Joe Belfiore

We love when people or teams we’re interested in head to Reddit to do an Q&A session with the community. Those session are called ‘ask me anything’, but if you’re cool you’ll shorten it down to AMA. This Friday, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is heading to Reddit to do an AMA.

We’ve had some pretty good AMA’s with previous Microsoft folks and groups. We’ve seen Bill Gates to one, Surface boss Panos Panay did one for the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, the Windows 8.1 engineering team answered questions, and more recently the Office for iPad team joined in on the fun.

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Now we get Joe Belfiore this Friday! The AMA will start Friday, May 2nd, at 9 am PST. We'll gather up the highlights once it’s over. Look for the AMA in the subreddit r/windowsphone.

Have any questions for Joe? Get them ready by asking below!

Source: @joebelfiore

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