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The Office for iPad team does a Q&A on Reddit, here are the highlights

Microsoft launched Office for iPad nearly two weeks ago. Now iPad owners can enjoy view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Have (or obtain as Microsoft would like) an Office 365 subscription and you’re able to not just view documents, but edit them as well. The apps have seen over 12 million downloads since launch. The Office for iPad team just wrapped up an AMA on Reddit where they shared a lot of interesting facts about the product. Highlights from the Q&A below.

  • Printing from Office on iPad is a high demand feature. The team plans on introducing the feature in due course. Source
  • Office for iPad team didn't want to rush the release. Spent time getting features right to avoid subpar experiences. Pleased with results so far. Source
  • Code between Office for iPad and Office for Mac is shared. Source
  • Office for iPad apps are completely native. Core logic, like Excel's recalc engine and Word's text layout code is C++ code that's compiled and shared across platforms. Source
  • Office for iPad now available in Hebrew or Arabic due to support for right-to-left languages not meeting team standards. Will be available when the team meets their goals. Source
  • Office for iPad started from a "blank slate". Team took their time to deliver highest possible quality Office experience. Source
  • Office for Android tablets coming in "the future". No firm time table to share at the moment. Source
  • The decision to ship Office for iPad came before Satya Nadella was CEO. Steve Ballmer approved the plan to ship. Source
  • Apple did approve the apps on the first try. The Office for iPad team is very proud of that. Source
  • Document fidelity is important to the Office team. Which is why various platforms share layout engines cross-platform. Source
  • Office for iPad team collaborates with Office for Windows team on a daily basis. The two teams are part of the broader Office organization. Ideas and code are shared between the two. Source
  • Office team solved a problem in Excel so that an upcoming launch would not be delayed by NASA. Source
  • Extensions for Office on the iPad aren't possible. Apple's App Store Review Guidelines prohibit such features. Source

Have you used Office for iPad? Let us know what you think of it below! We personally can't wait to see the touch versions for Windows 8 not that we've seen what's possible on the iPad.

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Source: Reddit Office for iPad AMA

  • Can't wait to see how it looks on Android Tablets. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I can... I favor apple over android however I would still like to see WP crush them both.
  • I never understood this mentality. You like WP, great, me too, but why do you need it to crush iOS and Android? Competition is good it's what keeps these guys innovative. If WP crushes iOS and Android are you going to like it more for some odd reason? Just be happy with and confident in your choice, there is no need to get platform apocalyptic to prove to yourself that you chose right.
  • Biased hatred mostly.
  • Because fanboys need validation to prove their platform is somehow superior to the competition.
  • I think he's just talking about Office. If that's the case, then I agree with him 100%. Microsoft Office needs to be the best on Microsoft products. If Microsoft is sending the message of "hey, we're spending tons of time developing for other platforms while leaving ours behind" then that's basically saying "oh, its ok for devs to ignore WP, we do too". Now, I like Windows Phone, but if the apps become garbage quality because everyone (including Microsoft) is making better apps on competing platforms, then I would have to switch.
  • i completely agree that MS products and services need to be best in the MS ecosystem, I just often see I want WP to crush Android and iOS or I want iOS to crush android, I hate apple, I hate this I hate that.
  • Well, Android needs to be crushed because it's a terrible operating system and its undeserved success is a regression for the entire industry. iOS is much better, just overpriced and stale at this point. I'd prefer Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems crush Android because it will create isomorphic incentives for the industry as a whole, in the direction I want to see it go. Android is doing the opposite of that.
  • More biases!
  • +1 (we do that here right?)
  • Lol xD I just like pointing out things.
  • Coip, I disagree. But given our prior debate experiences, let's just agree to disagree! I don't want to spend half an evening debating things out again!
  • OMG... I come back to this???
    Some ppl here are overly sensitive and take things too literally. I hope Microsoft does become the #1 oS and if that makes me a FANBOY then so be it. I was being slightly over dramatic by saying "crush" but at no point did I bash on apple or android. Is it in our nature to jump to conclusions or make something out of nothing just to be heard???? If it is then, Congrats... mission accomplished.
  • I never called you a fanboy, I simply stated that I didn't understand the mentality. How was I supposed to know that you were being overly dramatic and didn't actually mean what you wrote? I didn't make anything out of nothing. You said you hope WP crushes android and iOS, I asked why is that necessary?
  • Ok... It was a combination of replies and I was just venting after reading everyone's response on your thoughts.
    I thought this was a safe zone for Windows Phone fans... Eh, I'll get over it.
  • Ah sorry, I thought you were replying to me. No worries man, it is a safe zone, I just think if all 3 exist it'll be better for all users in the long term.
  • You didn't say anything bad. Crushing competition simply means doing better than the competition by a large margin. Thus, I too hope MS cush both screwgle and apple. 1) because of very monopolistic ways the latter two have and 2) I have worked as as an IT and know the flaws and insecurity both of those companies bring to the table.
    Anyway, competition is great and I don't want it to go away, but I do want MS to succeed and get ahead of it's competition. They have better and more secure system offerings and it's also a very charitable company.
  • Finally a reasonable person. Thank you
  • Why? Just hatred? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • The Office for iPad team is full of Macs lol. I think 1 has a PC.
  • Which makes sense, right?
  • I never said it didn't. I just made an observation.
  • All good :)
  • What did you expected them to use, a chromebook?!
  • you need a Mac to write iOS apps right?
  • Wine?
  • Office the iPad?! #typopolice
  • Seems faster on Windows phone 
  • It is so sad for Microsoft that a touch version of Office comes to iOS and Android first. What are they doing over in Redmond? Even new features for Skype are coming first to iOS - wtf?
  • iOS launched in 2007, Windows Phone in 2010 and Windows 8 in 2012. If anything the iOS version is LONG overdue.
  • I mean, to be fair, 4 years is plenty of time to fix a Skype app for the phone. I agree on Office though.
  • This is a very shortsighted view, if I may say so. Having Office cross-platform encourages adoption of Windows products in general.
    Take my company for example. They started as a design agency, so only used Macs and because iWork is rubbish they went for Google Apps for Business. Since I started as lead developer we've now been transitioning to more of a dev company, which means a larger Windows presence. However Google are very anti-Windows and our Microsoft users are left out because we don't have Google Drive/Docs apps, and the web experience is rubbish for touch.
    Now that Office is available on iOS, the company is considering transitioning to it. It's a much better experience on iOS than Google Docs is, and it also means that us Windows users get a first-class experience as well. Office RT, while not quite as touch friendly as the new touch variants coming out, is still very good when you put it in touch mode.
    So you see that by being all-inclusive it allows companies to let Windows into the BYO party. Regarding iOS getting it first, that's just good business sense. Money from iOS Office encourages adoption of Office, Exchange, and a whole bunch of other Microsoft products, which means more money to pay for the Windows versions of Office apps as well as Windows and Windows Phone itself. Alternatively they could go for the low revenue market, potentially lose money in the process, and come out with worse apps because of budgetary restrictions.
  • This.....Thank heavens someone gets it....
  • Over 12 million... and I had a die hard Apple friend of mine insist to me... "Office??? It's 2013! No one is looking for Office!" (This was last year)
  • Haha. Some people have no clue ...
  • Have him look at the top downloads for the App Store. That'll shut him up lol
  • I use Excel on my iPad to type measurements from my experiments and save them directly to OneDrive. Went to D.C last week and I was able to edit word documents on the go. Fantastic.
  • Wish they would sell it outright, I won't do software subscriptions for home.
  • They should fix the windos phone mobile office. Its horrible it cant even show all documents or it misses something because its "uncompatible"
  • I think office for non windows devices is Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot.. Sure it will make money but it will kill device sales by making people have less reasons to buy windows devices
  • How does NASA have anything to do with Office??
  • Everyone uses Office.
  • I'm crying. But only because I'm drunk