It's now much easier to find animated GIFs on Bing

Microsoft has made it easier to find animated GIFs on Bing. GIFs have been added as a type of image in Bing's image search, and you no longer need to sift through your image results to find them.

To easily find animated GIFs, under image search select Type. In addition to Photograph, Clipart, and Line drawing, you will now see Animated GIF as an option. The page will then refresh to show only the GIFs, with no need for you to filter your results any further. You can start playing an image just by hovering your cursor over it right there in the search results. Any GIFs in your standard results will have a GIF badge in the bottom left corner.

What do you think of Bing's new GIF-finding capabilities? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Bing blog

Joseph Keller
  • It was about time. Lol better later than never (1st yey where is my cookie?)
  • Bake it, U cant find any cookies. :-)
  • Get cookie clickers.
  • Hahahahaha! I only want mee cookie.
  • And windows phone doesn't support gif
  • Sadly true
  • I know right, is there a user voice for it?
  • Hopefully this will change with the new GIF method (can't remmeber who was developing it) and HTML5's standardization (finally) 
  • It is "Imgur", the site. They introduced .GIFV in early October, aiming it to be the new .GIF.
  • Excellent, so much needed. (But, why windows phone doesn't support GIFs natively?)
  • bing is getting better everyday Die Die google  
  • I find Bing very good for searching images. The quality is better than google. But Bing just needs more localized search.
  • Bing is my mainstream searching engine for over two years. I don't miss google any second. :)
  • +620
  • +925   IF that's the case, I hope you do bing rewards too so you can rack up those points xD  
  • Sadly no Bing rewards for Europe :'(.
  • So not Windows Central, MS Central. Got it. ;)
  • Windows is powered by bing in many cases. The integration with bing started with Windows 8.1 and is improving every day.
  • Bing is part of Windows. Got it?
  • Lol. Fist the smiley face means it's a joke... Second I can use Bing on anything that is internet, not just windows. It's a part of ms.
  • FIRST, the face with a wink is more of a smartass remark trait. Second, Bing is actually built into Windows. Just because you can access it via other means, doesn't mean it isn't part of another software.
  • Yes, a smartass joke I'm glad one of you got it. Sorry but you're not going to convince me that Bing is more Windows than corporate MS.
  • Well since Bing actually runs on windows servers, and it supported by the windows team, I'm not sure how you can deny it. Of course its ultimately owned by MS, but it's all going through windows when you use it.
  • So is much of the internet. Seesh people are feisty here. I have no problem with the news. I was just making an obviously snarky observation.
  • You made the remark looking for someone to attack it...don't know why you admittedly made a "snarky" remark and are surprised at the response. Bing is Microsoft is Windows...any order you put it in it's all the same shit...who really gives a crap?!
  • It was actually in reference to early wpc when people complained about then covering MS news. I just wanted to bring up what is in a name now that it is Windows central. I guess the internet of things is good, so that is the Windows of things, but where does office fit to in... Either way it was a comment, not a thread on the forum... Which could be another name/proper place discussion right there. That's all I have to say. Feel free to have the last word.
  • Its gonna come in handy
  • Open to more options. Bring it. What about reverse searching images. Using an image to search to similar images. I thought this was created a while back...
  • Do we have this option in google?
  • Yes.
  • Few times I wanted to try it.
  • Yeah you've been able to do that for a while in bing.  Is that what you're asking?
  • Cool! Now we just need a proper way to view them, since they're static in Photos. And we also need to be able to select which app to use to open them, since 3rd party apps can't find them if they're not in the Pictures folder (which they shouldn't because... well... they're GIFs, not JPGs.
  • That's good.
  • If only we can view them in text messages and the photos app.
  • There is a user voice please vote for GIF support for windows phone!
  • Umm .png?
  • Shockingly my windows phone does not show gif's at all! Why???
  • Is this a joke, if not, then use GIF viewer.
  • I tried it. It works great!
  • Bing it on !!! LoL
  • To bad theory products for sorry GIF...
  • Bing: Always improving. God I love it! It's photo and video results, I find, are organized far better than Google's. In the US, anyway.