Intel launches two new RealSense depth cameras

Intel has announced the launch of two new RealSense depth cameras, adding to its family of devices that allow for complex tracking. The two new models, dubbed the D415 and D435, represent what Intel is calling a "next-generation" product family.

Like previous RealSense cameras, Intel is targeting the D400 series at developers, but the company says they're "ideal for makers and educators" as well. Both cameras allow for processing depth data in real time at high framerates. One of the main differences between the models is that the D435 provides a wider field of view than the D415. The other lies in the shutters employed by each model: The D415 uses a rolling shutter, meaning that it scans images sequentially from one side of the sensor to the other. By contrast, the D435 uses a global shutter, which scans the whole image simultaneously.

When combined with the Intel RealSense SDK 2.0, developers and makers can use the D400 series RealSense cameras in the development of a variety of computer vision applications, ranging from robotics to AR and VR.

If you're interested in checking either camera out, both are now available to order. The D415 is available for $149, while the D435 is up for grabs at a slightly more expensive $179. Intel says it is currently experiencing "overwhelming demand," so shipments may be delayed.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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