Jessica Alba wields red Lumia 920 Windows Phone

Jessica Alba with Nokia Lumia 920

Jessica Alba has upgraded to the Lumia 920 and it appears as though she has gone with the red choice. We last looked at the model / actress when she was spotted sporting a cyan Lumia 900, so it seems she's been able to upgrade early, thanks to Nokia. It's clear to spot the new centred position for the headphone port, as well as the new Windows Phone logo being used.

We've seen Windows Phones in the hands of other celebrities, as well as being used in music videos and commercials, but it's good to see such a new handset handed out to those who could attract some attention.

Source: Bruce Juice (NSFW); via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • If microsoft is paying her to use the lumina, they are certainly doing a bad job. What isthe iPad doing there?
  • Jynx!
  • since when is the iPad 16:9? Take another look at the pic.
  • It's an iPad. Just taken at a weird angle. You can tell from the side view.
    Here's a better shot: From this pic, you can tell from the back. She covered the Apple sign with her company's logo. Probably ashamed of having an iPad. Maybe next week we'll see her with a Surface.. ;)
  • Lumina? They still make those cars? Sorry, had to point it out.
  • Way too wide screen to be an iPad.
  • Sorry to disappoint you, but that is definitely an iPad.
  • So what if she had an iPad?
  • She is also holding a crappy white iPad.
  • beware the click thru link on wmpu, full of porn and popups...
  • "full of porn".
    *clicks link*
  • Wait, but I like porn... *click* *click* *click*
  • LMAO, me too!
  • i clicked through for the porn and got none! maybe chrome & adblock are working a little too well...
  • Wait, she is the porn star: Nice!
  • Now all she needs to do is dump that ipad for a surface.
  • +1
  • +2
  • What the hell happened?  I was on the MS W8 and Surface presentations thread, I tried to reload and got a message that I was not allowed to access that page, and now the whole story is gone from the site!  What the hell happened?
  • One hottie holding another (minus the iPad of course). :)
  • Woah! Great minds think alike, Jessica... great minds!! ;)
  • I bet she's thinking, "Why don't either of these pieces of shit have a fucking keyboard????"
  • LOL!
  • I think when the news broke out that she was using a cyan lumia.900 Nokia sent her a new model. Very nice!
  • Damn, Nokia needs a better logistics team if it was done this long ago and won't reach us until November 12th.
    Anyways, I was extremely worried about the size of the 920 that I was considering, gasp, the crappy HTC 8x. But now that Jessica Alba has one without thinking it is a monster, I guess it can't be as big as it looks in the close ups.
  • It looks as thick as a phone with a sliding keyboard but I hope it's just the pic even if it's that thick I would still sport a 920 simply because of the great camera
  • "I guess it can't be as big as it looks in the close ups."
    That's what she said...
  • I'm so glad she doesn't have clubbed thumbs, like Megan Fox.
  • Thumbs? Who looks at thumbs?
  • When it's attached to the hand of the woman who is grabbing my junk.
  • +10
  • Hahaha!
  • Nice to see the rich and the rich and the rich get what we little people want first, like the rich getting to talk directly with the president while we just watch.
    America at its best but I guess Jessica will be able to give Nokia real feedback, like yah, totally, do I look fat carrying an iPad3? I bet Apple sent Jessica an iPad4 early too. 
    Let the rich use the future tech and we little people can have last year's tech!
  • Cry more will ya?
  • Because they get noticed. If you were carrying around the 920, do you think anyone would photograph you and publish the photo? And if someone did, do you think anyone would care to see it? You also made this an America thing. Do presidents and dictators anywhere in other countries socialize with the poor? Didn't think so.
  • Is that a white surface??
  • No. The aspect ratio doesn't say so
  • No. Definitely an iPad. Could be an iPad 2 or a 3.
  • Lol wish I was rich and famous haha
  • Jessica be mine
  • I'm sure part of her "early upgrade" deal was to sign an NDA. having a full blown WP8 device out in the wild like that is sure to give Microsoft anxiety attacks.
  • Jessica Alba + Lumia 920 = Jizz
  • <comment regarding the attractiveness of Jessica Alba>
  • <Comment using a combination of + and a number, firstly indicating the user agrees with you, with the number signifying how much the user agrees or is excited>
  • I think it's lame that people are bashing the iPad. There's nothing wrong with using more than one platform. I'm personally a fan of Apple AND of Microsoft and want an iPad mini AND a Lumia 920. I'm also very jealous that Jessica Alba already has a 920 in her hands! Want a yellow one!!!
  • Agree with every word. I have a 900 and n iPad 2. Love them both. I'd get a nook,kindle HD, surface and iPad mini if I could afford them. I like to learn about all OSs..
  • ^^This, exactly.  I am very close to purchasing the iPad Mini, and will be have a Lumia 920 and I think I may purchase a new desktop with W8 (although that 27" iMac sure is pretty); as far as I'm concerned WP8 and W8 on a desktop will be just about all of Windows I can stand! I'd like some variety and the iPad Mini is a great entry point into iOS for me.
    Jessica is carrying the best of both worlds, in my opinion.
  • Why get the ipad mini. A small ipad 2 appeals to you? If I was buying, I'd pay a little more and get the ipad 3/4 with the hd display and faster processor, even if it's slightly less portable.
  • Some people WANT the portability.
  • It is hard to say. Apple is the only consumer electronics company that sets a roughly 50% profit margin while other companies sell at cost or a loss for products of similar quality. They also include warranty and insurance costs into the retail price but take credit for exceptional customer care(think about it, they replace anything because they already charged you double).
    Personally, I would never let a company rape me like that no matter how nice the product is. I fully support the Apple bashing in order to improve society. North America should be about choice and freedom, not getting raped by Apple.
  • That makes no sense. You act like Apple is forcing Americans to buy their products. There are cost-conscious alternatives, is that enough freedom and choice for you?
  • Agreed, metalchick.
  • Blah blah blah everything except Microsoft and their partners SUCK :D
  • I'm a little frustrated that she has that phone and we don't even have dates yet :-/ I know it's close, but come on. She probably doesn't even give a damn what her phone is, someone just hands it to her and says "use this".
  • Nice phone, but I don't like the picture frame she's bought
  • It's lame to bash any tech company. The iPad3 was underpowered and merely a place filler for the A6 cpu and a better WiFi, case etc...feel sorry for the customers and hope MS Surface RT does not pick up on Apple's bad habits of short changing its customers.
    And the Post-PC world that most pundits think Apple brought unto us mortals will have people using a MacBook Air, with a Nokia lumia 9XX and a Nexus/Kindle or iPad Mini for reading Amazon Prime books or an MS Surface RT/Pro
    No one company will dominate and some people will own an iPad and a MS Surface RT or a Samsung tablets or a MS Surface Pro or whatever.
    The idea of only buying Apple, Google, Amazon or MS now that is lame.
  • The best use of iPad ever... The white color of the iPad emphasizes the beautiful and gorgeous red Lumia 920.. ;)
  • I just can't believe the first person in this section called it a damn Lumina and not a Lumia lol
  • I bet that's the autocorrect. I get Lumia changed to Lumina all the time.
  • Yes probably was. I have heard it called that by people so it just jumped out at me
  • I think we should stop stalking this girl, whoever she is.
  • They are not forcing but they are definitely misleading the gullible. In some ways, that is even worse than forcing. Similar to how agents use athletes just out of high school or older people taking advantage of youth. It's legal but it doesn't mean you have to support it blindly or turn a blind eye to it.
  • No one is misled in this day and age of info all over the place. People buy what they want and no one forces them to. Its that simple
  • what's do damn special about her?    /bitter
  • her and I will be twins, iPad and red Nokia (probably). I think that will be a good ice breaker for her and I to hook up.
  • Me, too. (If I can keep resisting the Galaxy Note 2, that is.) Red 920, white iPad 3. The best of both worlds!
  • Please like FB page to get latest update on Nokia Lumia 920
  • What the hell is a Jessica Alba anyway?
  • =))
  • She can keep the lumia, I rather have her and buy the yellow one later.. xD
  • Is that an ipad? Sorry I never noticed that she has an ipad on her hand coz my eyes are really focus on that red lumia 920 :)
  • Hot chick with an hot phone. She should also have a hot tablet via #Surface
  • Dang that thing is really thick and ugly shaped. Good thing I'm not a camera or app freak. 8X it is!
  • My top girl with my top phone...hell yeah!!!