It's Official, HTC Radar 4G heading to T-Mobile

We saw pictures of the HTC Radar in the wild with T-Mobile branding last week and now T-Mobile makes it official. T-Mobile's next Windows Phone will be the HTC Radar 4G.

Just to recap the HTC Radar 4G has an aluminum unibody design, 3.8" screen, 5mp rear camera and a 1.3mp front facing camera. T-Mobile didn't share any pricing or release information beyond, "The HTC Radar 4G is expected to be available at T-Mobile, in the U.S., in time for the holidays".

You can find the full press release from T-Mobile here (opens in new tab) and naturally, we'll keep an eye on things and once we know more, we'll pass it on.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • This is kind of depressing. I think I am giving up hope on any new devices releasing in the USA this year. Oh well. Back to living in my cave without any cell phone at all.
  • This is in the USA. And there will be more.
  • And it isn't any time soon. Sounds like months away. The other devices like the Focus S and Titan I doubt will be any sooner.
  • "in time for the holidays". Sounds like this year, and within a couple months to me.
  • I cant believe they are only adding 1 more phone. I thought for sure that another flagship wp7 device would be arriving.This phone has a 1ghz processor and a qvga front facing camera. That's not what i was waiting for. Meanwhile AT&T gets 2 powerhouses, the HTC TITAN 1.5ghz and the Samsung focus s 1.4ghz both with 1.3mp front facing cameras and >= 4.3" screens. They are so far up androids **** every month 3 new android phones arrive to t-mobile but they only add 1 mediocre wp7 device.
  • I dont think there's anything wrong with this phone, even compared to the HD7.
  • The problem that i have with it is that this is obviously not a flagship device. This is a middle tiered device and will probably be priced as so. For being 2nd gen, this really is disappointing. The 1ghz second gen processor is more than enough for mango but what about Apollo? I've had my hd7 for almost a whole year now, when i upgrade to a new device, i plan on having that for at least a year too. The htc titan and the samsung focus s are far better devices both for functionality and longevity. This is just my opinion though.
  • windows 8 has been confirmed to support and run fine on 6 year old hardware, im sure the same will be for wp8.
  • That's one ugly phone.
  • I bet u look even uglier.
  • Hahahaha! I don't understand what makes one phone look better or worse than any other. They're tools for chrissakes. I don't care what my screwdriver looks like, nor do I care what my phone looks like. Afterall, most of the time I'm looking at the screen anyway!Consumers are so fickle. Sheesh. Get a job.
  • jaja yea I know right?
  • Riiight. How many guys would choose a phone that's hot pink with yellow flowers? All of them? Yeah, I didn't think so.
  • "I don't understand what makes one phone look better or worse than any other."Really? You don't think the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S II, the Nokia N9, or the Samsung Omnia W are better looking phones? The silver lip on the bottom of this thing makes it look bulbous and ungraceful. Terrible design.
  • have been with tmobile for 7 or 8 years now, but doubtful I'll unlock another Samsung windows phone just to stay with them. It's hard enough to find an HD7 in their store among the dozens of android models. One more WP model isn't going to change anything.