iPhone 11 hot-take review from Windows Central's Daniel Rubino

iPhone 11
iPhone 11 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Windows Central Executive Editor Daniel Rubino on the iPhone 11, via Instagram:

The iPhone 11. You know what it is. This is the $700 model, and like all the other reviews, I think it's the one pretty much everyone should get. The Xs (which I have) is too small, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is, IMO, jut too big and heavy. Moreover, I can't justify +$300 for OLED and that zoom lens on the 'Pros'.Yes, OLED looks great, and in the Apple store, it's better than LCD. But once you go home with the LCD, you forget all of that because it's darn good.That zoom lens on the Pro? Huawei did it better on my P30 Pro, but even there, I barely use it. But the new wide camera is great. I probably use it 50% of the time. LG knew this, and it works great here too - you get that on the iPhone 11. Those are the only differences. If you're an OLED-fan, well, then drop that $300. But I think the iPhone 11's size is just perfect and see zero reasons to get the Pro if you're hooked on that Apple system.As far as the iPhone 11 itself, it's great. Battery life, audio, display, and camera (even low-light, gasp!) are all top of their game here.But hey, if you hate Apple and dig Android, I get that too. For me, I always need to be trying everything. Just say no to tech bubbles.

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • What color is shown? I don't see any that look that vibrant on Apple's site.
  • It's the green one.
  • If you already have the iPhone 8 or XR I see no reason to upgrade to the iPhone 11 unless you want a better camera.
  • Yeah a lot of the "upgrades" are mostly software related that will go to older iPhone models too.
  • iPhone 7 Plus here. Getting the new one next year for sure.
  • That's kind of the state of smartphones currently. My phone is currently over two years old and I'm planning on keeping it for at least another year.
  • How is it camera wise compared to the p30 pro?
  • Surprisingly comparable in many situations. P30 is still sharper and has more detail (more MP), but they both do quite well.
  • Thx for the answer... Yeah I was amazed by the quality... Was afraid of the mktg talk at first but I don't regret my purchase... Perfect to take pictures of my 7 months old... Especially with how quick you can take good pictures... It's not like they wait for you at that age 😂
  • I have to see this is a pretty decent deal for an iOS phone. The essentials (stuff that you notice) are all really good (unless they still use intel modems). And in contrary to Android phones you will get good & long update support and better privacy (as in one should trust its usage date with apple more than with an advertisement company).
    Also while the cpu is overkill now for general phone usage, I can see this being useful in the future when combined with the long update support.
  • I finally jumped into IOS after my last WMP died (Alcatel 4S). Already tried Android and hated it, so I resigned myself to the iPhone. My complaints are many, as it's crazy that an OS this old still can't do so many things WMP had. And it's far from a perfect phone although it works. I'm okay w/ the 10 & 11's camera setup, but my 8 has a fine camera and no complaints. I just can't stand Apple's entirely non-intuitive interface (settings are all over the place) and IOS 13 does nothing to help that. I bought my 8 in June 2019, when the X was already out but wasn't convinced it was worth the price. If I had to buy a new iPhone now, I'd follow Daniel's advice and get the cheaper 11.
  • I really like Microsoft's apps and integration with Android. I know they work with iOS as well but for me their best used in combination of Win 10 on my desk and laptop and Your Phone app with my Blackberry Black Edition Key One and occasionally my Samsung S9. (The exceptional PKB and two day battery life keep the SIM in my Blackberry).
  • Smartphones are just too overpriced now...
  • Unless you use them like your portable computer, which I do. I dont carry a laptop because I do so many emails on my phone. I also find that dictating shorter messages is much easier and more convenient than typing. I can't wait until my work computer gets switched to Win10
  • Well, seems nice enough, but I still just LOVE my L1520 (yellow) too much! :-)
  • I’m one of them that thinks the OLEDs look worse. I went into a store to compare the previous gen devices and walked out with the XR. As someone who does a lot of photography I feel I can judge a colour accurate display and being able to compare the same image on multiple phones made it easy to see the natural tint in Apples OLEDs. Of course contrast was much better but I’d rather accurate colours than punchier images
  • It is 2019...the regular iPhone needs a 1080p display. No excuse for it still being 720p despite how well Apple calibrates its displays.
  • Only you forgot that a 720p real OLED or IPS is still sharper than a 1440p AMOLED.
  • It’s not 720p.
    But you knew that
  • I would say the iPhone 6s was the last smartphone with a reasonable size. All others are just too big.
  • The iPhone 8 is the same size as the 6 and the iPhone X is only seven millimeters bigger.
  • A phone with a 3 year old design and a 720 p LCD screen.... Sorry but no. The only advantage is the camera no last years XR so either get that or a p30 (not the pro) for the same price.
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