Intel 10th-Gen 'Comet Lake' desktop CPUs available via Chinese site ahead of official debut

Intel 10th Gen CPU
Intel 10th Gen CPU (Image credit: Intel)

What you need to know

  • A Chinese retailer listed several 10th Gen Intel Comet Lake desktop CPUs for sale.
  • The chips are reportedly Qualification Samples intended for manufacturers to design devices.
  • The listing could indicate that Intel's Comet Lake processors are close to release.

Chinese retailer Taobao listed several 10th Gen Intel Comet Lake desktop CPUs for sale on its website. Intel's latest chips aren't available through Intel, but the listing from Taobao included a large number of the 14nm chips. Tom's Guide gathered together several reports of the listing and added insight to what the listing could mean. The listing might be removed now since the link to the listing leads to an error message now.

According to the sales listing, the chips are Qualification Samples. These are generally sent to manufacturers so companies can design their own devices. Tom's Guide points out that it's normal for small numbers of these types of cards to go up for sale, but the large number Tabao listed is unusually high.

Specifically, the Taobao listing included five Come Lake Desktop processors, including the Core i5-10400, the Core i5-10500, and the Core i5-10600K. These three processors are rumored to be six-core, 12-thread chips. The Core i5-10400 and Core i5-10500 are 65W chips, while the i5-10600K is a 95W chip.

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The listing also included the Intel Core i9-10900 and Intel Core i9-10900K, each of which feature 10 cores and 20 threads. Leaks reported by Tom's Guide indicate that the Core i9-10900K can reach boost clock speeds of 5.1GHz and the Core i9-10900 can reach boost clock speeds of 3.7GHz.

Intel's line of Comet Lake processors is rumored to come out in April of this year. The listing that popped up could indicate that the chips are close to release, though that's only speculation.

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