Italy-based Trekstor to launch Windows Phone smartphone in November

Trekstor, a smartphone OEM based in Italy, will join the Windows Phone ecosystem in November with the launch of a budget-price device that currently doesn't have a name.

The phone was shown off during last week's IFA trade show in Berlin. According to, the Trekstor phone will have a 4.7 inch display with a resolution of 1280x720. Inside there will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor with a clock speed of 1.2GHz, along with 512MB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage. It will also have an 8 megapixel rear camera and a two megapixel front facing camera. The back of the phone is said to be made of hard plastic.

Trekstor will price their debut Windows Phone device at between 120 and 150 euros. It will join quite a few budget and mid-range Windows Phone devices that are due out this fall in Europe and Asia. This week, Microsoft stated that 14 new OEMs have announced 22 new devices using Windows Phone since February. What do you think of this latest announcement from Trekstor?


John Callaham
  • If the wpcentral review of the Billy 4.7 was right. It'll be another disaster. The user experience is horrible. It looks like WP couldn't handle that resolution with that processor
  • Xolo Win Q900s is exactly the same phone but runs smooth with no issues whatsoever. You can even see it's working here
  • Xolo's Q900 has a SD 400. Yezz's and this one use a SD 200 that's why xolo's phone runs smoothly.
  • Watch this video and you will see that the TrekStor WP device is responsive and runs smoothly on SD 200:
  • Q900s has 200 and not 400, that is misinformation. In fact every phone that uses JSR's 17B reference model has the same specs.
  • Snapdragon 200 doesn't blend with 720p resolution but by next year Snapdragon 210 will own.
  • Actually the Snapdragon 200 can handle display up to 720p resolution. So I beg to disagree because it "blends" fine this year.
  • @Nankom, you are just spreading FUD. The TrekStor WP device doesn't perform problematic at all in this video:  on the contrary, I think it performs quite well on Snapdragon 200.
  • I based my suspicions on this review article where a device with same specs was reviewed:
  • That device you linked has absolutely nothing to do with the article. The article talks about the TrekStor WP device. Your are linking a completely different device that has nothing to do with the performance of the TrekStor! This is the pertinent video!:
  • A different device with the same hardware. It's okay. Everybody is allow to make their own conclusions.
  • So you make conclusions on a particular device not based on pertinent data in existence but on something else you create in your own mind?!! We are not talking of conjectures anymore because the video of the performance of the TrekStor exists! You should have made it very clear in your first post that your very negative and FUD-like conclusion is not based on the existing video of the TrekStor but on some other video not of the TrekStor.
  • WP minimum HW specs guarantee optimum performance on any configuration (WP is free to OEM but I suppose Ms certifies it).
    Definitively your device has some issues, I suggest you to send it to assistance.
  • One post above I shared the link of a similar device review. Up
  • The device you linked is NOT the TrekStor! TheTrekStor performs very fluid and responsive on the Snapdragon 200 based on this video:
  • That was a failed deviced, clearly.
  • The more the merrier...
  • They should better launch these phones later with the windows phone (or only windows) threshold.
  • Yeah I agree but it helps if the brands are actually recognised.
  • I agree.. It help to also have Sony Z3, LG G3, and Samsung GS5 versions of WP devices come out soon.. Motorola as well..
  • Your suggestions got me thinking like, what if choosing what OS you like is now irrelevant. But choosing the right brand of phone makers.(meaning all apps are now available on all OS)
  • Good news, the ram killed it though
  • ...and its processor.
  • Especially the processor! This pone will be as underpowered as the Billy 4.7. I don't think these phones give WP a good reputation, when they will stutter...
  • Yes, I think it will be better to have more RAM, the other spec is just standard for budget phone. The design seems good
  • On the photo you see the Yezz Billy 4.7 ;)
  • Huh. That looks familiar.
  • They use the same reference design given by JSR.
  • Nooo too much,load for s200!
  • Welcome
  • Btw, don't think trekstor is italy-based, but german-based :)
  • Yeah definitely:Djust checked oh and btw : It's their first smartphone ^^ they were just doing eBook readers , mp3players and tablets yet and apple accessories
  • Trekstor is not italian, is german!
  • Here in Italy wp is the 2nd mobile Platform, anyway there are some Services like institutions and some banks that do not have a wp app, that's incredible since Here lumia are used by a lot of ppl
  • Apple could catch up anyways, iPhone 6 & 6+ are drawing so much attention.
  • Not Here a number of iphone users now have lumia, anyway i repeat i don't understand why some institutions have no app for wp, it seems to me that someone is paying to boicott ms
  • Because Android users are many and Iphone users are cash cows. At present italian wp users are neither :-)
  • Because institutions here are corrupted or inefficient.
  • @vin.. Where? As far as I see the attention is pretty low. Anyway, different price point to this phone.
    It just takes time to get more apps. Universal apps will help for sure.
  • @Hoekie: Just talking about a few people I know, seems that here in Italy the hype is high about 6/6+, but I guess that sounded more like a general statement.
  • Android has crappy phones and people buy it anyways.... They are good for adding more people to the Windows Phone environment... Then when they have enough money to get a better one, they will... So having more companies onboard is good for Windows Phone to get me customers.
  • Android have crappy phones? You must be delusional.
  • Here we go again about the RAM whiners. This is a budget phone and as long as WP will run in it and other basic apps and games that's fine just make the price point low for the more people to afford it.
  • That's why its called Whiners Phone Central! :)
  • lol
  • .. Microsoft is proud of brining so many useless and low budget phones on The marked . They should get oems in The boat who know how to keep up with Samsung or/ and apple . I mean c'mon . The only 3 flagship out there since last year are : 930/ 1520 and the HTC one for winphone Is it just me or does Microsoft try to do quantity instead of quality? Or is it because 520 soled so good they try now bringen more low buged devices ? ..Microsoft keep a bit of dignity and at least give phones more RAM and better processors . Or make OEMs produce more high end shit *-*
  • Look dude... It was the 520 that brought windows phone to worlds radar not 1520 or 930 or 920... Everyone admires flagships but its in the budget phones the real business lie.... Don't bother thinking about Apple they are a cult who would sell their house to buy an apple branded penny if at all they mint one... ;-)
  • IPhone 6: Insert percent here faster than insert previous models here. People: That's awesome!!
    Me: What the .!
  • Isheep are about to be trolled terribly.... According to the so claimed GPU improvement in iPhone 6 is bogus.... Apple claimed the graphics to be improved by 75% but when they tested it with some benchmark test they found it to be better than its predecessor by 1000 points and the galaxy s5 beat the iPhone 6 by another 1000... LOL apple
  • Flagship device is damn expensive. Especially when all device on marked are retail and you need to pay full price.
    More budget phone allow ms gain share on more people while flagship device can't
    Just you know the world isn't limited to US China UK or india
  • This is how android did it..but get ready for wp to start having a bad rap with slow buggy hardware that the manufacturer put no time into making. The billy is just the beginning of the shit pile to come. Oh and fragmentation is about to get real
  • Please, the Yezz Billy was most likely a prototype. The Xolo phone based on the same design was praised for its performance. People should stop crying wolf over a single preview of a non- retail device.
  • It is these low powered devices that boost market share, Android doesn't hold 80% I'd the market because of their galaxy s5's and their HTC one's. It's the budget phones. That being said I am absolutely amazed at how few Android budget phones have ffc, they seem to all ignore that feature.
  • What's with the circle icons??
  • ikr?
  • People shouldn't be surprised that all the new OEMs are putting out low/midrange phones. They're all bases on Qualcomm QRD platforms that only target low and midrange chipsets. Don't expect a flagship from one of these unknown OEMs - they don't have the capability to produce one.
  • Yes, these OEMs can not afford to compete with mainstream OEMs in the high end devices. They might not have millions to spend in marketing.
  • Expect it to look good, but perform absolutely shit. After all, appearance is everything
  • So again the same device as Xolo win q900s or Yezz Billy 4.7, under differen name
  • Finalmente qualcosa pure noi italiani ❤
  • Eh,no e' tedesca xD Pensavo di essere l'unico Italiano qua!
  • Eh non siete neppure 2 soltanto XD cmq di italiano c'è ngm.
  • Ci sono anch'io! xD
  • Ci sono anch'io. Textor è tedesca.
  • more low end phones, -more users, -more apps, _more users, -the market gets big enough to sustain more high end phones.. sounds ok to me , and hopefully along the way we get surprised with some very good midrange phones at low price point too
  • yup, that sounds about right. It's clear that OEM's are going to pick up the slack at the low end of the market.   I hope then that MM Oy puts effort into a flagship device that is engineered well and attractive (must have Glance and a SD Card Slot).
  • I feel as though make WP looks bad.
  • Huh, these people carried on the Rio line of MP3 players back in the day with the Vibez player that supported gapless playback amogst other features. I wonder if they'll at all include a decent music player app. Very doubtful, but one can always hope!  
  • Here's my list of current WP OEM's... Am I missing anything?
    NGM... Harley Davidson edition
    Cherry Mobile
    Polaroid?.... Still in limbo.
    Q- Mobile
  • Neowin has a hefty list on that. WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • Acer? Btw you typed archos 2 times lol
  • Oh.. Sorry... I'm not to sure about Acer.. Are they still on board?
  • Foxconn has been mentioned twice (as Foxcon). Its an ODM not OEM. Esense and Fly are missing, Allview too, Prestigio as well. Where is Yezz?
  • Dangit.. My list is all screwed up.. Let me start over, and thanks..
    Ok, now anything else?... BTW, I listed Foxconnnnnnn because MS had the listed as a partner... Nothing wrong with fudging the numbers.. Lol❗
    Not sure about ZTE...
  • Esense is still missing.
  • You're right.. But, keep in mind the date on this article.. My list here is irrelevant as I'm not updating it here now.
  • Huawei?
  • Huawei pulled out..
  • The Yezz Billy 4.7 story will be repeated. That resolution and that processor don't get along, that's what I have read a lot. :|
  • Isn't it time for some new OEMs to offer a high end device for a change? WP is swimming in budget devices; there can't be room for this many, surely...?
  • There can be room for all of these devices, and more.. The world is big, and there's a lot of carriers, and online outlets... Have you seen how many low end Android devices there are?... Like 50 times more..
  • Really low specs...a single core snapdragon 200?
  • Single core❓
  • This phone will give horrible user experience. 720p is too much for snapdragon 200 and 512mb of ram. It will almost certainly work like shit
  • Lol❗
  • Actually those specs at this price are really really awesome. Tempting to change my 520... :D
  • Presente!
  • WinBeta said Trekstor is German. Which is correct?
  • According to WinBeta this phone has 1GB RAM. 8mp main shooter and 2mp secondary camera.
  • Picture makes me hate it already. I hate wide bezels. Screen should be utilizing that space. Whatever
  • Lots of new devices, which is weird. Reading the other thread about and Indian engineer saying WP is not lagging in the apps department, everyone was saying WP is dead, jumping ships and stuff. I don't get it, didn't these guys get the memo ?
  • John, I wish Trekstor was italian, but it's a company based in Germany.
  • I'm gonna buy 2 of them since it sounds like TROGDOR!!! It's gonna burninate the competition.    
  • I wish it was more well knows OEMs such as a new Sony Windows Phone, or LG. Even a new Samsung seems more appealing to me than this phone with a brand I have never heard of
  • Sell them at Microsoft stores! Hope that Microsoft will start selling these lesser known phones, as well as the usual high ends, in store for promotional and mindshare reasons.
  • More low end crap.
  • Lots of low-end phones to choose from. Nothing new on high end to choose from.
  • Let's hope they are not of "made in Italy" quality!
  • Over 200$ for a snapdragon 200 and 512 ram? These OEMs are stupid. But watch, they will launch overpriced junk, then blame Windows when it sells terribly.
  • +920