The Interview now available to watch on Xbox Video

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have no doubt heard of Sony's new flick, The Interview. Starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, the movie has been at the center of the Sony hacking scandal that has resulted in much media hype and attention in recent weeks. And from today, you'll be able to watch it on Xbox Video and

Microsoft confirmed the news via a tweet from its Entertainment for Xbox account. Sony is also releasing the movie on YouTube, Google Play and its own website from 1pm ET, so there's a good bet that the Xbox Video launch will go live around that time as well. Prices look to be $6 to rent and $15 to buy. And it looks like it's U.S. only right now.

  • Rent or buy The Interview on Xbox Video{.nofollow}

Source: Microsoft

[Culver City, CA – December 24, 2014] Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that The Interview will be available online across the United States starting today, Christmas Eve.

As of 10:00 a.m. PST, the film will be available to rent in HD on Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft's Xbox Video and the dedicated website at a price of $5.99. The film can also be purchased in HD for $14.99.

"It has always been Sony's intention to have a national platform on which to release this film," said Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Entertainment. "With that in mind, we reached out to Google, Microsoft and other partners last Wednesday, December 17th, when it became clear our initial release plans were not possible. We are pleased we can now join with our partners to offer the film nation-wide today.

"We never stopped pursuing as wide a release as possible for The Interview. It was essential for our studio to release this movie, especially given the assault upon our business and our employees by those who wanted to stop free speech. We chose the path of digital distribution first so as to reach as many people as possible on opening day, and we continue to seek other partners and platforms to further expand the release."

"I want to thank Google and Microsoft for helping make this a reality. This release represents our commitment to our filmmakers and free speech. While we couldn't have predicted the road this movie traveled to get to this moment, I'm proud our fight was not for nothing and that cyber criminals were not able to silence us.

"No doubt the issues we have confronted these last few weeks will not end with this release, but we are gratified to have stood together and confident in our future. I want to thank everyone at Sony Pictures for their dedication and perseverance through what has been an extraordinary and difficult time."

Fans can watch The Interview on several platforms including:

Google Play: the movie is available to buy or rent at, and can be watched in the Play Movies & TV app on Android and iOS phones or tablets, or streamed in the living room via Chromecast, Roku or the Nexus Player.

YouTube: the movie is available at and can be watched on the web, in the YouTube app, or on select living room devices like Chromecast, Apple TV, PlayStation and Xbox.

Microsoft's Xbox Video: the movie is available to buy or rent on the Xbox Video app on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and In addition, The Interview is available at the dedicated website, which is sponsored by Sony Pictures and powered by Kernel and with payments through Stripe, a secure payment platform.In addition to Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft and, The Interview is also being released in more than 300 United States theaters on December 25th.

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  • Looks dumb.
  • Yep. I'd have to be paid to watch this.
  • Not trying to be cheap, but they should have made it free as if to say: "you leak our stuff so we won't release the film, then lets "leak" the film to get everybody and their brother to see it asap."
  • Trying not, cheap you are.
  • I think I am better off under the rock.
  • Hey look! People here agree with that fat bully from N.Korea that this film should not be shown! Happens only in America! LOL!
  • Dumb or not, don't take your freedom to watch dumb movies for granted! Muhrica!
  • Well said! Dumb or not, I'll be watching it as a way to thumb my nose at that great (as in fat) bully from N.Korea!
  • Yea and the price is way too high for any rental. Won't be watching it.
  • Yea becuase if you would have went to the movies to see it, probably wouldnt have been $7.50 a person. rather then $6 for everyone in your home to watch it.   I like the buisness model so ill be renting.
  • Where do you live that movies are less than $10?! $_$
  • In a state who doesnt have stupid high prices...NM here and i pay $7
  • 2 dollars per ticket in India :P 3 for 3D and 10 for IMAX. And please don't assume we have shitty Cinemas. The price is only low cause its some sort of government rule.
  • Dude its free in YouTube and other sites
  • It's not free on YouTube. It's $6
  • Ahoy, The Pirate Bay... Arrrr!!!
  • $7.50??? Where do you live? A movie tix costs $13 and if you popcorn/nachos and a drink you are close to $30 per person. I'm on Long Island, NY.
  • I'm im College Station, Texas and a movie ticket here costs me $4.50.
  • Went to the movies... LOL. Cinema!
  • Thank you for showcasing critical thinking skills. $6 is dirt cheap for a brand new movie. Matinee prices are usually around $6. And that's if you go alone and don't snack or drink anything.
    This is an excellent move by Sony.
  • @MobileVortex That's the spirit! Let's thumb our noses to that N,Korean bully!
  • More like $9-19/person.
  • Movies over here are 9$ a person- Texas
  • Do you never go to the movies? $8 per rental per person...
  • It's inline with a lot of rentals. Except this didn't hit theatres first due to obvious reasons. So this is same day.
  • It must be an interesting movie, because it's a controversial movie but still releases at last.
  • Looks funny
  • This movie looks hilarious. You must not have a sense of humor.
  • I guess I'm just at the stage in my life where bumbling does not equal funny anymore.
  • Or you are over 13.
  • More like over 70 to not like a funny movie like this or wedding crashers.
    These are big money making movies for a reason pops ;)
  • I'm pretty sure that's the point.
  • Why? Bury the movie like the E.T. Games.
  • LOL
  • If it's on YouTube... Does that mean the movie is free to watch?
  • No it will still cost
  • No idea. Google has allowed people to watch Google Play movie rentals via YouTube for some time now, maybe it's hooked in to that?
  • Oh okay. I am not familiar with Google's services.
  • You can watch a lot of movies on YouTube, but you gotta pay for them.
  • Yeh... Never heard of a paying service for YouTube... Wither way, there's still such a thing like torrents even though ThePirateBay isn't working entirely even at the .cr domain.
  • No, it's available on YouTube Movies (paid services).
  • Still down idiot.
  • Then go to -, etc. No need to call anybody an idiot. :-)
  • In your face, idiot. Rekt m9
  • Sweeeeeet!! Can't wait
  • Straight to DVD.
  • None of those release platforms involve DVD.
  • Lol
  • Coip are you a noob
    He is clearly a pirate ;)
  • Arrrrr!
  • How much$$?
  • $5.99 rental $14.99 purchase Just fyi, they are in talks with Netflix as well
  • Yessss!!!
  • HD?
  • Read the damn article....
  • It's supposed to be available but there is no rent\buy button in the Xbox video app
  • I have little respect for Seth Rogen's work and wont be giving him any of my hard earned dollars anytime soon. I can't name a single movie where his performance couldn't have been substituted with someone else or made a significant impact on the story. If I watch this at all, it will be on a service I already pay for. If it wasn't for the drama with North Korea, this movie would be another holiday flop.
  • Like they say, no press is bad press. The ensuing hullabaloo has just made people all the more curious and therefore most likely will actually pay to watch it.
  • Pay? on the internets? Now you made me laugh! When someone leaks this piece of trash on torrent, the reviews that come along with the torrent site will destroy this crappy film... Flop on sales, flop on torrents.
  • That contributes very little to the conversation.
  • He's pretty funny, and not only did he act but he also wrote most of the movies he was in. The guy is funny, imo and the fact that he's still pretty much the same guy 10 years later says a lot about his character. Also check out his work on alzheimers disease, at least he's trying to make a difference in the world. Which is more than most celebrities would ever do
  • Surely being the same 10 years later means he can only do one thing?
  • He was decent in funny people
  • That's nice. Good for you.
  • Paul. Outstanding. But then it was only a voice.
  • I thought he (and Streisand) were good in Guilt Trip.
  • These aren't meant to be French art house films. They are supposed to be stupid, fun, loosen up a little movies. Respecting Seth Rogen's work shouldn't enter into the equation. Sure, he could be replaced by any number of comedy actors. The point is, does it make you laugh? If not, that is fine. But there are people who find the juvenile humor exactly that, humorous. As far as the movie being a flop without the controversy, last I checked, his movies usually do pretty well. I don't expect this one would be any different.
  • If the movie is funny, why is he not making a movie about killing the pope, POTUS or HM Elizabeth II? Because that would screw his life forever, because there will be retaliation against him, prison it's a possibility... It is funny when he knows that he won't be touched at all... He IS just a COWARD.
  • That's a really less than constructive opinion.
  • Wow! Smh!
  • And I am sure this Sony doing a 180 and doing somewhat of a release of this film has absolutely nothign to do with Anonymous telling Sony that they were going to leak it to everyone anyways on Dec. 25th.......
  • Yeah, cause Sony totally listens to a bunch of pimply faced teenagers like Anonymous.
  • Which assumes that Anonymous (an unorganized collective of ANONYMOUS people that have varying agendas) are all pimple faced teens. Sound logic there.
  • Not sure if you've noticed alot of bigger releases hitting streaming rental about a month ahead of the bluray release? Lego Movie and Godzilla are two that I've see. Go earlier than originally planned thanks to torrents.
  • place foot directly in mouth ?? profit.
  • About as much as they listen to asian dictators with tiny dick syndrome
  • Projecting your own issues on a total stranger... Fascinating! Call Dr. Freud, please, he WILL help you out on your TINY PROBLEM...
  • Haahaa and not on the Sony PS4? If so....Microsoft FTW
  • Not on iTunes either. Apple obviously hates money ;)
  • Apple wanted an exclusive, which was not gonna fly. with Apple you are always paying an Apple Tax
  • Sony owns Crackle, but that's free with ads. They're going to want to charge for this, at least for now. Netflix may also have it
  • That's awesome. Free speech for the win!
  • $5.99 i believe on xbox vid.  I may watch it..
  • Ill wait for torrent version. At least this wont be videotaped from a theater.
  • Now I almost want to buy it as a statement of free speech. Almost... I'm not a big Rogen fan, except for Green Hornet.
  • Can't tell if joking or.....
  • Hopefully. I enjoy most of Rogen's movies. The Green Hornet wasn't one of them.
  • Lol green hornet was amazing! Can't watch it enough times
  • Green Hornet was amazing because of Kato lol
  • Probably getting more attention that it would have sans the controversy...  I have seen previews for a long time and seems like I saw the movie already... had very little desire to see it then or now...  
  • Yeah it feels like a publicity stunt to me. The film must be shit so that's why they did it. Korea and US bullying each other. Anyway, I'm going to skip this shit.
  • Oh
  • No duh it's getting more attention because of the controversy, and that's the only reason I plan on watching it, for spite's sake.
  • US only?
  • For now, yes, later it will get more global distribution
  • they should just added it to netflix library already!!
  • They are in talks with Netflix, it was the breaking headline on
  • Yes!
  • Freedom isn't free... Lol
  • Well, i guess I've been living under a rock...
  • Haha that's exactly what I thought...
    How come we never met there, has to be a big rock :D
  • Lol... I was there too..
  • great!!!
  • Funny how this all turned out.. I'll save my $5 and download this one for free.
  • Thief
  • Makes you wonder whether Sony made up all these allegations about S. Korea cause they knew they've spent a fortune making a dumb film. Now they're gonna milk it.
  • Well considering the U.S. government implicated North Korea...
  • South Korea?  There's a difference between North and South you know...........
  • Oops. Yeah, that's what I meant.​
  • The fact that I now know Sylvester Stallone's SSN, know that Seth makes more money than James, that Sony execs think Angelina is a "spoiled brat", and that they think President Obama probably likes Kevin Hart even though Kevin Hart is a "whore", along with a deluge of aother leaked information makes it pretty clear that the hack was not a fabrication.
  • The first time I saw the trailer I said "I need to watch this". But I don't think it deserves to be watching in Cinema.
  • Agreed
  • Same here. I know this movie is going to be stupid, stoner humor, but I know exactly what I'm getting into. None of Seth Rogans movies are masterpieces, but boy do they make you chuckle when you are a couple Bowls in.
  • i think "this is the end" is a masterpiece. and i wasnt drunk :)
  • Agreed. Seems some people commenting here don't get that.
  • It's wild seeing the same picture on my Fox News app and Windows Central app. I have their icons right next to each other.
  • Wait for Redbox, or even better Netflix streaming
  • Yeyih Netflix bro!!
  • Wasn't intrested in this film before the scandle.  Still not intrested.
  • I'm ​renting it it just to show my support. Not a Seth Rogan fan. But won't have my freedoms taken from me.
  • Freedom is what you wish to do without hurting others feelings is it good that hurting Korea's feelings is nice and its called freedom then try moving nude on your city roads
  • Shut up.
  • I think I'll watch a North Korean propaganda film instead. It'll probably be more entertaining.
  • Lol, its funny that we can't produce a movie about them but every film there is about destroying America.
  • Erm.... Because we have freedom.  They do not.......  See how that works?
  • yea we're "free" alright.
  • Still, its hypocritical.
  • Lol on the side about the Sony hack. Its funny, some people might that Sony does it to themselves for attention, but that should be ruled out. There security is so low end, they've been hacked so much the past few years, its ridiculous lol.
  • Dont let them take your freedom and manipulate you into watching this movie. We can't say fuck bush but we can threaten another world leader fuc outta here
  • *sigh*.
  • Go kill another cop to "avenge" criminal POS you scum.
  • Wtf is wrong with your head? Do you have a learning disability?
  • America, the "land of the free" took everyone's freedom a long time ago.
  • Umm, people have been saying fuck Bush for quite sometime. And did so all throughout his presidency. Not sure what hippy crack you are smoking.
    Also, there have been plenty of movies about assassinating POTUS, both fictional and historic. A movie does not equal threat. So again, you're on crack.
  • Tell that to the dixe women.
  • It's free for bit torrent as Sony announced it officially
  • At least they can't threaten to blow my place up if they don't know that I watched it on Xbox or Youtube. Since they threatened to blow up theaters that aired it, there goes their lame attempt to bully the mass media. Shame on them (GOP, NK, etc or whoever the hell they claimed to be).  They may have won the cyberwar, well they didn't win the Internet ways to watch movie wars...asshats
  • GOP? What the hell does the GOP have to do with the group that threatened the theatres?
  • The hackers who started this all call themslves the Guardians of Peace (a.k.a. GOP), not to be confused with the Grand Old Party.
  • Lol. You haven't been keeping up at all have you? Hahsha
  • There's a theater about 15 minutes from me that announced that they are airing it!
  • Sold will buy it
    Edit: Also will have two step authentication setup *puts on tinfoil hat*
  • Well at least Microsoft said YES, after Apple said No.
  • Sony is going to cash in on a crappy movie because of the bad press.  
  • 53% from 10 reviews
    hardly definitive. But ok then!
  • 53% is a lot better than I would have expected. I've watched plenty of movies with RT ratings in the 50% range and have been entertained well enough for me.
  • Same.
  • Movie reviews and game reviews often fall so far off the mark of the general public that I don't even bother reading them. I just ask my friends how they felt about it.
  • Bought it just to show support for streaming movies and FU NK.
  • Yup. Making it US only will definitively NOT encourage people outside the US to go download it illegally. Not at all. Sony needs to fire the idiot in charged of Sony Pictures ASAP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • IKR. Let's show North Korea we're not scared. Oh wait, let's not release it ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Except America.
  • They should just can Amy Pascal... two birds with one stone....
  • Yay! Lets go to war over a movie!
  • If we go to war, it will be because of genuine cyber attacks, not just because of a movie. A cyber attack like this is bad no matter what the reason.
  • But you'd make a movie about trying to kill another nations leader? Especially NK? Come on! That's just provoking it! And then young men and women have to die because of some two clowns taunting NK.
  • Almost every film they make is of the US burning or being nuked or smited somehow so I don't see an issue with making ONE movie about the assassination of their widely hated leader.
  • And that's why the US have on issues with them.
  • Will be renting this over the Xmas weekend. Up yours Kim!
  • Guys I've problem I think I've virus in my Windows Phone Lumia 1520: When I copy any text and want to paste it...ive this f*cking links all the time:
  • That's impossible. Restart your phone.
  • I did and I think it works fine...but I've never have this type of links probably from Dpreview or one of the app is wrongly updated maybe telegram after that it all starts
  • my sd card is broken, my phone doesn't want to start if i don't remove that sd card, don't know what exactly made it. before it's happened, i was edit my mp3 tag by tag editor app, many text song title changed into japanese text, two days later when i save photo after edit by fantasia painter, my phone says the photo can't be saved because zune is playing, then my phone is locked, doesn't respon any command, so i gave hard reset but still my phone doesn't want to start until i remove the sd card. about 16 gb files is gone within minutes
  • I normally wouldn't see this movie.... But the controversy intrigues me. It looks like Xbox will be getting my money.
  • I can't watch. Rent or buy features aren't available in Greece. Come on Microsoft. Makeithappen
  • Merry Christmas. It's 25th here I'm India.
  • Merry Christmas in India!
  • Cool story.
  • Just wait a little bit for it to go on torrent sites and stfu about the price.
  • Jesus Christ! Complain about James Franco, or whatever! Not the $6 duh!!
  • $6? Its better than paying $7.50 per person. Will rent it to watch it with my girlfriend
  • I will buy it just to crap in Kim Jun Un mouth.
  • I had no intentions of seeing this movie, however I will be buying it out of support for Sony and I am glad they decided to release it.
  • Same here. Didn't give two shits until this all went down.
  • I prefer the term "pirate" ;)
  • Purchased. Fuck you NK.
  • I can't wait to watch!
  • why would i go to theater, if the movie is available safer!!
  • Doesn't look like my type of movie but I'm glad they're releasing it.
  • Getting it right now
  • I'll pay for it just to tell North Korea, "Fuck You"
  • that girl hhh
  • Seth Rogan isn't funny
  • Yes he is
  • He isn't. He should clear his throat.
  • I wont even look at it,such crap,make a comedy not that crap
  • It is a comedy
  • Long Live North Korea!!
    Fuck you America!
  • If this movie wasn't on the news so much due to the hacking, I would not be interested. But now, I will watch it to see what the big deal is.
  • Already up on torrent sites
  • Hacked you say? By North Korea you say? SONY picture eh? First I heard of this nonsense... think I'll pass....
  • Here come the virus infected computers via torrents
  • Lol. Not at all.
  • And so the big cash-in by Sony begins..
  • Any way to watch this movie outside the US at the moment, like any workarounds.
  • I am a Canadian resident on vacation in Florida right now and I do not have the option to purchase the film, will not even show up in the video store on all my devices (Xbox one, windows phone 8.1 and win 8.1 PC). This is a pain
  • #1stworldproblems that's what you
  • It finally shows up but now the Xbox services are down so I can't purchase it :/
  • Playstation fanboys are crying.
  • No ones crying over not watching another crappy movie with the one dimensional, frog in the throat, Muppet sounding Seth Rogan.
  • Haha :)
  • Rented.
  • Loved it. Dumb but fun watch.
  • I watched it just because I can!
  • US only?
  • Yeah US only, and the movie studios wonder why pirating movies is out of control. I am more than happy to pay $6 or $7 to hire a film on xbox movies, if I couldn't I'd be pretty worried. But when they don't make films like this available at the same time in other countries, well that's just asking for pirating.
  • Dumb... Hollywood produces a bunch of these sort of movies that comedians the likes of Jim Carey, Will Farrell, Seth Rogan, James DeFranco, etc love to make. If those sorts of films didn't catch your eye for a laugh then don't watch, but don't pretend this is a new genre of dumb. People are refusing to watch it just to say they can and snub their noses. I for one will watch it because these fools can be funny. North Korean politics are sad and this would be a wild fantasy come true on that peninsula. It really is a shame the DKR is taking it so personally so publically. This was a chance to show they are stronger than they are by just laughing at themselves. The war on terror may have squandered other freedoms, but my right to laugh at stupid shyt, not yet! America, F'Yeah!
  • I bought it sight unseen last night. I regret nothing.
  • Isn't it on YouTube for free?
  • On YouTube you can rent it for $5.99 USD/$6.99 CAD or buy it for under $20, in 1080p.
  • I just finished watching it! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I found it funny, if at times a bit too stupid, emotive, and idealistic in the best possible way. It also made some poignant yet somewhat subtle social commentary about the foibles of the American Way. I bought it on Xbox Video before watching it on YouTube with my roommates who purchased it from the Google-owned service. (they use an iPhone 5 and a Galaxy S5, respectively) The HD version is around 5.7gb to download on Xbox Video.