Intel launches 8 new 10th Gen Core CPUs, claims 'double-digit performance gains'

Intel 10th Gen CPU
Intel 10th Gen CPU (Image credit: Intel)

What you need to know

  • Intel expanded its 10th Gen Core CPU lineup with eight new "Comet Lake" chips today.
  • These CPUs are based on a 14nm process with a focus on performance and productivity.
  • Expect to see these chips shipping in laptops and 2-in-1s later this year, alongside the 10nm "Ice Lake" CPUs announced earlier in August.

Intel today launched eight new additions to its 10th Gen Core CPU lineup. These new processors are codenamed "Comet Lake" and are based on a 14nm process, rather than the 10nm process used for the first batch of 10th Gen chips launched earlier this month.

The eight new chips are once again built for laptops and 2-in-1s, but Intel is emphasizing their focus on productivity and performance. In fact, the company claims up to "double-digit performance gains" when compared to its previous generation of processors. We'll have to wait for independent benchmarks to test that claim, but it's promising if it bears out.

"Our 10th Gen Intel Core mobile processors provide customers with the industry-leading range of products that deliver the best balance of performance, features, power and design for their specific needs," said Chris Walker, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Mobility Client Platforms in the Client Computing Group, in a press release. "From multitasking to everyday content creation, the newest additions to the family scale performance for even higher levels of productivity - in addition to offering best-in-class platform connectivity via Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Thunderbolt 3 that people expect with 10th Gen."

The eight chips are split evenly across a new set of U-series and Y-series processors, with each packing a spread of Core i3, i5, and i7 entries. Exact specs vary depending on the chip, but Comet Lake packs up to six cores and 12 threads, up to 4.9GHz max turbo frequency, and up to 12MB of Intel Smart Cache. The U-series is configurable with up to a 25W TDP, while the Y-series can be configured as low as 4.5W for fanless designs.

Here's a look at the spec breakdown for each series and CPU:

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Header Cell - Column 0 Core i7-10710UCore i7-10510UCore i5-10210UCore i3-10110U
Graphics EUs24242423
Clock speed1.1GHz3.9GHz (All core)4.7GHz (Single core)1.8GHz4.3GHz (All core)4.9GHz (Single core)1.6GHz3.9GHz (All core)4.2GHz (Single core)2.1GHz3.7GHz (All core)4.1GHz (Single core)
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Header Cell - Column 0 Core i7-10510YCore i5-10310YCore i5-10210YCore i3-10110Y
Graphics EUs24242424
Clock speed1.2GHz3.2GHz (All core)4.5GHz (Single core)1.1GHz2.8GHz (All core)4.1GHz (Single core)1.0GHz2.7GHz (All core)4.0GHz (Single core)1.0GHz3.7GHz (All core)4.0GHz (Single core)

These new Comet Lake CPUs are meant to complement the 10nm Ice Lake CPUs that Intel launched earlier in August. In all, Intel says it expects "more than 90 additional" laptop designs to hit store shelves with 10th Gen CPUs for the holiday season.

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