Japan Airlines utilizes the power of HoloLens in providing advanced training to workers

Japan Airlines is offering advanced training to employees using Microsoft's HoloLens. The airline is deploying two proof-of-concept programs to supplement training already provided to engine mechanics, as well as flight crew trainees who wish to upgrade themselves to co-pilot.

Koji Hayamizu, senior director of the planning group for JAL's Products & Service Administration Department, commented that the company believes "that HoloLens can contribute to the safety of our business, which is the most important criteria for airlines." Before HoloLens, flight crew trainees had to rely on 2D material including videos and printouts, but with HoloLens they will be able to immerse themselves in an accurate representation.

As for engineers, they will be able to bring up engines, interact with specific parts, see how they function while the unit itself is in operation, and learn about all the many factors that aid a plane to achieve flight. This saves engineers and mechanics to wait for an actual plane to be made available for inspection.

More details on the partnership between Microsoft and Japan Airlines can be found in the official announcement.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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