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What you need to know

  • JJ Abram's film company Bad Robot has launched a new game studio under the name Bad Robot Games Studio.
  • Bad Robot Games Studios is based in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Michael Booth, game creator behind Left 4 Dead, will be the studio's general manager.

Earlier today it was revealed that JJ Abram's film company, Bad Robot, had launched its own brand new game development house under the name Bad Robot Games Studio. Bad Robot Games Studio is based out of Santa Monica, California and will be run by new general manager, Michael Booth who is well known for his work behind Valve's Left 4 Dead.

As part of Booth's new responsibilities, he'll be in charge of gathering a team together for working on the developer's future titles. As far as the focus for the studio goes, Anna Sweet, Bad Robot Games' CEO, states that the studio will aim to create large, entertaining worlds.

"We want to build worlds that are expansive, and can cross media but don't necessarily start in film or TV. They could start as games. We just want to build big immersive worlds. We also want to build games that are as fun to watch as they are to play. Bad Robot has a long history of making things people love to watch. And so we want to bring that expertise to building games as well." - Anna Sweet, CEO at Bad Robot Games Studio

Considering how well Bad Robot has done in the past, we hope to see great things from the gaming studio in the future. However, since the developer house is in such an early state, we shouldn't expect to see any games produced for a few years yet. We'll update as we learn more about this studio.

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