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Intel's Apollo Lake SoC may be used in future budget-priced Windows 10 notebooks

Intel wants to help PC makers to create budget-priced Windows 10 notebooks, tablets, and 2-in-1s that are thinner but more powerful compared to the budget devices that are currently on the market. This week, Intel revealed the first details of their new Apollo Lake system-on-chips design, which will launch sometime in the second half of 2016.

Intel talked about Apollo Lake at their IDF Shenzhen conference in China. According to Ars Technica:

The Apollo Lake system-on-chips for PCs are based on the new Atom-based x86 microarchitecture, named Goldmont, as well as a new graphics core that features Intel's ninth-generation architecture (Gen9) which is currently used in Skylake processors. Intel claims that due to microarchitectural enhancements the new SoCs will be faster in general-purpose tasks, but at this stage Intel has not quantified the improvements.

While Intel has not publicly revealed a lot of technical information on Apollo Lake yet, it does say that budget PCs that use it should be better than the ones currently in the marketplace such as the HP Stream notebook.

At present, entry-level notebooks (which Intel calls Cloudbooks) offer 2 GB of memory, 32 GB of storage, 8+ hours of battery life and ~18mm thick designs. With Apollo Lake, OEMs should be able to increase the amount of RAM and/or storage capacity, make systems generally thinner, but maintain their $169 - $269 price-points. Intel also believes that its Apollo Lake presents great opportunities to build 2-in-1 hybrid PCs (convertibles) and capitalize on higher margins of such systems.

  • So give cheap chip set and capitalize on the potential higher margins. Love companies. :/
  • What? They're saying they've made a new budget-laptop chipset what would make current net/notebooks even better than current ones on the market, and the price wouldn't change from the current note/netbook prices. Where in that can you see any problem? If you want a more high-tech faster chipset, it's gunna cost you more money. This seems to be an upgraded version of the current Intel Atom for the same price. Am I missing something which makes this bad? +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • I was referring to the last part. An increase in performance is highly welcomed. Not arguing that.
  • Ahh ok. Missed that bit (don't know how as I had read all of it) fair enough :) +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • You're not arguing ANYTHING legitimate.
  • I'm sorry what? What is your problem? Because I don't remember arguing to begin with on this article. It seems the only person who is arguing anything is you. And with the amount of people who have upvoted my comments, it shows that even if it was an argument, a lot of people agree. Please stop commenting random comments accusing people of arguing. Especially if you're just gunna say theirs saying nothing legitimate. Seems like you're just trying to cause trouble. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Learn to read. I wasn't even replying to you, I replied to ZeroPlanetz, which you'd understand if you'd actually taken five seconds to read the conversation.
  • Maybe you should learn to check which comment your pressing the reply button on. As I am the one who received the "jasongw replied to your comment" notification
  • No, I clicked exactly the right one. It's entirely possible WC's comment system in their slipshod Win10 app simply doesn't notify correctly. Wouldn't surprise me. The app is pretty mediocre.
  • Even if this is the case, on none of my replies was I hostile to you or insulting. The fact you retaliated in a hostile way and also downvote my comments isn't exactly a great thing to do considering the fact I never said anything hostile to you in the first place. There's no need to add that touch of hostility to every comment when you can settle it more calmly. The more hostile you become, the worse replies u will get from anyone. On a better note, if it was the notification system glitching out, then ignore the comments when I was replying to you. Just don't be hostile to everybody. (even in your comments to other people, there's hostility lacing every comment) +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Some people deserve hostility for their stupidity.
  • Even if a comment seems stupid to you, it's their opinion. Even the comment someone did about hardware being soldered down. That comment was out of stupidity. Some people prefer to be able to upgrade specific hardware components instead of paying for a brand new computer which would cost 4x the price.
  • Sometimes yes, it's just a matter of opinion. The example you cited is not one of those. Any of us old enough to remember building PC's where you had to configure jumpers and dipswitches knows the claim that it's cheaper to upgrade, but that claim simply is not true anymore, anywhere except on a desktop, and most of those are still upgradeable. Portables are different. :)
  • Upgrading laptops can be cheaper than be more effective for a cheaper price though. You just need to buy the right hardware (as some people seem to buy a hardware that either downgrades or is the same as they already have (believe me, ik a few who have done that somehow)). The only problem with it is that it's only effective short term (about an extra year) so I agree it would be more better to just buy a new laptop, but I can also understand that sometimes people may be struggling at that very moment but need their hardware, so they upgrade the components for a cheaper price. However I guess it also depends on the laptop/netbook you have. Some can just be unupgradable in performance even if hardware-wise it's possible, but some can :)
  • Lol have you seen the high end lately aw is allegedly soldering components that once were replaceable
  • Oh they've done that before with even budget hardware for years :P my old netbook barely works now but it would work a bit better with graphics if I could change it's Graphics Card. I found out when I striped it down admit 3 years ago that I can't change it because it's soldered to the motherboard. I guess it's their way of forcing you to buy another one of their products further down the line instead of simply buying a new graphics card or hard drive etc
  • So what? The tradeoff is that these systems are thinner, lighter and better built than ever before. We've reached a point where our computers are so fast and so capable that by the time you need to add something to improve performance, it makes more sense to just buy a new one anyway. There's no reason a high end laptop today won't last 5 years. More, if you're just the average user.
  • Oh look it's you again. Following my comments it seems. Again, there was no argument here. Was just saying that manufacturers have been soldering down components for years. Seems you're either looking for arguments under every rock you turn or you're just trying to cause trouble. (Also just for your information, I've read your comment below and honestly idk what u have against my comments. I'm for the idea of the new processor, it shows tons of benefits and practically no disadvantages. So please tell me what your problem is? +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Again: learn to read. I didn't reply to you, not even once. I replied to ZeroPlanetz. Narcissism much?
  • Well either you're pressing the wrong reply button or there's a small bug in the notification system for this app. I have received two emails and two notifications from the app saying that you have replied to my comment. It could be a bug. If so, it's neither of our fault. However just in case, make sure u press the right reply button. (I've checked my settings and it's only set to notify me of comments replying to my comments. And I've received no other notifications of anybody else's comments) +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's the morally right thing to do. When they can capitalize on increased profit margins by selling superior products, everyone wins: the consumer, who gets a better product without paying more; the business owners, who see a higher return on their investments; the employees, who receive raises, bonuses, and perhaps best of all, continued employment as their industry thrives and reinvests some of that profit into building the next generation of devices, which will continue the trend of getting smaller, more powerful and offering more features year after year. You literally have NOTHING legitimate to ***** about.
  • Without the goal of profit they would never pursue faster and cheaper (that's a good thing isn't it?). It's why they exist. It sure would suck waiting around for governments and non-profits to develop the tech we love.
  • Its the point of blatantly coming out and saying it. We know the companies will profit off of it all. Its like calling consumers f tards to there face.
  • It's not for consumers. It was a message to OEMs. "Using our latest chips in your entry level devices will make you more money, so do it". It is marketing speak, but they weren't marketing to you when they said it.
  • Exactly. It does make sense when we put that sentence that way... :3
  • Oh, I see. So you want them to DO it, but then to lie about it and feign some sort of altruism, is that it? Give me a break. The F tards are those who want to pretend that we don't ALL operate off the profit motive, every single one of us. Profit comes in many forms, with many kinds of currency: money, love, respect, friendship, growth, happiness, etc. And whether you're an honest enough person to admit it or not, it's precisely the desire to profit in these and other areas that drive us all. Every. Single. One of us.
  • Eww, Atom PC? No, thanks. Put it in a phone.
  • My Dell Venue 8 Pro begs to differ.
  • I agree!  My 2 year old Venue Pro 8 is a solid little tablet with PC capability. It's a great device when you want to travel light. Sure, more speed and memory would be nice.  
  • Atom meant more before the m series of CPUs. Though they're far from ideal, having a Core m CPU in a small PC like that makes much more sense than sticking with Atom. You think the VP8 is solid. I'm guessing if I used it, I'd find it unbearable and sluggish. It's about how you use the things, I suppose. I don't imagine an Atom chip's price point is much (if at all) lower than Core m, so I don't see the reason to throw such weak chips into a modern device.
  • They're not as weak as they were years ago. An 8" tablet, which is usually where you find Atom processors, is meant for light stuff: basic games, reading ebooks, listening to music, watching cat videos on YouTube. It does all those things just fine, with reasonably snappy performance.
  • So does Core m, and it will do it faster. 8" tablets have trailed off in popularity of late, so using a drinking market as your example just explains my point. The large phones of today (5.5-6.5") could be fine on Atom. After that, you are likely on an 11" laptop or hybrid, and could easily fit the Core m chips inside. Like I said, I don't think Core m would be drastically more expensive. Core m and Atom sort of cannibalize each other, to me.
  • But the truth is that Core M is way more expensive than Atom (in the same ballpark as Core i), and Intel is perfectly capable of doing that because there's sadly no competition at all from AMD. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Shell XPS 13
  • A core m will help you read faster? It'll play videos faster? It'll play music faster? It'll make your web connection load videos faster? No, these are things that are not heavily CPU dependent. These are basic tasks. And while yes, a little extra speed is always nice, it's absurd to claim that every device needs to have it, and even more absurd to claim that the faster chip will be the same price as the slower one if you don't actually know and can't cite exact figures. Now, I can tell you right off the bat that your scenario doesn't work for me. I own a 5" Lumia 830 and a 6" Lumia 1520. But you know what? I still have an 8" tablet in the living room, because some things are just better there. Case in point: Xbox or Playstation games that use a tablet as a second screen. My 12" Surface Pro 3 is too big to really deal with while also using an Xbone controller, but the 8" tablet fits the bill.  Unless we know the exact prices OEM's pay for these chips, however, it's nothing but speculation to say that Core M and Atom cannibalize each other. There's just no evidence I've seen to support that idea, but what I DO know is that choice in the marketplace is a good thing.
  • Low standards don't make it good.
  • And irrational, ignorant standards don't make it bad.
  • Calling it irrational and offering no rational argument is hypocrisy of the highest order.
  • The rational argument was provided above. Learn to read before you reply.
  • Still stuck in 2008, huh?
  • Put it in a phone.
  • Yeah.
    I thought they were talking about phones here
  • Lol.
  • Apollo Lake is not for Phones. Also why would you want to have this in a phone? There are much faster SoCs for phones available like Snapdragon 820, which should offer +50% CPU performance and +100% GPU performance over Apollo Lake.
  • X86
  • I have 2 hp streams. I think 64gb,and 4gb should be the minimum at this point. Just word and edge slow down the streams.
  • Argh, they need to stop selling notebooks with 32gigs of storage. User's don't get 32 gigs, they get less than half that lol. 64 giga should be the norm, especially with WaaS and windows 10 home users will run out of space due to the updates. Most of these low space notebooks will ship windows 10 home. unless the o/s and updates are significantly compressed when unpacked - I can see this backfiring spectacularly. The TH2 update takes up pretty much all the space on the e403s.
  • Even 64 Gb is not so promising. Phones are giving 128gb. Why people will take a PC/ notebook with only 64gb, of which they can only get 40gb on board. Better they can sell with 64/128/256 Gb options. Sent from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Yeah, 64 GB should be the minimum.  I had a Dell VP 8 with 32GB and upgraded to 64GB.  I also have 64GB of micro SD.  But there are some programs that will only install on the C: drive and won't allow you to install on a removable drive.
  • it's not the processor that needs fixing. the biggest need is to bump the storage up to 128gb.
  • Intel has became a money sucker than never before. Newer processors can only be used for hardly 2-3 years. And moreover their hyped skylake processors' initial hiccups damaged the SP4, surface book's image. Sent from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • That's because AMD is not stepping up its game in the CPU arena. Seems to me that at the moment they are only concerned about GPUs. Don't blame them though as they are running short of cash.
  • Pesumably we will see the high-end version from this range powering the Surface 4. The article says that so-called Cloudbooks (which is a name I've not heard before) currently support 2 GB of memory and 32 GB of storage but that is clearly a spec that they have simply defined and not what the current Atom SoC is limited to supporting.  Maybe the X3 or X5 has that limit but my Surface 3 sports an Atom X7 and it has 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.  Presumably the new range will support at least that and presumably more.
  • Are these new chips 32bit? would be a bit of a downer.
  • The Atom X7 in my Surface 3 is 64-bit so I would expect that the high end of the range at least, and possibly all, would be 64-bit.
  • I can imagine a stick pc with even higher performance. The time is coming where I can just replace my PC every 2 years lol.
  • Microsoft finally has the chip to make the Surface 4/5. They'll probably name it 5 since it's coming in the 2nd half of the year, to coincide with the SP5/Book 2.
  • Is this something that could potentially be being used in the Surface 4 (non-pro)?