iPhone catches up to Windows Mobile!

That's right, we said it. Let the flame war begin.

Actually, if things seem quiet here at WMExperts, it's because we've been checking out what's going on with our frenemies at The iPhone Blog, who are typing their collective butts off with the iPhone 3.0 preview. (Well done, guys!) Head on over and check it out, and then come on back to the reservation, y'hear?

  • I wandered over expecting to get jealous of new features coming to the iphone...but it never happened...nothing heading to the iphone that isn't already done with WinMo, Android, S60 and palms new OS. ...and WinMo users get crap for the lack of significant updates with 6.5, which will cost us nothing (is 3.0 $10 again?)
  • Its free on the iPhone, all the updates have always been free on the iPhone. With the Touch for whatever reason they charge for updates...and yes its 10 bucks. I don't know, I "watched" the presentation over at Engadget.com and for the most part I liked what I saw, it wasn't ground breaking by any stretch of the imagination, but they added needed features. Windows Mobile has been knocked not for lack of features, as it does more than maybe any other Mobile OS, but it's UI is very dated, clunky and as we all know was never meant for mobile phones....that's what people knock it for and rightfully so in my opinion. I love WinMo, but I know what it is and I can see why people buy the iPhone over WinMo devices.
  • Cupertino, start your photocopiers!
  • I must say that these features make it much more bearable for me as a WinMo user to move over to Iphone....all I would need now is my Slingbox app and I'm good to go...I have been a stalwart of WinMo for years...I've touted over and over again to my Iphone fanboy friends the glaring deficiences in the Iphone. While overdue....Apple is finally delivering...I can't really say that much for MSFT...while I've traditionally thought WinMo was the superior platform...the momentum is clearly behind Apple. I'm not 100% sure if I will make the move....but things have become sooo much easier. KEH
  • I love to poke fun at the iFanboys as much as anyone, but these updates finally will bring the phone largely up to speed with other platforms in most regards. There's still some areas where it won't have the advantage, but in other areas (especially multimedia and 3rd party support) they'll definitely have an edge.
  • I wish they'd bring Kinoma Play to the iPhone...
  • Alot of these additions really make the iphone more palatable and surely make it a really good device to have. It at least shows that Apple doesnt fully believe that they know whats best for you, since all these features were talked down when it originally launched, and now they add them. As for where I'm going... right now I prefer to stay out of the Apple ecosystem. Im using WM because of a work related app I need to use so switching wont be that easy. I think if I did switch I would get the Pre, but I really dont want to give up my much higher resolution WM phones for some chintsy HVGA. If my job requirements change, I will probably get the Pre still. Apps arent that important... just a really good RSS reader, good browser, flash support, etc. I will miss the easy file management system of WM though.
  • Finally, no more arguments on copy and paste! Argumentum ad nasuem has never contributed to progress.
  • Oh, we've still got a couple of soft spots to prod. ;)