talking about an app which can be in MB hence I didn't type it in capital letter. After all I am not writing in an exam to write in proper grammar
  • Common sense includes literacy too.
  • Nah you are being dicks. I have a bachelors in computer Science, and ill often write "mb" because everyone knows what I mean. But I'm not gonna argue with you about it on here; just sayin stop being a twat.
  • The only time i see Mb referring to mega bits is in my internet provider's speed listing. Fooling people so that the commoner never knows what speed to exactly expect. Laymen don't divide speeds by 8 very often.
  • That's why I wrote mb instead of Mb so to identify properly. What is use of literacy if you don't have common sense
  • Common sense is an oxymoron.  And life, in general, is an exam.
  • Can I get you Start Screen Wallpaper please? :D
  • Whoever manages to get that wallpaper from the WPC staff deserves a medal.
  • I have found nearly or the same, can't be sure as his wallpaper is not much clear from using the 'abstract' category of the app WALLPAPERS HD.
  • Great app, better than squarify
  • Amazing app, with features that no other photo app has!!!
  • I love this app. Been using it for awhile to make squared profile pictures for WhatsApp
  • I have the app sitting in my phone but a rarely use it .
  • How do I post to instagram directly? No option to sign into my account.
  • The app is ok not sure why it has such good ratings.
  • Is it just me or can you not crop an image to a square with this app? Ironic?
  • When will instagram beta will review any update