Jawbone releases its Windows Phone app, but it doesn't yet support its UP fitness trackers

Jawbone has been promising it would release a Windows Phone app for its fitness division for over a year. Now the UP by Jawbone app is finally available to download in the Windows Phone Store. That's the good news; the bad news is that the app is still not compatible with its UP family of fitness trackers.

Instead, the app includes Jawbone's Smart Coach, which gathers data from a Windows Phone device with Sensor Core technology. It can track workouts, sleep, and allow users to compete with friends on their own health goals.

UP By Jawbone screenshots

However, the bad news is also in the app description:

"The UP App for Windows currently doesn't support UP fitness trackers, but will support compatible devices and UP band in the future."

Hopefully, that support will be added sooner rather than later. By the way, for some reason the link to the app does not appear on the web yet, but searching for "UP by Jawbone" in your Windows Phone Store app should allow you to download it. The app may also not be available for Windows 10 Mobile users yet.

Download UP by Jawbone in the Windows Phone Store

QR: UP By Jawbone

John Callaham
  • At least they kept their word and brought a Windows Phone app out. That's at least something. Now just hope they will keep updating it regularly with support for current and future devices.
  • Anyone having problems "joining up" thru the app?
  • App does not appear in Windows 10 Mobile store and the link seems to also be usleess.
  • I have the same problem.
  • as we mention in the article, the app doesn't appear listed on the web
  • You mentioned it could be found if searched. That's the problem we're also addressing.
  • Does it support jambox?
  • I can't find it in the store
  • Check out "UP by Jawbone" for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=44792f58-45f8-46bb-b7bb-12d495fd7359
  • Didn't work, here's what I got at the link you gave -
    The app you’re looking for isn’t here any more Try one of the similar apps we have.
  • Years after I put my ear piece through the laundry....
  • Either way, it's good to see new apps "showing up"
  • The app has been taken back I think so,!
  • If you search in the store via WP8.1 for "up" it's the first hit. I'm having problems signing up thru the app tho, won't go thru or eventually crashes.
  • On searching for up,I get some up hill games but no sign of this app
  • Slow and steady baby.
  • I can't find it by searching the store on my phone :/
  • It isn't there for me either.
  • This article needs an update.
  • It's up on win 10 mobile store
  • Can't get the app on Lumia 925, T-Mobile USA, with either wp 8.1 or 10