My favorite thing from CES 2022 is... a laptop stand?

IOGear USB-C laptop stand
IOGear USB-C laptop stand (Image credit: IOGear)

IOGear USB-C laptop stand

Source: IOGear (Image credit: Source: IOGear)

What you need to know

  • This new laptop stand from IOGear has launched at CES 2022.
  • It combines a stand and a USB-C hub for expanded connectivity and a neat desktop.
  • It even folds completely down to toss in your laptop bag.

There's a lot of great products launched at shows like CES 2022, and there's an awful lot of noise. But occasionally something sneaks through that you weren't expecting to fall in love with. No, I'm not talking about a new Ultrabook or a huge OLED monitor or anything that 'flashy'. My favorite reveal this year is a laptop stand.

No, that's not snarky. I'm entirely serious.

It's from IOGear and it's supposed to be coming to market in March this year, though pricing is still to be confirmed. What makes it so good, at least to me, is that it solves a genuine problem I have. And I like that.

This is no ordinary laptop stand, as it combines an integrated USB-C hub into its base. I like to use a stand when I'm at my desk with a laptop and I always need a hub connected, so why wouldn't you combine the two? It's so simple I don't know why such a thing isn't already in my life.

The hub is well equipped with HDMI, USB-A, and USB-C, as well as gigabit ethernet. Both data and power delivery are supported over USB-C, with 100W PD charging possible and a max data speed of 5Gbps. The USB-A ports provide a 5V/1.5A power supply, and there's also support for DisplayPort 1.2 if you need that instead. And only a single cable into your laptop from the base of the stand. It's neat, it adds enough ports to be genuinely useful and it's even just a decent-looking, well-made stand, too.

The final party piece is that it folds away into a compact enough package that you can toss it in your laptop bag and take it on the road with you. After all, if you need a USB-C hub you probably need one more than just at your main desk.

Was I expecting my favorite thing from CES to be a laptop stand? Definitely not. But this is one of those products that I see a genuine use for in my own life and for that, I'm delighted it exists.

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